Hey you fuckhead. Saw you flagged my bitconnect post. Get ready for war you Fucking twat

only users steemcleaners say can post promotional content
this account steemcleaners voting account

I feel your pain, this piece of shit has attacked one of my posts...


FUCK YOU. Run around and upvote steemitcleaners without any idea what the HUMAN posted. FUCK YOU. Bots and whale egos will KILL steemit.

Hahaha! Cheetah downvoted this reply... I upvoted it. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, want some yummy antifreeze?

I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @yash0108

excuse me :(

@adm before you power down, give me powerfull upvote....

Very Good Post

Disculpe @adm apenas estoy entendiendo de que setrata steemit, estoy aprendiendo, saludo, le dejo este post ariginal, espero observaciones


good friend

@adm sir , i an original content creator, please sir stop downvoting on my post. i shall be very thankful to you.

hermano por que le diste voto negativo a mis publicaciones?¿? todas son originales y no violan ninguna norma de la comunidad.
Podrias explicarme lo que esto haciendo mal para asi aprender y mejorar? Igual Dios e Bendiga y Te Guarde y Dejame Decirte, que tu voto negativo rompe las iluciones de mi hija. muchas gracias, lo invito a recapacitar bendecirme al igual que yo a usted, y quitar esa negativa injusta

Why you downvoted my Post ?? please Upvoted all my post please @adm

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