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RE: A frozen world and a hibernating landscape at 1836 m - Vladeasa Peak

in #travel4 years ago

I am not a fan of cold or snow, this post of yours was brought to my attention by @trufflepig , I wasn't mentioned as high up as yours but I thought it would be a good idea to take a peek and reward the upper posts it suggested.
This post of yours is well constructed and documented with photos and I agree it to be undervalued, my vote isn't worth much but I am putting it on here anyway.
best of luck,


Hi, I'm the developer of @trufflpig. It's really great to hear that my little bot does fulfill is's purpose!

Well in this case it did with me, unfortunately I might have been the only one from the looks of things. But I commend your effort, nice work.

Thanks. Fortunately, @trufflepig is growing slowly :-). Other users already delegated more than 80 Steem Power to the bot. More Steem Power will boost the bot's upvote strength and, thereby, drive more attention to the selected posts (and, of course, give them a reward). I hope that over time @trufflepig will become more and more important.