Boozy ice cream

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Hi Friends,

While in Las Vegas recently, my wife and I tried something we have never had before - boozy ice cream!


The ice cream was infused with various liquors, so there quite a few options. I chose a bourbon crème brûlée, and it was very delicious! Who would have guessed!

I think the ice cream had an ABV of roughly 5%, so you would need to eat quite a bit to feel an effect form the alcohol… still a fun and unique experience!

Have you tried something like this before?

Thank you for coming by,


I have never tried such ice cream. I would like to be tanked with it if possible :)

Looks delicious !!!
Would love to try this one day. thanks for sharing.

I find its packing very different. This is the first time I have seen this type of ice cream.enjoy this beautiful momen. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds fantastic. You’ll have to tell me where since my girlfriend is coming in March.

Sweet, that will be cool 😎 This was in “The District” area of Resorts World.

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