Day 331 & 119,300. Us and international aid is showing up.


Say a prayer....

770 soldiers of perished in the past 24 hours from the Russian side.

Three tanks seven armored vehicles and another extremely high scoring day with seven artillery pieces being hit. Bosses like this are completely unsustainable and wreaking havoc. There is no way for Russia to replace all these assets in the middle of this conflict so it just looks like it is going to be a brutal fight all the way to the end.

Surface tear missile systems have been placed on the top of buildings inside of Moscow and have been covered yesterday it's pretty crazy about the amount of information that I talked about and then all the sudden we watch immediately Russians finally doing something about it. The fact that I talked about Moscow easily being targeted makes me think my troll absolutely is a Russian plant and forwarding a lot of this information onward to the ministry of defense in Russian federation. Which I don't care I mean the fact that it takes them so long to actually pick up on the information. Or the fact that they made so many mistakes. None of this is my problem and if they are listening to the words I say well it's not going to help them because I'm behind the times. Ukrainian forces are already able to make the Russian military waste all these resources all this time and all his effort trying to defend Moscow when these air defense systems are actually being placed at the most vulnerable points. And let alone let's just publish pictures of exactly where these air defense systems are!!!!!!

even geolocate every single one of these pictures and you're going to watch a massive amount of juicy ripe targets for Ukrainian forces to be able to liquidate even further military capability of the Russian federation!!!

Are you serious that the Russian federation literally is going to rat itself out and show the precise locations of all these units?.... Oh good one.

Ironically this also is an incredible change in rhetoric and actions because wasn't Russia supposed to win this war in 2 to 3 days maybe a week at most. And now we're seeing the strengthening of air defense positions in the Russian federation capital. As if they couldn't even hide them and they publicly want to make this known and publish the data exactly where to blow everything up at....

Defend Moscow!

One of the craziest jokes I've ever seen I mean are you kidding me I the fact that Moscow is completely into totally defenseless necessitating the public display of in placing a bunch of these weapon systems in such vulnerable positions as well as publishing the fact that they're there?!!

We will see what all happens however the risk to the Russians own aviation systems is well known as we've already seen for your happy air defense units shoot down civilian Russian federation planes.

Add to the fact that these buildings were not designed to be able to Bear these loads on top of the fact that Russian architecture doesn't have the same safety codes and possibly we could see structural failures and some of these buildings inquiring a massive amount of damage over these ideas. And retrofitting a lot of these buildings is going to be an extremely expensive labor intensive process. Putting 20 plus tons on a rooftop and then also having plug it all in. I can only imagine that Ukrainian forces and Russian partisan individuals can easily destroy all of this by, literally BB guns. Just imagine this partisan forces just run around quietly shooting insulators on neighborhood power poles. Continued destruction of low-level transformers actually adds up as they are extremely expensive difficult to manufacture and import as well as easy to overload. Couple of teams actually can take out the entire Moscow power grid. And it really wouldn't take that many BBS to do it I mean I'm guessing a couple hundred BB's and two or three BB guns would be enough to destroy the entire power grid. We have seen the same tactics happening here in the United States on the west coast as well as the East Coast and reports that they continue is just a fact of life. However the fact that all of this is so easily accessible just makes for an interesting situation that I can only see being exploited very quickly.


Forward operating base contain a bunch of Frontline officers apparently was recently targeted and sounds like a casualties were incurred. I absolutely do believe with the incredible electronic warfare packages and eavesdropping that Russian forces are going to continue maintaining such massive losses. The top leadership is incredibly effective at being targeted especially with the need for communication integrations.


A massive Russian face attack as reportedly incurred a huge amount of casualties as field hospitals behind the enemy lines suddenly get flooded from the injured that the Red army took.

Ukrainian forces ended up taking advantage and clearing a bunch of space with four villages in a row reported being liberated and 100 square kilometers being returned back to Ukrainian military control. In fact this huge open space looks like we are going to see the complete fall and again lightning advance here very shortly. I have a feeling that a lot of the recent military equipment donations have now been flying towards frontline.

I absolutely do believe that this is a signal that Russian forces completely left a huge section of territory as uncontrolled and untaken. This lightning advance taking up a hundred square kilometers makes up for months of the Russian advances in different areas. The central pocket is absolutely getting threatened and we just may see the collapse happening here pretty quick.

USA aid package


Not only are they sending Bradley's but we're also sending strykers and harm missiles.

Absolutely seeing these getting pushed into the front lines is going to radically alter the new combat environment.

So this is like 109 Bradley's as well as whatever else gets ponyed up and shipped over to Ukrainian forces. The aid package looks like it will be enough to take Crimea as well as fracture this entire front line and send the southern front reeling back into Crimea clearing out Crimea.

It doesn't say if Ukrainian forces are going to get some of the extremely long range multiple rocket launch system hiMars missiles but that ground launched small diameter bomb idea is absolutely going to gain some phenomenal traction especially with the United States military drawdowns of specific equipment allowing this to become a miracle low budget weapon with extremely precision attack capabilities.

Multiple countries including Estonia are starting to pony up a big huge pile of equipment and ship it on over. Lend lease and supporting the economies of these different countries actually is an interesting cash flow. Imagine this imagine the world Bank has been funding both sides of this conflict and now we see the cumulation of this in this war. Ukrainian forces actually have the advantage because the massive amount of farmlands and agriculture supplies the third of the food to the entire world. Meaning that Ukraine can absolutely pony up massive amounts of worldwide supply and the world needs this country. The fact that they are producing such a massive amount of agriculture and food to the entire world means a massive amount of funding comes through their country every single year. Making Ukraine extremely solvent and capable of paying off lend lease program debts.

In some pretty crazy news apparently an idiot in Iran says they are not going to recognize the recent annexations of Crimea and the other territories by Russia as being official. Which is pretty crazy and funny. Quite odd indeed I must say good chap however I ran is having its own problems especially with getting involved in this war I can only see is going to have repercussions.

St Petersburg mobilizations!

Well instead of announcing that they're going to do it they just sent out mobilization paperwork to a mass amount of individuals in the area. However this actually is a pretty desperate move as the situation couldn't be more desperate for russia. Sending out all this paperwork and having individuals in the largest city of Russia starting to post this just confirms what we all know. The mobilizations have now hit Russia's biggest city. We already know a massive amount of people have been fleeing the country. Of course it says directly upon receipt of this notice you are to immediately show up. Which means that a lot of these notices are going to get lost or destroyed or burned. You can't say you got this paperwork if you light it on fire. So I can only imagine the push back that we're going to see from the Russian populations from now the biggest cities in Russia. Historically they leave these individuals out and only target conscripts from outlying territories. However the desperation has grown to the point where Russian now has to take extraordinary measures. And those extraordinary measures look like they could cause destabilization of the entire Russian federation.

Apparently one Russian individual decided to give himself traumatic brain injury rather than going to the front lines to serve. I can absolutely see his thought process and reasoning behind it. Giving yourself traumatic brain injury is better than going to the front lines and risking death dismemberment as well as getting your soul removed from your body. The fact that Russian men are forced into self-harming themselves shows the radical psychological crisis that is going down.


Ukrainian soldiers are weary however the fact that I'm reporting Russian forces are running on empty with the massive amount of human wave attacks being expended uselessly should give the front line defenders hope. Actually there is absolutely a limit as to the amount of losses Russian forces can take. Professionalism and quality of the Ukrainian fighting force is only getting better as well as enabled more with something phenomenal equipment being dispatched currently. And I think this will be enough for a major offensive as well as completely taking Crimea.

Russian State media still claims that they are going to be economically dominant and apparently overthrowing the entirety of europe. Which is pretty stupid to think that that's actually going to happen.

This is pretty interesting video and I highly recommend it.

Right off the bat they cover the back Russia starts putting air defense systems on top of government buildings in Moscow to try to defend against the entire Frontline situation. The fact that the entire world is aware of that this is an extremely desperate gamble to try to protect Moscow itself from direct consequences of its actions in ukraine.

Apparently Russian media are pretending that media propaganda promotion of Wonder weapons and Russian technological innovations is miraculously going to win this war for them. In fact this entire Russian phobia is being explained as a ganging up and criminal assault on Russia by the entire world. However absolutely no accountability is being taken for the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine multiple times over and is currently occupying a big huge chunk of it. Let alone the entire Crimean peninsula occupation and the fact that they've been at war since 2014 and really deserve some peace. So as we're talking about that spinning a massive amount of lies about this entire conflict when the entire world has quite a few different takes and the ability to access its own information we see quite a discrepancy from the Russian federation propaganda as well as the international news organizations. While it is hard to get unbiased news out of the United States that's the reason why I try to access different directions internationally for the information that I talked about here. However I see a huge shift of people throughout the world being extremely upset over the actions and behaviors that have been going down in this entire conflict. Basically that means that people are not absolutely mad or upset at the Russian individuals however the Russian federation nationalism as well as Soviet ideology iconography and dreams of world conquest really are horrifying the rest of the world. The entire world does want to be ruled by communism or the Russian federation. And it's falling on to the rest of the world to send Ukraine enough weapons ammunition and capabilities to be able to defend themselves. It's only right to be able to support the underdog when they are dealing with such a crazy invasion. The fact that Russian forces happened to be on Ukrainian territory cannot be disputed. The fact that Ukrainian forces have said they will declare an immediate ceasefire upon the last Russian soldier leaving Ukrainian and also Crimean territory. However continued conflict just has showed how inept the Red army has fallen into. As the entire rest the world was completely scared of the Russian federation and it's capability and ability. Now we see the Russian federation a mere Shadow as well as the entire professional army destroyed. And really all for nothing. Because you and I know that what is going to happen, and that is the world international banking cartel is going to own the entire resources of Russia as well as the satellite states of the Russian federation. Don't forget the entire world's watching and is going to be applying pressure towards anyone cop busting sanctions which absolutely does include china. In fact Chinese support wow controversial and substandard has been actually extremely extensive with the mass amount of fake military gear that China has sent to front lines. It is like communist Chinese assets are really hoping to sabotage this entire thing by sending airsoft pretend military equipment into this conflict where high quality personal protective equipment is absolutely needed as well as being overwhelmingly sourced by the entire free world.

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It looks like Millions of Russians will get killed in this battle.

I'm really hoping that the population suddenly decides to demand and to the war and accountability for its leadership. However Putin has too hard line of control.

I'm really afraid for the fall of the Russian federation as it looks like power vacuum is going to spark a civil war.

Most likely we may see NATO March into Russia to stop the civil war. However either way this ends international banking cartel will own Russia.

I don’t think so. The Russian people are too afraid of Rus-Putin. They will all get mobilized and sent to the Donbas and die. It’s really an unfortunate situation… there is nothing they can do. They will never ever revolt. This war will go on for years, until every Russian is dead. Except Putin. He will just mobilize people from other countries… Belarus, Iran, etc etc… there is no end to his War.

Actually there's a massive pile of them revolting people burning down mobilization offices as well as terrorist attacks inside of the mobilization camps. There was a mass shooting a while back and now Russian soldiers going through basic training don't even get ammunition. That is of course until they are put on the front line of a human wave attack and handed one magazine... It is absolutely insane.

However Russia lost 15 men in the shooting on the training range with one conscript shooting his entire squad up because they didn't allow him to pray. The entire idea that the Muslim world is helping Putin really isn't true Iran got paid a bunch of really cool Jets. I'm having a feeling those jets are more to preserve them before Russia ends up in the middle of a full surrender.

We will see what happens but I think Putin will mobilize 100 % of his population … even the oligarchs

War is preferable to civil war if civilians should choose the lesser evil.

And instead of Russian conscripts, one could use Ukrainians from the occupied territories of the Mongols, etc., etc.

There are enough rektutu.

Being a Chinese homeless person with getting food training etc will probably be better than starving to death somewhere in a Chinese village Or the city.

The Russian federation is completely over with the body count is skyrocketing. Equipment losses are skyrocketing.

Russia is now the most sanctioned country in the entire planet.