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My name is Adore and I am so adorable. I am the first daughter in a family of eight then, but now seven ( Dad died).
I am a mother of two beautiful girls and the heartrob of my darlyn, haha. I am an educationist by profession and has helped raise students who are doing well, contributing meaningfully to the society.
I am a chef by passion and I win souls with food, hahaha. I have not said I won my hubby with food, but I am such a great cook that you have to be careful as a man eating my food. You might find yourself not only comparing your wife's cooking with mine, but you might enroll her under my tutulage as well. Hahahaha.

I am an extrovert and I love being happy all the time. I love looking good and when I do, I hardly forget to give myself a beautiful snapshot.


I was busy and couldn't join the @dreemport challenge. I am studying to improve myself tremendously. It's quite tasking but permit me to indulge in this particular challenge. Besides it seems like I am the only one in hive left out, how come no one dragged me in? Hahaha. Well, I am here now to join in this. It's better late than never. Thanks @snook for this and thanks @dreemsteem,@dreemport for always bring fun times to the platform.


  • I am happiest when I am with my family. I have four brothers and a sister, all are grown, married with kids. But they are all extroverts, I am not sure there is an introvert in my family. Each year, we all come together to play and cheer my lonely mother up.


While at home, I am at one of my happiest moments when we tease, laugh, do cooking contest, dancing competition and sometimes drive in convoy to joints down town to eat pepper soup, drink, visit other relatives and sit under a tree in the compound and gist more. This makes me happy.

  • I am happiest when at the end of the year's party in my School, my name is called as one of the most hardworking tutors whose students made credit passes. I have that award consecutively three times where even the dullest in my subject made C6 in the West African Examination Council ( WAEC) exams. That means I am 100% efficient. That calls for happiness.

  • I am at my happiest moment when everyone around me is healthy and happy. I hate it when someone is sick especially a child. But when people around me have almost nothing to complain of, they are happy, then I am happy.This babe was very sick recently, upon returning from being hospitalized, we had to snap this. Haha


  • I am at one of my happiest moments when I receive free gifts, haha. It could be delegations, free hive tokens, cash, new clothe and anything specially for me. Even a braodcast message customized in my name can make me happy. Hahaha. I guess I love attention. 😂


Good leadership style. If in a team and I am made to oversee things, I give it my best and hardly encourage laxity and excuses. If I won't be available for anything, I prefer to say it and let those available handle it, that's what I expect from others too. Nonchalant attitude to work is not my style,unless I am indisposed. I love people being there if they say they will. I hope I still have that trait, am getting so busy lately anyways but I also try to inform others.

Meeting deadline is good for a team. I think I have a competitive spirit, so when in a team, I love my team to be right on time, so anything I need to do to encourage them so we don't be the last guys standing, I try to bring it in.

** TEAM SUPPORT**- In a team especially when am not the one overseeing things, I give my support. I don't leave things for the overseer, I try to support and give my best that the overseer if not careful might think I already want to hijack his/her role. Hahaha


Yes. I am easy going and always laughing. I hardly get offended with things or can I say what others may see and raise their left eye brow, I see it and laugh. But at the same time, what others may see and trivialize, that's when I am serious. But most times, I see myself as a laughing gas and some say, "you laugh too much" Hahaha.


YES- My bluntness. I do not have time to partronise people, or hide the person I am inside. I say my heart as it is. Though I try to ensure I choose my words correctly in order not to offend, but I express my mind. If you wrong me, I tell you you have wronged me. I don't pretend to be happy with you when deep down, am going crazy because of you. If you are becoming too nice to me as an opposite sex, I tell you to take a break. Hahahaha. I do not want my heart to become involved in what I can not handle, hahahaha. The world hate the bitter truth and so some see my bluntness as negative but I see it as being honest.

INQUISITIVENESS– I ask questions a lot. Some call me questionaire, haha. Some say, "you can ask questions?". But this has helped me a lot not to make mistakes. Today my boss told the entire staff that this month salary will have a bonus. We were all happy. While everyone kept clapping, I asked if it is only for this month. Many attacked me, and asked why am I asking, that obviously it is for every month starting from this month. But our Boss said no, that it is only for this month and thanked me for asking, and said that by asking, I have been able to remind her to clear the air on how long the bonus will last. So while some see my inquisitiveness as negative, I see it as positive. If you have anything to tell me, prepare answers to my questions because it is rare for me not to ask. Hahahaha

MY USE OF TECHNOLOGY/SOCIAL MEDIA- Some of my friends wonder what a married woman does online all the time even at night when she ought to be sleeping. Mehn, I need to hustle. Whether filling airdrops, making articles,curating, making research online, attending google classroom or reading e-books , all are to contribute meaningfully to my life. They help to improve the old me to a better me. That's chasing after something positive but many including some family and friends who doesn't stop demanding for money see it as negative, a waste of time. Hahaha

Hey Adore, what is your favorite positive surprise on hive?.

It is how fast @dreemport is moving on hive. It has brought many users together and have given fresh eyes to contents even from other front ends. I love how it has teemed with other communities to get hivers into fun-filled contests and I love how many are responding in great numbers.
I was surprised and happy the same @dreemport challenged participants to endow ecency points to many users and in the end, a lot of them were with all smiles and happiness.
I was surprised and happy when @wil.metcarfe delegated a thousand hive tokens to me, refunded the hive I spent in joining operation ping contest and sponsored me for the contest. I was specially favored, honored and delighted. It made my heart glad.

I am happy about other communities and tag springing up and creating fun activities that brings out the creativity in many users. Many have grown better in writing and also in earning. This hive platform is helping to improve lives. It's amazing

I know I am not very regular on hive, I don't make posts daily, sometimes no post in one or two weeks but I must not fail to admit that hive is the best platform. As soon I get a little respite, I will give hive my best. I haven't started harnessing my potentials and talents on hive well. I love this challenge and I am glad I jumped in, even if from the finishing line 😂 ( when others are almost through).

Sorry @dreemsteem, I came in on this very late, but I love this and love all you do on the platform. Well done to you and the team up communities so far, as well as the active dreemers who has kept the flag flying. I love you all.

Yours Adoore-eu.

All beautiful images of mine were snapped by my beautiful self with my beautiful Infinix note 8 phone. 😂


Love your dreamy presentation, I have been delighted with your frankness and sincerity in the post. You have a countenance that denotes your good spirits and disposition for a beautiful smile. Excellent friend and dreamer, it is good to see you committed to this challenge. Greetings.

Wow, this is so good to hear, I hope I will hope to keep up with the compliments. Thanks for being around to read this, I appreciate your visit

I know you and I know just how inquisitive you can be but you do it in such a humble way. You are always willing to learn and never too big to ask to be taught which is an amazing quality.

I haven't tasted your food but the way they appear I know you are a great chef 😄. I also know you are a great mother cos I've spoken with your kids and they are so brilliant and that makes you a great teacher too.

What a great post! It's so enthusiastic. You are so enthusiastic. It's quite addictive and I'm feeling enthusiastic now about Hive, DreemPort, family & cooking. Hehehehe!

Are you sure you're not introverted, lol! Seriously, this was such an upbeat and fun post. I love it. No, I adored it! It's a shame you were unable to take part in the rest of the challenge, but I'm sure glad you joined in with the Unlazy Contest. Such a brilliant read!

Thanks for enjoying the post, as for your question about if am introverted, If introvert means someone who is shy, quiet and prefers to be alone instead of being with a crowd, than am not. I am an outgoing personality and awakens shyness in people. 😂 Yes, I missed the early parts of the challenge but I enjoyed sharing in this. Thanks again for the compliments

You're welcome. By the way, I didn't think you were introverted. You even said as much in your post. However, I guess my humour didn't carry well via text. 😉

Hope to see more of you in future challenges. 💛

Oh my Adore, you are really so adorable...... This post is a witness that you are quite an extrovert person and talkative as well. Hehe.

I wish to eat some dishes from you as I have always heard you talking about cooking. Thankfully, I am not from the opposite sex so I can enjoy as much as I want 😉.

Hmmmm. ..... asking many questions may be annoying to others but it clarifies our mind, so it is good as well.

Sooooo, I wanna make you happy and as you said tipping makes you happy so there is some in your wallet.

Woohoo, thanks for making me happy and jubilant with the tip, Hahaha. I appreciate you kind comments as well. God bless you for everything

You are most welcome, sweetie.

It is great to get to know you better.

Thank you so much

I am so happy you wrote a post. I loved every minute of reading it and reading about you!!

Thank you so much for the challenge initiative, it was fun taking part in it

So sweet of you Adore that you spend all of your time creating fun and spreading smiles on other faces. You are a decent teacher and I am an eye-witness to this as In UU you were always there to instruct and guide students. The adore I knew is more than chief, tutor and content creator. She knows very well how to enjoy and rejoice in each moment of life.

Check the smile of that babe, doesn't look like some disease affected her or might be the magic of your company. The graceful lady in a blue skirt walking to conquer the world hehe.

I think chasing dreem is valuable no matter if you are married or in a relationship. It's the self-satisfactory stuff do you agree??

Hmm, I can feel the booster dose of positive energy you are having, your smile is telling whole the story of strength, self-confidence, and consistency 🥰 love you adore. Sending some love sweetheart.

This is an amazing comment @ayesha-malik. I didn't even know you take note of me this much. I had to look again and it was @ayesha-malik talking. hahaha. We give God the glory for everything, you rated me so highly and I so appreciate it. You too are highly lifted. Thanks for coming around. Sorry for the late response

I know you from your writings for the last 3 years so I have more respect and love for you as a family member❤ a lot of love from my side dear adore. 🥰

Jeez...I so envy people that can talk about themselves like this. Being able to describe oneself accurately is a gift, I tell you.

My favourite part about you is your inquisitiveness. People choose to not inquire so they do not get disappointed. But in reality, it is when you do not inquire that you get really disappointed, eventually. Imagine if you had not asked, and no one had asked. Many will now be disappointed after two months to receive less than what they had anticipated, all because they refused to inquire and chose to live in their fantasies. I am like you in that aspect, and so I understand how people feel about us because we ask too many questions. Like, why should it hurt to want to know more to understand better? I mean, will it all not be beneficial in the long run?

You cracked me up at the point you talked about how people would be looking at a married woman online. That is not the case for me, as I am a young man that is not even ready to marry. So I just look like a "yahoo boy." If only they knew of a place like this, Hive, they would even be greeting me.

I could keep going on and on, but I fear that I would end up writing my own un-lazy post here. So let me just say that you are a very wonderful person with a very beautiful heart. I give it to your husband for having eagle eyes to spot you.

Hahahaha, I really appreciate your feedback. You are free to drop your own UNLAZY post here, let's read and laugh. Really, most times, I wonder why people shy away from questions. A friend of mine has a sister in-law, married into their family for 17years. Although that sister-in-law lives abroad. She talked so much about the lady that I asked where the lady works, she told me she doesn't know. Imagine, for 17years, she don't know where her brother's wife works. Hahaha.
As per me staying up late till midnight without sleep, I don't care what they say. When I hammer, they will ask me how I did it. Hahaha. Thanks for the visit please

Let me just pass on the UNLAZY post jare.
Your friend is very funny o. What on earth do they talk about all the time then? Like, how??😅 17 years is a lot of years to remain ignorant.

When you hammer now, they will say it is ritual. You are hustling now, they are saying thier own.

Exactly jare

This was so much fun to read 😊

Wow, thanks for the compliment.

This was interesting to read from you ma. I am inspired to be the best in my teaching line and make students and everyone be proud of me. I love your blue outfit. You look so beautiful 😍😍😍

I know you ask too much questions 😂😂 and it is good so you don't make mistakes.

I laugh too even when people want me to be serious but that is me. I just love to smile and laugh with no grudges in my heart. I came from Dreemport 😎😎

Hahaha, you know I ask questions, right? I hope next time I invite you to come over to whatsapp, you will not run away cos of questions. Hahaha.
Yes, once in a while it is good to be serious and allow people to be free to express themselves and laugh over it

🤣🤣🤣 I am always ready to give my answers too ma

Oh my goodness! you're such a beautiful woman with a good heart, of course you have to take pictures whenever you're dressing good, 80% of people are also in that same shoe..hehehe.

You can not please the world , all you just have to do what you feels it right, there's no crime in laughing and there's no crime in asking questions.

You have all the good qualities in working for the growth of a team with what I've been seeing you doing, you're amazing.

I made it to your Post via dreemport and I must say it's nice visiting your post.

Thank you so much the compliment. We are all doing our best and I enjoy reading your posts too. You are fun-loving and knows what's up. Hahaha. Hope you are enjoying your compulsory holidays haha

Not at all, my school is not all holiday... I go to school everyday , except of Fridays ...

Alright, that's fine Sis. Well done

The way you cited image source for this post is so funny. Lolz. I can't hold in my laughter. Haha.

I like the qualities you mentioned. I have been in many teams with you and I believe there are more that need to be mentioned. Haha. I will prepare a full list of those qualities and forward the document to your address.

Nice to see this... This late entry of yours😂.

Glad you pushed it into DreemPort ✌️

Hahaha, this post is about being positive about everything about me including the images. Haha. Thanks for the nice compliment. I hope to do better. Soonest I will be free again to give my all. My entry was not too late cos I didn't miss the last bus to dreemport. Hahaha. Thanks bro

Glad you made it and I genuinely look forward to when you will be free again to be part of what goes on here. Haha.

Have fun.

Ah, you have overblown it . I am still here na. Hahaha. I should try harder anyways

See qualities naw, you don't need to tell me you are a good teacher before I will know, you are just so passionate of the children you teach and that's actually what they need to do well academically.

You are indeed a good person to have in a team too, I've been on the same team with you before and you really impressed me with how you blended in.

Dreemport has been amazing over the years and I can see that with time, many more persons will join in this amazing initiative.

An amazing comment. You are doing well and it's wonderful working with your team on that contest.
Yes, I love dreemport challenges and we look forward to more people joining in and catching their fun.

You're welcome Ma'am 🥰🤗.

I love your honesty, your energy, and your dedication to education. You were a fabulous partner in a previous teem challenge but I also love that this time around, when approached to take part, you had the clarity of vision to acknowledge your time constraints and say... hey thanks! But I just don't have the time at the moment and will jump in when things ease up... I guess things eased a little hehe... 😍 and I am so pleased that you were able to jump into @snook's contest. !LUV !ALIVE

@adoore-eu! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Thanks, yes things eased up and this time am going to try and ease up some more for dreem-wotw contest, haha

I love that picture above. The one with your entire family. To me, nothing beats having my loved ones around me. And you're really a slay mama 😂. Just look at You go in that suit. Perhaps you should also be a model...
Hahaha. I bet they will be especially nice to you because i mean, who wouldn't want such a package?
Can I pay you a visit? My stomach needs to be won over😖
It's better late than Never. I'm glad you posted! And you're really hardworking and ambitious that it's contagious...💕
Dreemport sent me!

Hahaha, thanks for the compliments. I am slaying again o, getting old now. I was very beautiful when I was younger, hahaha. Yes do pay a visit. Thanks Sis

This is a nice read, we both feel the happiest with our family 😊

Yes we do

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