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RE: @ocd-witness HF24 update

in #witnessupdate2 years ago

Looks like you are getting your fingers in many pies once HF24 hits and I guess that will see Hive fully fledged and totally broken away now with any remnants of Steem vanquished. Great work everyone.

See you on the other side. Guess you won't have time for CS:GO these next few days 😁


I just played one and I was on fire! haha

yeh but it's been like max 6h a week lately.

Ooo nice! Montage?

I haven't played the thrills of de_dust2 since end of May, @gabrielatravels knife skills still give me nightmares 😂

I'll record some of the best moments, need to upload to @3speak cause youtube gave me a sudden "verify your phone number to upload vids longer than 10mins" restriction.

Member for 10+ years and even had affiliate at some point which I disabled, good stuff youtube.

Yeah YouTube really showing loyalty to its users there. They've got your best interest at heart, have always said that about them...

Will keep an eye out for the vid!

I got a knife kill as well in this one. ;) :D

Haha! Definitely wasn't me 😆

Hahaha! Always sneaky! Lol.