Sri Lanka #3 the coconut farm environment where I stay for 1 week

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Sri Lanka #3 the coconut farm environment where I stay for 1 week

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I was contact a coconut farm in advance, so after leave airport , I took bus to the coconut farm direct .

After few hours later , transfer 3 buses and 1 tuk tuk ,I arrived the farm finally, and I would stay there for 1 week as a volunteer.

The host Omal is a nice man ,they like to make friends ,but stay in farm normally just him and a uncle , so he wrote a post in helpx .

I am lucky to be one of the volunteer , I contact him just one day before I leave my country , at the last moment , got his confirm.

This post I want to share the farm living environment ,also just for a record of my life.

First , we arrive the kitchen , they are still use firewood or dry coconut leaves to cook , Omal told me , not all the Sri Lankan use firewood to cook, in the city , they also use gas.

During the time I stay in this farm , all meals are curry curry curry , Sri Lankan really very like curry.

I found something in the farm ! Look ! It's a gun , I should be more careful, don't do any thing make Omal angry ~

Actually , the gun is used to shoot the monkeys who steal coconuts, Omal also teach me how to shoot at the last day I stay here.

I am a good learner , all shoots were hit the target .

Here is the room where I lived, a mosquito net is necessary in Sri Lanka , too many mosquito at night .

I always spend my free time here , the table just a big wood , and the decorations are coconuts , match the temperament of a coconuts farm.

A small field behind the house , also use the coconut shell to surround the field , I thought that's because they have too many coconut shell .

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