The Old Dog Presents: The Ridiculous Root Contest! With Bonus APX Tokens!

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Trees are amazing but we usually only see them from the trunk up. The roots are often where the real action is. Especially when they emerge to the surface clinging and grabbing!

Your assignment in this contest is to show me some Ridiculous Roots!

Here's a Sample Photo That I Took On a Hike Last Week!

I Love the way these Ridiculous Roots are reaching out to devour the surrounding landscape!

Here Are The Rules:

● Show me a photo of some Ridiculous Roots! 

● Post your photos in the comment section below 

● The photo must be yours NOT one that you find on the internet. 

● Maximum of 2 entries per person 

● If you make a post promoting the contest I'll try and give it an upvote as well 

● There will be at least 5 prizes of 1 Steem 

● I will also reward a total of 10 APX tokens to those that post their photos on Appics!

 ● The contest closes in 7 days 

If you like contests and would like to see more of them here  on the Steem Blockchain please consider upvoting my posts. Contests   help our community so spread the word! Until next time, 

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Let’s Succeed Together!




Jardin Botanico, Tenerife. A fascinating place to visit, a place that at each turn you are stunned by the amazing collection of tropical and subtropical plants.

Thanks for the photos!

Here is my entry. Nature will always find a way. Spotted these roots growing through the wall while I was out walking. Location: Derbyshire, UK.

That's an awesome example!!!

It's a bit creepy ....

That is really cool.

Oooooh...another entry from Derbyshire! Big it up for us heart of England girls 👊😄😍 Awesome shot, @ellenripley x

Ha ha thank you!

Great theme! Here is my entry. These roots can be found in the cenote Ik Kil on Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula. It´s such an extraordinary place...


Very ridiculous!

Remnants of dead roots. (This tree fell in a storm a lot of years ago.) My first contribution.

Thanks for the remnants! Posted with the APPICS app - join the next generation social media on

Here is my Appics photo!


Great. Thanks!

some roots from Tara mountain

Great shot my friend!

My entry


I like that one! Looks like it is going to reach out and grab you. We been fighting a bit of the flu here, but I would love to get in on this one!

Wow still fighting the flu! You mentioned on your Dec 31st video!! Get well soon and get to the root of the problem both with the illness and the contest!

LOVE this challenge, @kus-knee - I've been away on a Steemit-fast and I missed your comps! Here's my first entry back IN the saddle! 💖:


Thanks a lot for the lovely entry!

Absolutely my pleasure, my friend! 👊xx

Quite ridiculous!

I'm so glad you agree!

Greetings this is my entry to the contest

Interesting find!

My second entry... winter roots crawling across the rocks.. looking for a little earth.


Lots of great pics already, here is mine from a Florida beach IMG_0828 (2).JPG

Very artistic!

Check this web of Banyan tree roots reaching out every where like Halloween arms ready to grab you no matter what direction your going to run and even has a bonus waiting for you a huge monitor lizard in the web so when you trip over and fall the Banyan tree roots will get a hold of you and the monitor lizard will move in like spider and swallow you up so beware don't walk into that trap :((

Entry No - 1



At least it wasn't night yet!!!!

You wouldn't caught me at night time there !!

Here is my entry, posted on Appics:
Picture taken in Kronenburg, Germany, near a college where old nazi Herman Göring used to teach, I kid you not!
Link to the post:

That's a good one!

Fantastic shot! Love it! 💖

Many thanks for your feedback!

My pleasure :o)

Very nice shot, very dinamic!

Here's my contribution to this contest:


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Great. Thanks!

Cool initiative man. Keep it up.

I do have some, to jump this up! :=)

Great and thanks for the beer!

can't wait to see more entries

Thanks for the support!

entry #1
to me this looks like the trees are digging out their roots
and gonna rush somewhere -- very funny game of imagination...

entry #2 was shoot at the same time and place as #1.
(it is a medium-sized pond in the local park)
last summer its water level became too low, so we could watch the parts of the trees that are often hidden under the water. hope you like these, imo it is rather unusual sight, thats why I clicked the shutter dozen times when I noticed it.

Very interesting!

Sounds absolutely Rediculous @kus-knee !! But I might give it a try !! Best of luck to everyone, upped and resteemed to help spread the word!💯👍🌳🌲
does my tree Bitmoji count, lol!!

Thanks for the resteem!

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I really wanted to post these photos on appics but, after wasting the best part of an hour trying to do so, I gave up.

There doesn't seem to be anywhere to get help apart from Telegram which I don't use. Very, very frustrating.

There are some great shots here.

Here's my contribution.

I thought this one was interesting as all the soil has eroded and only chalk remains.


And I like this one as trunks look likes roots and roots like trunks. 😁