Watching YouTube Shorts While It Rains

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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

If you don't know, Memorial Day is a US holiday where we honor people who died while in the Military. It's also known as the unofficial start of the Summer. Usually people have outdoor plans for this 3 day weekend. The weather is usually warm and everyone is tired of the cold. They want to swim and have BBQs and sit outside at bars and restaurants, etc.

Well it's not happening for me. It's cold and rainy here in the place outside Charlotte NC that I call home. Usually I'm playing water volleyball and partying with friends I haven't seen in a while. Today I'm inside working on @metarobots, which is a lot of fun, and watching some YouTube Shorts which are also fun and take just seconds to watch!

Here's halcybella and Dijackies cosplaying Sonic and Shadow. Sonic is dancing exuberantly while Shadow is doing her Goth or Metal thing.

Altasweet is in her casual workout outfit dancing to some Blackpink. She has great moves as she moves to Pink Venom. The moves are basic, I think I could do them. But it's going to be a better look on Alta. She's more limber than me!

NadineBreaty is having fun with a hair filter, trying out different colors. That Cupid song is on in the background. This short is a month old and has 33 Million views, wow!

My friend Bahjat the #APOP singer from Libya is killing it with his Hometown Smile song. This Short is less than 3 months old and has 1.1 Million views! Go man go!

Whatever the weather, I hope you have a great weekend!

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Vedio about hair color is very awsome. Like this hair color that looks like dying the hairs. In summer I also like to have outing with friends and spend time in places where no much peoples gathered around.

All these girls are to much talented and their performance are very impressive. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.


Its that PINK VENOM!!

Most of the time most of the people spend time on YouTube watching shorts and on Facebook watching reels.

Less time consuming.

!AFIT 20

One of the trending stuff now on YouTube are the shorts

The most watched content is reels and shorts. They seem to be daily dopamine releasers.

It's nice to watch such videos when raining.

When last did you play water volleyball?

Last September. Then the weather gets too cold and we start up again in May. Except this year we didn't. Maybe next week,

I don't usually watch YouTube Shorts but I enjoy watching Facebook Reels.

The new form of trending while it been short.

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Hey @kenny-crane, you just received 20 AFIT tip from @optional!
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