Tuktuk trip across Sri Lanka

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Over three years ago,my friends Julien (@balourdos95) and Jordan (@jordan-tainan) booked a Tuktuk race across Sri Lanka with The Adventurist. After all the tuktuk fun in Hivefest Bangkok, how could I not ^^ Then covid happened and all plans went to shit.

We were finally able to make it this year and the race starts tomorrow. These past few days were quite stressful as the trip was coming and there were a few issues with keychain, but my teammates put on extra hours and we were able to get everything back on track, special thanks to @cedricguillas !


Julien and I flew in from Taiwan and Jordan from France.


We stayed one day in Colombo and made it to negombo to meet the 40 other teams and our new vehicle.



We're getting ready for our first day and possibly first tuktuk breakdown ^^

Check my friends intro posts here and here

We'll keep posting during the whole trip and will donate 100% of the rewards to CoolEarth.

Stay tuned :)


This is called auto here in India and it's fun ride. Enjoy the trip with your friends @stoodkev and ride as well..

Thanks! Maybe next one will be in India ! Should be fun !

That should be fun for sure in India. You're most welcome.

Awesome photos and hope you had a great trip man. I am from India and in here also these types of vehicles are called Auto Rickshaw and are largely used as cheap public transport.

Thanks man! As I said above this could be a training for another one in India :D

Haha.. I am sure that you will enjoy the ride even more in here! Just be prepared to handle the thick crowd when travelling on streets 😅❤️

Tuktuks are the best. I remember when I was in Thailand and was moving around everywhere with these small vehicles. Hahahaha 😃😂
Enjoy your journey in Sri Lanka and have loads of fun.🎉

Of course they re the best! Why would we drive a vehicle that doesn't have at least a 50% chance to break down :D

It's not the newest Tesla, that's for sure, but it's an experience non the less.😃

What an awesome trip this'll be - here's to it finally taking place! We look forward to the recap. Have a great time - cheers!

Cheers it's pretty epic so far. First update coming soon :D

Awesome ! I can’t wait to see what will happen next :) Interesting adventures in perspective and it’s nice to share those with friends for sure !

Yeah we're having a blast :D next update coming soon!

It seems so ! I saw you're post and opened it a new tab, but I think I will discover that tomorrow morning ✌️

Enjoy to the max, but I know you'll 😄

That's great, man! I'm very curious about the results of your race. I hope you win. I'm going to visit your friends and welcome them. I don't think they need my help because you've told them everything they need 😅😅.

Thanks man! Well it's a "race", the point is more about visiting along the way and manage to bring back the tuktuk in one piece than really winning haha

Great to see you again Quentin. I was back Taiwan recently, was hoping to go down to Tainan for a couple of days but sadly didn't have enough time.

Anyway, great to see you out and about enjoying yourself with your friends hope you guys have a cracking time!

Hey! 好久不見! Do you plan to come back anytime soon? Otherwise see ya at the next Hivefest :)

So far so good, we're having a blast :D

Maybe 2024/5 😀

Pretty sure we should meet at HF next time!!

One vehicle different names😃

In Nigeria it’s called Keke Napep

Great! Let's launch a Nigerian Keke Napep race ^^

First off I love the thumbnail!
Also really looking forward to seeing more posts about this tuk-tuk race. This is going to be so much fun.

The thumbnail is cool isn't it :D Super fun so far, will post in a bit!

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Cool stuff!1

Good luck :)

To take full advantage of the car's aerodynamics, you may want to get rid of the soft top. The heat shock and the sunburn will have to be accepted for victory. On top of that, there are still one or two showers in the forecast for the next few days. All in all, not everything is so bad – the main thing is to get on as fast as possible.

J'adore le concept, excellent 👍