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My past, present, and future on Hive in a short post.


  • Started my witness server in August 2017
  • Launched a hive node - Ongoing
  • Got my first produced block after 17 days 14,970,426
  • Launched Steemfollower (discoverability tool) - Died after 1 or 2 years
  • Launched October 2017 - Ongoing
  • Steemclient - never launched
  • Dblog - never launched
  • From 2018 to late 2019 smaller projects and maintenance of the ongoing projects
  • Launched hive-tx library in November 2019
  • Migrating hive-js, hive-tx, and other projects to Hive after Hive fork
  • Posting dev guides and migrating libraries after HF25
  • Smartchain - never launched
  • Launched hive-PHP library in July 2022
  • Launched January 2023
  • Launched a public RPC node
  • Big update on hive-tx library

And the last one should be the account creation service on

This list is development only


It has been 5 and a half years since I started my witness. I don't post frequently and I don't work as hard as I should. But thanks to you I'm #25 in the witness ranking. I think it is a pretty good spot and I'm very happy that you trust me with your votes.

While I'm not top 20, I still try my best to be present and put forward my opinion on any matter that concerns the blockchain and its features.

I try to provide support and guidance in the various discord servers to the new and old users related to general Hive matters or development.



I can't let you go without a cute kitten.


I believe the best "thank you" is to continue doing what I do. Continuously contributing to the Hive ecosystem.

Best regards,


You can get my witness vote.

Thank you for what you do. Much appreciated.

Appreciate all the work you put in!
Waiting for next :)

Good afternoon. You sincerely tried to help me when I lost the keys to the account that I had since 2018. Your words helped me to keep calm. Thank you very much. I wish you success and prosperity🙏

Wow it's great. I am onboard from a long time but due to studies i am not that active. I just found about the hive vote and hive dex and found it so useful. I will definitely give you witness vote.
Keep shining

Appreciate all your effort on HIVE & your support in dev things.

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It's obvious witnesses don't have a lot of time to create blog posts anymore but it's always nice to hear from them once in a while just to be sure of the votes each person cast. And in the end, might end up making you more visible in front of some others too! Because it's nice keeping in touch with those who are ready to cast their votes and see the future shining brighter :)

This is interesting. I love the fact that you continued while some failed. Thanks for that.

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Thanks so much for everything you do :) ... I've been thinking about trying to set up a node, but I'm not sure if it would really help anyone.

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