The meaning of the Boseoksa and its gates.

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To properly appreciate the beauty of Korean temples, experiences are required.
Experiences make the ability to find detailed characteristics of temples.
The ability to recognize the small differences doubles the pleasure of feeling beauty.
Boseoksa is a regular temple that doesn’t have a long history nor a large scale.
However, this ordinary temple gave me great pleasures.

Right after passing through the pillar’s gate, I could see the temple.
There were no walls or gates other than the pillar’s gate. Tiles were piled in the yard of the temple. The long piled tiles divided the front yard of the temple in half.
The stacked tiles had a strange geometric beauty.




Then, I found the gate on the opposite side of the yard.
I wondered why the gate was at the backyard instead of the front yard where people crowded. The back gate was simple but well balanced.



I went out of the temple through the back gate after taking a picture of it.
The back gate seen from the outside of the temple was utterly different from the simple entrance seen inside of the temple.
The gate seen from the below and the wooden bridge across the stream made a spectacular landscape.
I could see a completely different look, depending on the point of view.


I went into the temple again and saw a new gate in front of Daewoongjeon ( a specific temple which keeps Budhha’s statue )
It wasn’t painted yet, so I assumed that it was made quite recently.
I don’t know what the name of this gate would be in the future, but I’m sure that the meaning of this gate would be significant.



I could guess the reason for making this gate. This gate was built to make it difficult to see the Daewoongjeon from the outside because the Deawoongjeon is the most important building in the temple. People try to hide something if it is crucial.

I watched the Deawoongjeon through the new gate.
The Deawoongjeon and the new gate were lined up in a straight row.
As the gate of the backyard, this new one was at a place where people were not passing by.

There were two gates in the Boseoksa. None of them was for protecting the temple.
Then, what do the gates of the Buseoksa mean?


Balance in nature definitely requires humanity to observe and adopt around the natures needs.
This brings balance just like your messages here
Thank you @slowwalker keep up

Thank you! Your comment helps me to keep up!

It is not power of this environment but rather spirititual power that keeps us going.
Materialistic means zero to me the moment my daughter got paralyzed in car accident. All I I can think of is support and be positive. You are positive and I support this energy you project on humanity.
It is more than appears to the eye.
Keep up

Sometimes I very much want to go with you to visit the ancient temples and various places. I really like it my friend @slowwalker

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Haha, it would be so much fun!!

The photography of the 1st building is so fantastic! I like that color of the building as well!


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Thank you for sharing this review. The photographs are beautiful and are consistent with the story. Very good work.


Thank you for your comment! there will be more posts about the Boseoksa!

@slowwalker, Absolutely beautiful background around the temple with green nature. These stacked tiles had awesome looks to me like you. Yeah.back gate built very simply. Inside of the temple such a beautiful scenery. These captures increase there's beauty.

Thank you, geometric pattern of those tiles and scenery around the temple were so beautiful!

Wow! Amazing natural beauty! What a perfect combination with the green nature and the Temple location. Marvelous!

Thank you! The Boseoksa is such a peaceful place.

Nice photography, What a beautiful nature it is.

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Thank you :) Have a great day!

The Daeungjeon of this temple seems to be very colorful.
In particular, the side looks like that.

Yes! The front door of the Deawoongjeon will be painted colorfully, either.

Colourful and beautiful

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Good posting~ wonderfull~~~!

Great to know about that little details there thanks for explaining and sharing

I can imagine that once you know a bit of history of the country you understand what and why some buildings were built and how. The colorful architecture caught the eye of viewers and you managed to capture the mountains in background too.

The tiles look weir but when you look at the shape then it is clear that this order gives a stability.

I like the pure wooden gate, I am wondering if it will be colored in future?

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Excellent quality post here

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Excellent post here

Wow, I never saw such place like this. Although in India there are many historical places but no one care about it. People not care more about historical buildings.

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