I'm Still Alive - Fluffing Up Dust on HIVE

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the dustbunny is alive - photo by @fraenk

I'm still alive!

Fluffing up dust on STEEM and on HIVE!


Something something happened, I don't really know what. I'm a fluffy little @dustbunny, I spend my time in the shade, avoiding the sun, collecting dust for the community, trying to make sure it gains substance and sticks around in your wallet after a week. You probably know I used to do that on STEEM, now my focus is on HIVE.


divider image by @katerinaramm


A brand new Bunny for the HIVE

When the community suddenly forked away from TRON-STEEM, things looked quite confusing for a moment here. My caretaker @fraenk had to take me offline, for a really really long and boring nap, while he figured out how to take the time out of his day to help me migrate with all of you.

And my long and boring nap became even longer when he decided to replace my brain's structure entirely, from steem-python to beem, from JSON file storage to an SQL database layer. Now I feel a little bit smarter than before, I'm definitely much faster, too, and I'll eventually be able to offer a great interface in the near future.

But hey, I'm still just a little @dustbunny, so I don't really know what all that means. All I know is that I am back in action and I'm finding plenty of dust in need of some of my fluffy attention.

And what about STEEM

Some of my supporters are still maintaining their delegations over on STEEM and my new and improved bunny brain made it easy for my caretaker to keep me awake in a state of full-on schizophrenia, continuing my services on both chains individually, at least for now. My long term focus will be here on HIVE. Should the support of the sunny legacy chain pose any challenges for my caretaker, I doubt he'll be motivated to do much about it.


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Dust and Bunnies?!? What's this all about?!

If you're new here, you might have missed the memo: Rewards below $0.020 are never actually paid out and get entirely erased on day seven. That's where I come in and try to help. I'll watch all your dusty votes and dusty rewards to try and fluff them up with an additional vote, in order to meet the reward requirements before payday.

I have a bit of my own stake to do the job, but I mostly rely on community support. With my buddies' delegations I am able to generate plenty of fluff where and when it's needed. My caretaker has done his best to teach me how to do this as fairly as possible.


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Want to Get on my Watch-List?

Maybe you are a small user and you miss the opportunity to give some rewards to the best comments under your posts, I'd like to try and help you!

If you're leaving those great comments and you're receiving some dusty votes from well meaning users there, I'll help with that, too!

Or maybe, despite having enough HP, sometimes you're just spreading your love too far and too wide to stay above the dust requirements? Don't stop, that's awesome! I'll try and help you when I can!

Apply to get on my watch-list via discord.

I reserve the right to scan your account for spam and/or excessive self-voting or other shady business, but any genuine user creating content or participating in engagement on this platform is more than welcome to enjoy my services!

If you have some SP to spare, please consider making a delegation to help me with all that fluff.

Delegate via hivesigner: 5HP | 10HP | 25HP | 50HP | 100HP

And if you're ever disappointed in me, you can cancel your delegation at any time and you won't have lost a penny.

This is an experiment in solidarity and community-support, built to foster bottom-up growth and genuine engagement on the platform, any attempted abuse of my services will result in permanent blacklisting.


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They are the ones making this possible.

@fraenk506 HP
@flaxz301 HP
@drakernoise204 HP
@ecoinstant201 HP
@amico, @wilhb81, @pwny, @kaerpediem, @armandosodano, @schlafhacking, @yogajill, @xlisto, @petrvl, @zekepickleman, @bluerobo100+HP
@insaneworks, @marty-art, @katerinaramm, @linnyplant, @bengy, @barge, @phoenixwren, @theb0red1, @ammonite, @anthonyadavisii, @wakeupkitty, @thisisawesome50+HP
@sparkesy43, @bucipuci, @marblely, @elizacheng, @yo-yo, @bjornb, @rentmoney, @morningshine, @hgn66, @anaclark, @googlyeyes, @googlybot, @contrabourdon, @leysa, @untersatz25+HP
@geekdancing, @ewkaw, @mongshter, @cuddlekitten, @jpederson96, @ackhoo, @skuuun, @roguescientist84, @calluna, @itrmarcusliew, @gertu, @muscara, @actifraenk, @ligayagardener10-20 HP
@hockney, @gmatthe2, @cherryzz, @markgritter, @also.einstein, @aiyumi~5 HP
@fiberfrau, @inlakech, @crmilazz, @improv1-2 HP

Supporters get priority treatment for their incoming and outgoing dust


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Join me on Discord!

You can delegate here: 5HP | 10HP | 25HP | 50HP | 100HP

Your upvote on this post helps, too:
100% Power-Up to Fluff Up even More Dust!*

*oopsie everything's still new here - this will be done manually


Great to see you here! I shared your post and delegated 50 HP :-)

awesome, thanks for bringing back the support!!

You're welcome, I only cancelled my delegation on Steem because I intend to power down 100% there.

looks like it could use an update :P

Good to see the transition over to Hive, and thank you for helping some of the smaller accounts thrive.

oh hey there :D luckily the conditions on HIVE are much better than on steem and I'm looking forward to onboarding some new users, too!

I can actually make one token every 5 days if you ever need an extra token, I have 2 left. I was never able to make a free token on steem.

I made my reply about tokens before I read yours. Great minds think alike as the saying goes. 😁

There is that hive invite, but I don't want to go through the hassle of figuring that out, and I don't want to give out my e-mail to any one, I get enough spam as it is.

I have loads of account creation tokens, so you can contact me if you would like me to make an account for someone.

What?! Did your Hooman put Baby in a corner to collect dust?!
So rude!!
Well I am glad you are out and about
I was pleasantly surprised to get a visit from you and I'm so glad you are still around :D

oh my... can you imagine how the little googly trophy boy feels, so used to the weekly spotlight and attention, now left broken and alone on my shelf...

guess it really took me a while to get the hive things back on track within these new normal days, I am working on it though...

Bunny! Great to see you finally awake :)

finalllllyyyy.... took me long enough... now there's @catnet and @googlyeyes... I'll get there!

Bunny will lead the way! :D

I canceled my Steem delegations, but I'm on my way to send a Hive deli! You are appreciated! ❤️

Hi, dusty bunny. Glad you are back.

And thank you 😁

Dust and Bunnies?!? What's this all about?!
If you're new here, you might have missed the memo: Rewards below $0.020 are never actually paid out and get entirely erased on day seven.

Oh really? I had no idea, I have my vote weight for comments set at 25% by default, while my 100% vote isn't even worth something in $ yet. That means I might as well stop voting those comments then? Thanks for sharing this, still learning something new every single day, lol. Have a great weekend @dustbunny, dust away! lol

Yeah... this pesky little dust rule is one of the more obscure "features" of this blockchain.

You'd currently need a little over 1000HP to generate rewards above dust with a single vote.

But votes add up, so a couple of smaller votes are still able to generate enough rewards to be paid out eventually. Also, never underestimate the symbolic value of an upvote, a sign of appreciation, even if it doesn't turn into money, it still helps create a positive connection with other users on the platform.

Anyway... keep on upvoting! The situation you find yourself in is specifically why I made the @dustbunny. I've added you to the watchlist and the bunny will try to help out occasionally!

Well, I shall take your advice and keep upvoting. I think you're correct as it's a sign of appreciation more than the vote value. I've not even paid attention to the value myself either so why should someone else be focussed on that.

I still have a long way to go to the 1000HP, but good to know that that's the turning point of dust getting value as I was wondering the past days when my vote would be worth a cent as well. Does it mean that 1000 HP is 2 cent value? And therefore 500 HP is 1 cent? Or is there a different calculation for this?

Thank you for putting me on the watchlist of dustbunny :) have a good weekend ;)

The reward calculation is actually quite complex and I doubt I can sum it all up in a single comment but I'll try to give you a gist on the points you mentioned:

First, the 1000HP is not a fixed value and amongst a couple of other things it mostly depends heavily on the market value of the HIVE tokens... if the price of HIVE rises, the required HP to generate $0.020 will drop accordingly.

Second, that's where it gets complicated, rewards are not adding up on a linear scale, but on a so-called "convergent-linear-curve"... it's almost linear, but not quite, especially not in the lower range of rewards. The bunny posted a lengthy article about that when it was introduced in HF21.

I've not even paid attention to the value myself

Way to go! And eventually it'll pay off :D

I always thought you are the cutest dust bunny, ever!!! 💖
A delegation has been made to assist the project!

I had totally missed this post. Gave the bun +50HP

Hello @dustbunny, thank you for helping us clean up.
But i'm a little confused. I recall a similar service which i signed up for maybe 2 months ago. i chose to deposit a small amount, maybe 1 HIVE, i dont remember, and this was used in part to top up rewards to meet the minimum o,002 payout. And i think thats been happening. But now i see you voted on one of my posts. Thanks. but, still a bit confused :-)

oh, that other service you're thinking off must @dustsweeper, a very similar service, but a different one.

the bunny helps with incoming and outgoing votes, in your case, @dustbunny came to fluff up @xplosive's vote.


Manually curated by EwkaW from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Dusty Bun Bun,

Thank you for your ongoing hard work dusting the Hive. When you are finished here, I'll send you my home address. I wouldn't want Dusty Bun Bun to feel unproductive. 😄

Glad to see you here, @dustbunny & @fraenk 😃

Glad to see you made it to HIVE @dustbunny!

Great to have you back again, I did see you around but missed this post, then found it I too must be collecting some dust....

Great to see this coming back. The whole dust threshold was always confusing but thanks for clearing it up! Just a quick question, is it possible to have a "curation trail" with dust bunny for help upvoting the comments? Or would that cause chaos?

is it possible to have a "curation trail" with dust bunny for help upvoting the comments?

I guess it depends... but I'm not even sure how that's meant actually... you mean the bunny being on the curation trail supporting the trail's votes or the bunny watching over the trail's notification comments? Naturally it would always do both actually, if the trail-account was on the bunny's watchlist. It certainly wouldn't cause any chaos though. Feel free to tell me more ;)

Haha sorry, I didn't explain that well!

My understanding is that dustbunny upvotes comments so is there a curation trail that people can follow who would also upvote the same comments as dustbunny?

So I was thinking if dustbunny didn't have enough HP then people that follow the comment curation trail can help to bring the value above the minimum amount for reward?

Just an idea. Might be cool for folks to see more upvotes on their comments too?

Oh.. lol... my bad... that's what you meant.

That's really not neccessary, though. The bunny currently matches the dustlimit with roughly 20% voting power and it wouldn't vote if it wasn't able to raise the rewards safely above the 0,02 margin. So any trailing votes would just be added rewards and it's not really the point to generate too much rewards here.

Also... the bunny tries to vote last... earliest 36h before payout... ideally 12hrs before... so the curation earnings for the bunny (and hence it's theoretical trail) are basically as bad as they could be.

Ok sure, understood. I didn't know the full workings of the bunny so thanks for explaining that and can see why it would be pointless having a curation trail set up for comments haha 😃

Great to see you alive and well @dustbunny, and keep up your awesome work.

Yay! Glad to see our bunny friend here on Hive. :)

Welcome back @dustbunny! We've missed you so much!! So glad you are here now :)

Good to see that the bunny is becoming active on the Hive blockchain too.
The bunny helped me (and many other users) a lot on the Steem blockchain.

Nice to see you again :-)

Ooohhhh, a smarter and faster bunny... :D Yayyyyyy... Good to see you! 😊🥰

Welcome back, @dustbunny!
Reblogged and cross-posted... !tip & hugs! 🤗

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Finally delegated some hp to the cause. Nice work!

I found you because you're uploaded one of my post recently I'm on my phone right now and don't think I can delegate through this but may someone can remind me and I'll do it through the computer which I have hive keys on. I love imagination I bet you have a lot of relatives in my apartment. Ha ha

Sooo cool your dusty bunny is. It is like the felting I do. Thanks for sharing. How come no recent posts?

What a cute little bunny you are and you do spread a lot of dusty love I guess. I am pretty new here ( I joined in Jan because of a friend but been active here only for the last 20 days I guess) and trying to understand how this system works.

Are you still alive?! 😆
🥦 !LUV 🥦

Lol a real dust bunny is funny

Is dust bunny is still Alive? Its been about 2 years from your last post.

Hahahah you funny mr bunny

hahahahahah cooooolllll

Hey, @dustbunny, my furry friend who improves the dirt: shall you publish a post, after two years of silence? (I know you're not dead and you're working around the clock!)


Thanks 👍🏻 for the service

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So... Rewards of less than 0.02 dont get paid out?? Isnt it 0.002?or am I mistaken

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a fluffy New Year!

Hi @dustbunny long time no post. I'm delegating HP but I was wondering if a RC delegtion would help as well?
!LUV your service!


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Thanks for the upvotes : )