Value Plan: 2023 Spring Review and Proposal

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We started this year with an idea and a roadmap and in only a few months have achieved many of the milestones. We had such monumental gains since the start of the year that even ourselves don't know what the future will hold.

Key Projects

We'll keep it short and to the point.

Rally Car

We are coming up to the date of the Croatia WRC Rally and there have already been much media interest. We have also taken the opportunity to produce a short documentary which will release in the next few days. Following the Croatia WRC we'll race in Sardinia.

  • The car will race in Croatia without dapp stickers, as just Hive
  • Dapp stickers will be added for Sardinia and rotated on a per-race basis so all interested dapps have a chance to be represented without being crowded

We won't spoil the video reveal here and will release it shortly on the @hiveio account.

Community Wells

What began with social impact community wells in Ghana has very recently grown not only in magnitude locally, but also has spread to other parts of the country. We are looking forward to a series of events there.

  • Another borehole will be built in the Kumasi area; work will start next week
  • Tekna, a payment dapp on Hive, is organizing an expo in Accra
  • 'Hive Students Hub' is an educational project, similar to 'Hive Goes to School' (Venezuela/Spain), are to be launched in the North

This is all planned for the remaining of April and May. Many more great things are to come in the months ahead.


When we heard that there were Hive members interested in setting up a street workout project in Venezuela we had no idea it would become international in only a year. Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Cuba and Spain are all part of this season's lineup. This has become a global phenomenon due to the sheer determination of the organizers and athletes.

A tentative starting schedule is as follows.

Hive Sucre

We started in the Sucre state of Venezuela with an expo about Hive. The team on the ground has since established a deep partnership with the tourism department and local businesses. Hotels, restaurants, excursions and everything in between can now be paid for with HBD. Hive is now the dominant blockchain solution for the entire state's tourism industry. Those wearing Hive shirts are being stopped in the streets and asked about Hive.

Major Conferences

Now let's take a step back from the key projects we all know and follow and talk about conferences. The following are our major initiatives but several smaller conference are projected to take place and have taken place so far.


Hive was once again represented at a major blockchain conference, Expo TechnoDigital Lidotel in Barquisimeto. This is a massive multi-day event with not only presentations but also a Hive booth and an exciting masterclass. The event is on at this very moment.

14-16 April at Lidotel Barquisimeto, Venezuela


We will be presenting as speakers and sponsors at Blockchaincon LATAM 2023 in Lima, Peru. Not only will be showcasing Hive but we will also be forming lasting relationships not only with the tech community there but also with businesses. We plan on paying for the majority of our activities with HBD without the use of any other currencies.

8-10 June at the Lima Convention Center, Lima, Peru


We will be at Web3 Berlin this Spring. This is a massive opportunity and we are currently designing the best experience possible not only for ourselves and our ecosystem but also for all the attendees we will meet.

10-11 June at The Estrel Hotel, Sonnenallee 225, 12057, Berlin, Germany


We were scheduled to present and represent at Breathe! Las Vegas this Spring but due to circumstances beyond our control the event was pushed back to September. This is an amazing event in which not only Hive, but a group of Hive dapps will form a 'Hive Village' and showcase our growing ecosystem.

13-15 September at the World Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Netherlands

We have made plans for Blockchain Expo, Amsterdam in the Fall. This wonderful opportunity waited since last year when unfortunately timing did not allow for Hive representation. This year we have started discussions early and are quickly developing a sound plan of action.

26-27 September at Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands


Although there is more region-focused activity than this, we present two of our developing focal areas.

Portugal and Spain

These two neighboring countries are quickly becoming a Hive hub.

We are looking forward to a major push for Hive representation in Portugal starting this Summer. We have formed a relationship with the Associação Atlética de Águas Santas as a sponsor. Starting August 1st all European Handball fans will find Hive branding at the games in Porto. This is just the beginning and we are looking forward to more opportunities to come, including a WRC rally in Porto next year.

Hive keeps focusing on Spain in various forms and we expect to have a range of events take place there. Earlier in the year we started with 'Hive Goes to School' in Madrid and are now looking for SWC Spain to take root. We are also deliberating conference and expos.

Philippines and Thailand

Through the initiative of the Dbuzz team we have found ourselves the stars of several expos and meetups. The Bull and Bear (PH), Block and Chill (PH), and the Technology Tech Show (TH) all saw Hive and Dbuzz get a phenomenal reception. These are just the start of an expanding lineup that we hope to see progress into the Summer.

This is an area of the world where there is much interest in Hive from the innovation and investment angle in particular. We are starting fresh there with organic events that can only grow.


Hive is just a protocol without it's dapps. The dapps and our community members are the heart of Hive. We want to always reiterate that we greatly appreciate your innovation and dedication to the Hive ecosystem.

Please remember that as always, Value Plan welcomes -- and we mean 'welcomes' with all the bells and whistles -- dapp-focused events. To fall under the Value Plan scope an event or presentation should be 50% or more about Hive. When you represent your dapp, business, project, or service on Hive you are effectively showing the power of Hive.

We'd like to remind everyone that meetups are in Value Plan scope as long as they are inviting to non-Hive members and inclusive. We want to celebrate and share between ourselves but also with others who haven't yet discovered Hive.

How to get involved? It's easy:

  • Have a clear vision and plan and then reach out to one of the Keyholders
  • We will work together to realize the event or activity to the extent of our abilities and scope
  • Remember that even if an event cannot be funded, Hive branded merchandise is always available

We will leave this here and move on to the financials.



We are presenting here the raw transaction log for your consideration. We will do our annual report at the end of the year as always.

5,765 HBD to yonnathang Expo TechnoDigital | remaining costs | merch and stand costs with logistics included | no further costs expected on April 12

70 HBD to jfuji Snippets | hourly | snippet development over Feb and March on April 12

460 HBD to arlettemsalase Peru | logistics in prepartion of the event | pre-conference | paperwork for event on April 10

592 HBD to yolimarag Merch | Hive merchandise printing | shirts, banners, notebooks and other small items | community events on April 10

550 HBD to marscrea SWC | Colobia event | funds missing from previous budget | logistics | no further costs expected for this event on April 8

9,719.905 HIVE to ssekulji Rally car | Croatia rally | supplies and part of insurance | 4080 HBD plus 2% conversion fee | donation on April 5

4,058 HBD to marscrea SWC | 2nd Versus by Category | Puerto Cabello | full event with logistics, transport and merchandise on April 3

900 HBD to marscrea SWC | registration costs | mandatory government costs as required on April 2

550 HBD to marscrea SWC | Colombia | additional logistical expenses not included in previous budget on March 31

8,498 HBD to sucrewallet Hive Sucre | business onboarding | merchandise costs | meeting with IMATUR and related expenses | transport costs included on March 30

60 HBD to orimusic Hive Run | minor related costs | photography on March 30

1,833 HBD to crimsonclad Breathe Vegas | transportation and airbnb costs | further costs expected | issued by @guiltyparties on March 30

660 HBD to hivecreators Graphic design and merch design/creation | 33 hours total | Hive anniversary preparation and all related items | statistical analysis and video included on March 27

2,850 HBD to marscrea SWC | Colombia | Onlystatic event 01 April | merchandise, logistics, transport, incidentals | regular event costs on March 27

850 HBD to marscrea SWC | Hive merch for dignitaries | combined merchandise kits that showcase Hive | merch designed for formal audience on March 27

1,250 HBD to marscrea SWC | Event | Freestyle Day | logistics, merch, and transport on March 26

29.500 HBD to hexagono6 Revenga | minor material provisioning | sand and cement on March 26

8,000 HBD to yonnathang Expo TechnoDigital Lidotel BQ | logistics, merch, transport, stand costs, and misc costs | part 1 of budget | merch is as per usual budget per piece | 1500 attendees worth with booth team on March 25

330 HBD to arlettemsalase JCI | Tech Women Initiative | logistics and minor event costs | Hive representation at the event | promotional activity | 10% continuity is included on March 23

10,118.048 HIVE to ssekulji Rally car | tires and insurance | donation 2 of several | 4080 HBD (4000 HBD plus 2% conversion) | 0.02% added due to stop start trade on March 22

1,500 HBD to sucrewallet Hive Sucre | transport and logistics | business development and onboarding costs on March 20

1,350 HBD to marscrea SWC | Bogota | materials, logistics | community event on March 19

985 HBD to epickimajkel Web3 Berlin | conference sponsorship package | Hive on March 18

9,816.300 HIVE to ssekulji Rally car | tires and insurance | donation 1 of several | 4080 HBD (4000 HBD plus 2% conversion) on March 17

620 HBD to HiveArte | merch only | Hive clothing and printables on March 15

3,140 HBD to yonnathang Expo TechnoDigital Lidotel BQ | sponsorship value on March 15

160 HBD to hivecreators Hive Run | merch designs, banners, specialized artwork and printable flyers | Hive promotional activity on March 15

554 HIVE to ssekulji Rally car | Tarmac training race | 554 HIVE | 200 Euro plus 2% conversion | donation on March 14

200 HBD to jfuji Snippet project | hourly rate | 20 x hours on March 14

150 HBD to danielvehe Hive Goes to School | transport costs on March 14

4,004 HBD to mcsamm Community Well Project | 2023 annual expenses | media, Hive merch, transport, logistics, printing and related minor costs combined | this budget applies equally to all boreholes planned for the year on March 14

15,000 HBD to epickimajkel Web3 Berlin | conference sponsorship package | Hive on March 13

30 HBD to valueplan Refunds of the event: Tomodachi White Day - Maracaibo, Zulia March 2023 on March 13

3,913 HBD to dbuzz Bull or Bear Event | PH | event costs, transportation and logistics | Hive merch included 100 shirts and 1000 cards | misc mech possible | further costs not expected but possible on March 12

60 HBD to arlettemsalase Tomodachi | shipping costs for Hive merch | specialized shipping for Hive branded chocolate boxes | promotional items required for event on March 10

100 HBD to arlettemsalase Panter | minor event Hive branded prize | minor promotional event on March 10

7,440 HBD to sucrewallet Sucre | onboarding of 11 businesses | Hive branded merchandise | shirts, caps, specialized items fitting the business, signage and misc | transport and logistics included on March 8

1,150 HBD to nathansenn Block and Chill | event expenses | merch, cards, logistics and provisions, general event costs | Hive promotional event on March 8

200 HBD to marscrea SWC | medical issue costs | hopefully final payment to resolve medical incident on March 8

575 HBD to marscrea SWC | mats | Hive asset purchase necessary for safety during events | extra funds due to costs of mats on March 8

1,650 HBD to marscrea SWC | Mexico City representation event | transportation and logistics costs only | rest is comped on March 8

330 HBD to hivecreators Engifest | graphic designs, slides, banners, and other promotional elements for the event | Hive promotional event | New Delhi on March 8

5,096 HBD to marscrea SWC | Copa Byakko Event | full competitive event | Hive merch, logistics, transportation and consumables on March 8

420 HBD to danielvehe Hive Run | minor promotional activity | street advertisement sporting engagement on March 7

190.500 HBD to arlettemsalase Panter | Hive promotional activity logistics | e-gaming minor event planning and logistics on March 6

150 HBD to arlettemsalase Tomodachi Event | extra funds not expected | minor transportation and logistics costs for the event on March 6

2,248 HBD to dbuzz Tech Investment Show | Thailand | logistics and transportation plus event tickets | Hive representation | Hive promotional activity on March 6

120 HBD to edmundochauran Hive Sucre | minor transportation and logistics costs on March 2

3,000 HBD to mcsamm Community Well Project | 1st Borehole | repair and renovation of 2nd well in town (still part of same project) | materials and required logistics on March 2

60 HBD to hexagono6 Revenga | additional materials needed for roof of building | sand and cement bags on March 2

340 HBD to marscrea SWC | Las Ballenitas | additional unforeseen expenses | logistics on March 1

180 HBD to marscrea SWC | medical issue followup | follow up unexpected expenses on March 1

45.614 HIVE to pettycash Funds that were meant for the @pettycash account | funds from posts that were not properly set up to redirect rewards on March 1

50 HBD to manuphotos Cuba | Pinar del Rio | Hive speaking engagement | transit costs on February 28

1,545.300 HBD to cryptosimplify Handball sponsorship | additional tax-related costs | 1460 Euro = 1545.30 USD on February 25

2,694 HBD to marscrea SWC | Las Ballenitas | materials, logistics and transport costs | community event on February 25

91.155 HIVE to pettycash Funds that were meant for the @pettycash account | funds from posts that were not properly set up to redirect rewards on February 25

50,000 HBD to breatheweb3 Breathe | Las Vegas | major conference funds on February 24

1,125 HBD to marscrea SWC | technical equipment 2023 | assets to support the organization and workflow of events and activities on February 23

8,780 HBD to mcsamm Community Well Project | 1st Borehole | Feb-March | construction of the well | materials and labor | minor incidentals on February 23

2,800 HBD to mcsamm Community Well Project | Hive workbooks | 4000 units | 2023 distribution on February 23

100 HBD to arlettemsalase Panter | tournament prize | Hive minor promotional activity on February 23

700 HBD to marscrea SWC | medical issue follow up and additional costs for mats / safety devices on February 21

1,040 HBD to sucrewallet Sucre State | International Tourist Carnival | additional funds omitted from previous transaction | logistics and equipment on February 21

190 HBD to lordbutterfly Rally car | Hive promo materials | printed materials for distribution on February 18

350 HBD to marscrea SWC | versus | unexpected transport costs on February 17

4,655 HBD to edmundochauran International Tourist Carnival Cumana | by-invitation event | logistics and conference costs | there is 500 HBD contingency included | audio and awning not included in this payment | merch included on February 17

3,019.500 HBD to marscrea SWC | Primer Versus | 18 02 23 | included are additional sports mats due to injury | funds are otherwise for regular event costs, logistics and mandatory fees on February 16

500 HBD to blackheart1 Engifest New Delhi | merchandise printing costs | further costs expected on February 15

494.980 HBD to yonnathang BQ University Project | materials for university community day with Hive | all expenses are materials | logistics not included on February 15

3,500 HBD to blackheart1 Engifest New Delhi | event sponsorship | conference style event | low tier sponsorship due to timing constraints | further expenses to come on February 13

60 HBD to marscrea SWC | transportation fees due to medical situation | further amounts expected and will be issued on as needed basis on February 12

200 HBD to marscrea SWC | medical recovery costs for athlete injury on February 12

900 HBD to eddiespino SWC | 600 HBD from previous bridge funds for logistics and transport | 300 HBD from urgent medical funds for athlete injury | funds issued as granted on February 12

150 HBD to marscrea SWC | emergency funds | event injury | medical costs on February 12

34,260.187 HBD to cryptosimplify Aguas Santas | 2023-2024 team sponsorship | major sponsorship | 32628.75 + 5% (1631.4375) = 34260.187 | Hive promotional activity on February 12

10 HBD to pettycash DHF listing funds return | on February 11

340 HBD to pettycash SWC | | refund to account for granting funds prior to 2023 budget being filled | no fault of SWC project on February 11

227.452 HIVE to pettycash Equalizing funds | these funds are from the power down that is the result of a mistake in post reward settings | funds were originally meant to be granted to the pettycash account | funds not part of regular accounting of proposal or any distribution on February 11

4,445 HIVE to ssekulji Rally car | 2 x training rallies | logistics and supplies plus required fees | 1800 Euro plus 2% | 1922 HBD | 4445 HIVE on February 11

1,700 HBD to marscrea SWC | Hive city installation repair and advertisement placement | this transaction includes funds for 4 x previous events material creation costs on February 9

5,800 HBD to arlettemsalase Tomodachi event | remainder of costs | logistics, merch (2500, 1000 and 50 units), required ticketing costs and incidentals. Repair to Hive stand included. on February 7

1,500 HBD to arlettemsalase Tomodachi event | sponsorship for event | partial on February 6

1,668.800 HBD to marscrea SWC | 2nd Versus Event | 11 Feb | event logistics, health and safety, transport and incidentals for event. Event is local thus limited costs. on February 6

6,710 HBD to aksurevm89 Sucre state | business HBD HIVE onboarding | merch costs | large lot of merch in variety of types including shirts, caps, cup holders, bracelets, bags, cups, etc | Hive advertising and promotion | 300 HBD earlier provided as part of this same budget and project segment on February 4

585 HBD to marscrea SWC | two events | 310 HBD for 1° Friendly Versus and 275 HBD for 2nd Random Versus | partial event payments | logistics on February 4

600 HBD to arlettemsalase JCI event | Venezuela-Colombia | Hive speaking engagement | logistics, mandatory fees and incidentals on February 1

300 HBD to aksurevm89 Sucre State | Business onboarding | IMATUR meeting and business presentation event | logistics and merch for evening included in cost on February 1


Due to the uneven schedule of when conferences and new major initiatives must be paid for, we must modify the expected proposal schedule and amounts. We are currently projecting to dedicate up to 800,000 HBD until the end of the year.

We are asking for 250,000 HBD to continue Hive promotional and marketing initiatives. Thank you for your consideration.

And we leave you with a parting thought: Let's remember to collaborate, listen and ensure we move on in the year with all dapps and projects strengthened and empowered. This includes service-oriented projects and on-topic initiatives. Hive progresses through unity despite of everyone's diverse background and point of view, but we are a community first. There is no competition.


Kinda hard to read the data so i did this for my own benefit maybe it helps others





I'll just put this near the top. Since we're being efficient, and I don't want people to overwork their scrolling finger.


Nice. Mind sending me your spreadsheet?

Here's your spreadsheet:

Btw, you can structure this data in seconds with Chat GPT. Use the following prompt:

Structure the data in table format with the following columns:
1. Date
2. Recipient
3. Description
4. Amount
5. Notes

[Insert Data]

~~~ embed:1647509176124420098 twitter metadata:MTY5MzY3MDIzM3x8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xNjkzNjcwMjMzL3N0YXR1cy8xNjQ3NTA5MTc2MTI0NDIwMDk4fA== ~~~
~~~ embed:1647530803159609345 twitter metadata:MTUyNzE4NTY3OTU0OTM0NTc5Mnx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xNTI3MTg1Njc5NTQ5MzQ1NzkyL3N0YXR1cy8xNjQ3NTMwODAzMTU5NjA5MzQ1fA== ~~~

~~~ embed:1647695224691478528 twitter metadata:MTI1Mzg4NzM0fHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tLzEyNTM4ODczNC9zdGF0dXMvMTY0NzY5NTIyNDY5MTQ3ODUyOHw= ~~~
~~~ embed:1647702635020156928 twitter metadata:MTEwMTMyMTc1ODY1MTY3ODcyOHx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xMTAxMzIxNzU4NjUxNjc4NzI4L3N0YXR1cy8xNjQ3NzAyNjM1MDIwMTU2OTI4fA== ~~~

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @yeckingo1, @demotruk, @documentinghive, @marivic10, @jonsnow1983, @nahupuku ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Great work to promote hive keep it up

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This is really very detailed and you made it look understandable to all.
Thanks for this...

When you are deciding on a geographical region to focus on, what data do you use to determine the potential?

It depends where we see invitations coupled with where we have Hive community members able to put in the time and where its safe to do so. Usually after the first event or activity in an area we start getting invites to conferences either as a sponsor or speaker. It develops organically. Funding comes into some play to a point. In the US we had a conference ask for a sponsorship to the tune of our entire budget meanwhile rejecting our bid to speak about Hive. That wasn't feasible and you'll notice in all the conferences we sponsor we are always a presenter. The regions listed above are not all of the regions Hive is showcased in. Peru is starting up after, Germany, hopefully Belgium and Ireland, UK, India, and Mexico. In some countries like China even if we do get invitations it's a matter of travel restrictions. Now that the pandemic is "officially over" it's improving. We don't want to be spread too thin as merch and assets get reused (shuttled between events) to save as much as possible and by now we know what works and what doesn't.

Yes please meetups... Hivian reconnections worldwide from the grassroots..

Awesome work! Voting for the program!

Let's go champs!

Que bonito saber que tanta gente en el planeta está trabajando duro para promover a nuestra gran plataforma. Hive cada vez tiene más presencia en nuestra sociedad.

Wow! Look at the amount of work you guys have done! Keep it up!

Awesome work, guys! Let's keep it up!

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LEO Power Up Day - April 15, 2023
The Hive Gamification Proposal
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Many many congratulations on making all these events and promotional activities possible on a global scale. Great job by everyone involved. This goes to show how we can reach the masses by leveraging our community. It will eventually increase our organic reach. I feel that IRL events are the best gateways to onboard new creators, investors, and users to the hive ecosystem.

Are we also planning to develop a way to understand the performance of these campaigns? Because without data, we wouldn't know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Also, when you guys reach India or plan to do so, please do let me know, I would love to help in any way I can since I am a local.

Here's a vote! Supporting this as well as voting for the proposal!

Excellent work!

Can't wait to see the upcoming world of meetups! Me and @woodathegsd can't wait to meet more hivians and spread the wonders of decentralized finance!


yes I just support your proposal

Valueplan in principal is a good idea and I see there is more content around some of the activities this time around but when you look into the detailed breakdown it still needs to be divided more evenly amongst more users. There should also be a cap on the amount one user can receive per year or at every funding round. These projects may be very good intentions and totally legit but right now they look like a way to drain money from the ecosystem to pursue their personnel goals or businesses. There are a few names that keep cropping up that Valueplan are giving HBD to on a weekly basis. Aside from the rally car that had its first outing last week , @marscrea is one that sticks out like a sore thumb. Since March 2022 there has been just under 110,000 HBD given to this account. The account is not active. It has a 25 rep and no posts so clearly an alt account of the 1 follower that the account follows. But there are no posts on that persons page around what the funds are going to. It might be legit but how are the Hive users to know? It may be a case where the user needs to write about what they are doing with the funds rather than have Valueplan post about it every six months. Should the funds not be transferred to SWC directly to make it more transparent because there is content around SWC on this page? I see some videos there with some gym equipment and a few hive banners and clothing but not enough to think this project is signing people up to Hive. Should there be a record of how many signups they got after each event because the events look very amateurish and look like they can be thrown together with a couple of hundred dollars. Some oversight possibly. Give any Hive user 108,000 HBD for a fitness project and most will post about it 3 to 4, 5 times a day and be happy about it. You could buy a GYM with that funding. 1960 HBD in total for a medical issue also. I guess they don't have health insurance then? What if this medical issue doesn't go away? Are Valueplan going to keep funding their medical expenses? (Hopefully) the 200 HBD will be the last of the expenses. I'm in the area of liability insurance and any events in most countries that take place in public or private buildings or beaches need to have liability insurance which will cover any accidents during the event. Talk about setting a precedent minefield. Laptop in flood last year and injured this year. This guy isn't blessed with luck. If there was more meat on the content bones maybe the 108,000 HBD is justifiable. There definitely should be a cap here of around 20-30k HBD. At the moment it is a free for all and I wouldn't blame these people. Also rather than get Hive users to advertise Hive , I wonder would it be more value to transfer 108,000 HBD to Binance, transfer it into FIAT( because this is what is being done anyway) hire a professional marketing company. Not a bad one now. 108HBD could get you one of the big 5 and get them to promote Hive. Get them to report their findings and copy and paste the marketing reports every 6 months. They will most likely focus on Tiktok which is all the rage now with advertisers. Spend 50k video marketing on Tiktok and see Hives userbase increase to a hell of alot more than we are trying to do currently. It just all makes more sense that to be dealing with the kind of stuff that I am seeing in the Valueplan's wallet.


sorry mate I watched your video but there was no subtitles.

oh sorry, my post is already written in English if you like to stop by

@doze this may be up your street.

Hum... you know the dog on the fire and "it's all fine". I'm that dog right now. Lol
The more I dig the more suspicious I get, so I've stopped digging for now.
Note: there are good projects inside and projects that I don't understand, to many patterns. Maybe in the future, because this is mainly a Blockchain Marketing Strategies account, they drop a report on funds vs revenue to the Blockchain, maybe...

They are asking for 10,000 HBD per day. Some job getting that back in revenue!

800,000 HBD until the end of the year 😁
🔥That's 🐕 fine🔥

More money for me yeahhhh

I have a lot of info to share about what am I doing with all the money I got from Hive.

Check my post


Espectacular el trabajo que se hace en HIVE no tenia idea de todos los proyectos y todas las cosas que se realizan gracias a la blog, estupendo Felicidades

How to get involved? It's easy:

Have a clear vision and plan and then reach out to one of the Keyholders

Who are the Keyholders?

To whom it may concern:
My name is Marcelo Benitez from the channel @palabras1. I'm from Ezeiza, Argentina. I've been in Hive for about a year and I'm sincerely very happy to belong to this great ecosystem. I am a promoter of Hive, in all the networks, through my creations. I dedicate myself to getting to know the stories of the different content creators that join Hive, in the section of my channel, called Beyond Hive.
And also, I'm a fan of mountain biking. I compete as an amateur in different competitions in my region. Obviously, I create content for the Hive ecosystem about my sport and promote Hive through it.

THE REASON for my message is to know if there is the possibility of receiving support from @valueplan, to be able to market Hive, with the clothing for my team and obviously improve the bike. I think it would be a great opportunity to make known the hive ecosystem in Argentina, where I am sure there are many content creators who would like to belong to it.

I invite you to visit my channel @palabras1, so you can corroborate the above.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Let's keep growing together.