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RE: Think like a Viking: Part twenty six

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Mostly we make decisions based on the information we have at hand at any given point. It's difficult to see into the future with any real clarity so we act in whatever way we decide in the moment and move on.

I was waiting for this to crop up XD

At some point while bouncing around various characters' heads (to work out what motivates them because characters that want to take over the world for the sake of taking over the world are kinda boring and lame) I decided there was less "good" and "bad" and more "what I like" and "what I don't like". They seem to generally correspond with what people think of as "good" and "bad" and sometimes it's not the same things XD

Gisli's situation shows exactly why we generally don't/shouldn't deal with problems like that anymore, because it's a stupid way to deal with problems (both doesn't solve anything and exponentially keeps creating new ones) x_x


The use of good and bad just made it simpler for my post...Otherwise it could have been a very long body of text. I shortenerised it. Lol.

I htink back in Gisli's day the way he handled the situation was par for the course; these days not so much although there's always someone who deserves it. Rapists, child molesters, pedo's and the like. Just my opinion, I know some don't subscribe to it and prefer a more lenient approach to those scumbags of society. I'm ok with my stance on it though.