Day 21 of LUT Squats Challenge

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Yesterday was still busy running around
and up and down the house looking after my husband who still has ankle pain and can't walk very well. In a nasty way, it's actually quite nice as it's nice and quiet for me, because he just keeps to himself in the bedroom with his mobile. I have more peaceful me time😆

I did two sets of squats during the day, one for 50 squats before dinner and another 60 later on in the day. Total 110 for Day 21 taking my total for the #squatschallenge to 2420.

Here's my progress so far

Squats Challenge - Day 21
Over achieved320


My Squats Challenge is to raise fund for Cancer Research, you can find the full details of it in this post here


Is it getting easier?

I was hoping it would be, but it doesn't seem to be. Dunno if it's because I have frozen shoulder recently - ok I know it shouldn't effect the squat, but it's just the discomfort - plus I have a bit of cold. That said, I can do 60-70 squats without much problem now, so guess that's an improvement

I'm not sure I could do that many. I sometimes do a few whilst brushing my teeth. It is a good exercise.

Hope your husband's ankle gets better. But I can understand what you mean about peace. I feel the same way about my kids and wife. I love them to death, but sometimes when they are sick in bed all day and I am free, wow, that peace sure is nice!

Keep up the great job!!

Thanks David. Glad I'm not the only one feeling that way 😊