The Fork and the Bunny

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a bigger @dustbunny an a fork - photographed by @fraenk

There's a Fork in front of us,

it's a hard fork, not a fluffy one, but it will be quite dusty!


TL;DR - HF21 will make my job a lot harder, but the mission will continue. I will take a quick nap on fork-day, but I will carry on fluffing up dust right away, once the fork has settled.


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Dust after the Fork

The dust situation will get worse after HardFork21. Right now, the SP-requirements to generate a dust-proof reward with a single vote is at almost 1.7k SP. With "convergent-linear" rewards after the Fork, this will basically be doubled to well above 3k SP!

"Convergent-Linear" What?

Well, convergent linear rewards, but to be more specific: It's the relation of upvotes to rewards. Technically the relation between "rshares" and "claims", but for simplicity, let's just keep calling it votes and rewards here.

It takes effect when the collected votes on a post are converted into reward-claims on the seventh day. Every post and comment made since yesterday will already be affected by the new reward-rules.


Under the current conditions, the relation between votes [rshares ]and rewards [claims] is perfectly linear, 1:1, shown as the blue line in the graph to the right. The new rules will change that relation into what has been dubbed a "convergent linear" one, shown here in red.

It's been called that way because it starts off slow and then converges gradually towards a linear relation as more votes are being collected.

It doesn't look all that bad at first, but that graph is shown on a scale that's relevant only to a super-whale-vote, or applicable to a post with trending-level rewards. That's obviously not the kind of stuff I am concerned with.


After zooming into the graph to get a better look at how this will play out on a dolphin-scale, the problem becomes a lot more visible.

The new rewards compared to the old ones actually start of at a quota of about 0.5:1 and it won't get close to 0.9 before $2.50 in total rewards have been reached. On my end of things that translates to:

Twice the voting power will be needed to get to the same level of dust-proof rewards: $0.02.

If you want to know all the math behind this in full detail, I strongly suggest you check out this post by @jga. It helped me a lot in understanding the whole situation. And if you just want to play with that graph up there yourself, you can do that here, too.


Keep on keeping on!

I will definitely carry on fluffing up all the dust I can, but unfortunately, as we know now, that will only be about half as much as before.

I am already losing a lot of the dust that I'm watching due to time-outs. I just cannot get to all of it in time with my own limited voting power.

With HF21 many users who have been able to vote comments above the dust-limit by themselves so far, will no longer be able to do that anymore. In theory the demand for fluffing up dusty rewards will only increase due to this.

It remains to be seen if more people eventually just stop upvoting comments all together. That would be really sad, though. Engagement is such an important part of keeping this platform alive and you know I strongly believe it should also be rewarded accordingly, too!

I'll continue to offer the free memberships on my watch-list, especially for low stake users, but you really shouldn't expect more than a rather seldom occasional fluff from it. Please consider supporting the project with a small delegation, I'll give better priority to your dust in return, too.


Taking a Nap on Fork-Day

@Fraenk has already taught me to properly calculate the dust-levels after the fork and I am ready and set to take on the challenge.

In order to avoid any potential issues with intermittent RPC-node unavailability and also to just generally get around the administrative overhead for my caretaker, I'll simply take a short break around August, 26th to 27th.

I'll switch into overdrive-mode on Sunday night, fluffing up dust until my voting-power goes down to around 50%, then I'll shut down to wait for the fork to happen. If everything goes smoothly I'll be back Tuesday evening, well rested and ready to fluff up some post-fork dust right away.



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Want to Get on my Watch-List?

If you are a small user and you miss the opportunity to give some appreciation to the best comments under your posts, I'm here to help you!

If you're the one leaving those great comments and you're receiving dusty votes from well meaning users, I'd like to help with that, too!

Or maybe, despite having plenty of SP, sometimes you're just spreading your love too far and too wide to stay above the dust requirements? Don't stop, that's awesome! Let me try and help you a bit!

Apply to get on my watch-list in the comments or via discord.

I reserve the right to scan your account for spam and/or excessive self-voting or other shady business, but any genuine user creating content or participating in engagement on this platform is more than welcome to enjoy my services!

If you have some SP to spare, please consider making a delegation to help me with all that fluff.

Delegate via steemconnect: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

And if you're ever disappointed in me, you can cancel your delegation at any time and you won't have lost a penny.

This is an experiment in solidarity and community-support, built to foster bottom-up growth and genuine engagement on the platform, any attempted abuse of my services will result in permanent blacklisting.


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They are the ones making this possible.

Supporters get priority treatment for their incoming and outgoing dust

A lot of my available SP is delegated by some generous some steem-witnesses,
@reggaemuffin & @drakos
if you're enjoying this service you might consider giving them your approval.



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Who Am I, What is Dust and Why am I here? | Join me on Discord!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

Your upvote on this post helps, too:
100% Power-Up to Fluff Up even More Dust!


Good to see a new post from the bunny!

As Dustbunny has helped me fluff up my dust quite a few times, I had considered delegating 5 SP to show some support, but there were no new posts and I wasn't sure if the service was being updated or not... now that I know it is, I went through with my plan and delegated 5 SP. Not much, but it's something!

every little bit helps! :D

I know I've been slacking in writing updates, but there really wasn't much to report, the bunny was just doing it's thing quietly throughout.

There will be some more posts in the weeks to come as I am already working on some additional improvements and I'll set up some scheduled reporting eventually, too.

You have a good collection of followers here!

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Hey fluffy bunny!
Dat fork is gonna be lit!
Dem witnesses are gonna send it so hard!
Its going to be the most amazeballs thing your buddy snuggleberry is gonna see in its life.

Is snuggles a he-mouse or a she-mouse?

I heard they were were thinking about doing away with the dust limit for good. That's obviously not happening then..

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I heard they were were thinking about doing away with the dust limit for good.

For realz tho?!

Where did you hear that? I'd like to hear more about that! Wouldn't that be great news?

Last I checked it was still in the config. :(

P.S. Snuggleberry's gender isn't quite obvious to me yet, I call him a "he" but it starts to look more like he's actually a girl... who cares, it's 2019, he can be whatever she wants to :P

What's in is in. That's what's going to happen. Just saying an Overton Window has been opened.
Maybe there is a chance to abolish dusty votes if we lobby hard enough before the next spoon.

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he-mouse or a she-mouse

I don't think it is a mouse. I better fit the description of a mouse .

Well, I just passed by. See you later for the BEER (although beer might be bad for a mouse).

This is one of the first and best delegations I ever made. Such a great service to make sure the little folks votes turn into actual reward. Even MORE important when you consider the hard fork AND the low current price of steem.

@fraenk is the man! HAd no idea I was friends with the brains behind this. Awesomely #PYPT pimped!

Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to give my delegation an increase for a while now.

Cool project, delegated.

Thanks a bunch for the support!

I've added you to the watch-list, too.

I'll continue to increase my delegation anytime I power up some Steem as I've been doing so far. I'm a huge fan of this project as you know. Whatever I can do to help keep it going, I'll do.

Thanks so much for all the support everywhere @saboin!

I don't know how you find the time to be everywhere but I appreciate seeing you all around spreading the love all over the comment sections, too.

I am happy you will keep going on and will see if I can delegate some more to you. Take the rest you need. Thanks for your help. 👍💕

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Thanks a lot for the update, that was very interesting to read.

Time will be interesting for a little bit I suppose. I wonder is the $2.90 - "it won't get close to 0.9 before $2.50" -Is that based on the current price or is all percentage of current price and the dollar amount required will continually go up even with the increase in steem value? Example lets say steem for some miraculous reason rises 10 time to $1.70 will that $2.50 rise to $25.00? or stay at $2.50?

Great question!

The whole calculation for the "convergent linear" rewards is based on rshares which are generated by the voting SP. So yes, when the value of steem rises, this $ figure will rise with it. There's some more variables in play of course, but basically that's it.

I only used the $2.50 here to illustrate the situation in present conditions. because speaking about X trillion rshares on a post doesn't really mean much to anyone, but if the value of steem drastically changes until the fork flips, then this post will be accordingly inaccurate by then, too. Actually it's already a bit inaccurate, I did my calculations a few days ago when steem was more like 20ct still ;)

Dang, I was hoping it would stay down and not rise with the price of steem. It seems I am never going to get back to that elusive $0.040 (four cent) vote. it seems like every time this past 18 months I get close, boom, I drop back down. Oh well nothing to do other than keep posting voting and trying to grow more steem. I'll get there again. I actually was able at one point, (it seems like ages), to cast an eleven cent vote, I only got to do that for a little bit, but it sure was nice being able to reward people with eleven cents.

ugh... tell me about it.

when I started this bunny project, not even a year ago, the dust-requirement could be filled with 350SP... we really really need a bull market again! The dust limit is set against the dollar-conversion, so at least it would get easier again to fill that threshold.

Keep up the good job!
I‘m supporting your work with a small delegation now.

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thanks a lot for the support!

The bunny has registered your delegation and I've added you to the watch-list already.

Everything is okay! 👌

You received an automatic upvote, because I believe in you and I love what you create! 😉

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

😍 I love promoting @steembasicincome, even with #sbi-skip! 😜

If you dislike this automatic message, please let me know: thanks! 🙏

I doubled my delegation and resteemed: let's go to the future with confidence, @dustbunny's friends and @fraenk! !giphy confidence

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

Hi lovely @dustbunny
and hi dear @fraenk
I really love how much dedicated you are to your work (not only bunny, every single project you are on).
With this concerns I think that it's my responsiblity to have some high quality posts and comments to lift some works off the bunny shoulder.
I really want that bunny do the job at its best.
Currently I'm low on SP... But I'll consider it for following month to delegate again.
Thanks to both of you!
Love You!

Thanks @hgn66!

It means a lot to me to have my dedication recognized! I try to do what I do here properly and transparently. We're all building this platform together and we should try to make it the best experience we can imagine.

Thanks for the SBI and much love back to you!

Great to hear you'll keep up the good work, @dustbunny. I've upped my delegation, so you can keep spreading the love around.

That curve is still one big mystery to me, even after reading the post you linked to. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it works. One thing I do know: smaller users are going to need all the help they can get. Maybe it's time to restart my delegation program....

This graph with the zoom is a very good summary of the reward curve. Very good explanation!

Thanks a lot... I wouldn't have been able to explain it at all without your post there!

Right now, the SP-requirements to generate a dust-proof reward with a single vote is at almost 1.7k SP. With "convergent-linear" rewards after the Fork, this will basically be doubled to well above 3k SP!

I had calculated it this way: at 1700 SP currently, my 100% upvote is worth $0.03 so after HF21, any vote I cast below 70% VP becomes dust. However, it sounds like you're saying that anyone that holds less than 3K SP will be wasting all upvotes after HF21...?

Someone mentioned DustBunny a while back, but I did not know who was behind the project. Now that I know, I am ready to throw a delegation your way! Thanks for 'hopping' into PYPT and spreading the word this week! 😊

Well... with 1700 SP right now a 100% is worth $0.0228. Since you have another 500 odd SP delegated to yourself you actually get to almost 2300 SP - that puts your 100% vote to $0.0306 .

So, if you upvote a comment that has zero prior votes, right now that's $0.030, after the fork it will be 0.015.

But if you upvoted a post that already has $100 in rewards, that will be $100.03 afterwards, just like it is today, because that's enough rshares on the post to make the reward curve basically linear again.

No upvote is ever wasted!

It will be increasingly difficult to reward a good comments all by yourself, though, without risking that vote to eventually be lost as dust.

I'll still keep upvoting comments, I'll create a lot of dust and I am afraid the bunny won't be able to take care of all of it. But if you asked me, upvotes aren't just about rewards, they are for communication, for feedback and for appreciation, too!

The bunny will try to do its part and help where it can.

P.S.: I had added you to the watchlist a little while back, the bunny apparently already helped you out at least once in the last week, since you have a decent bit of SP already, the free service won't do too much for you, that will change when the bunny knows the support is mutual ;)

It will be increasingly difficult to reward a good comments all by yourself, though, without risking that vote to eventually be lost as dust.

I'm thinking about upvotes on posts as well as comments. With my SP, any upvote I give has to be at 70% minimum or else it will fall into the "dust" threshold and be swept-away when rewards are paid-out. If the price of Steem falls, then a higher-percentage would be required; if the price of Steem rises, then that percentage will fall and perhaps a 50% upvote will no longer count as dust, as it will now.

BTW, Bunny has mutual support now...

Maybe there's a little misunderstanding?!

This dust-rule we're dealing with here applies to combined rewards, so two 1-cent-votes would still make sure there's enough rewards to not be dust and it will be paid out. This is exactly where the bunny comes in, it will upvote just as much on top of the existing rewards as what's needed to bring them over the dust-limit (with a generous safety margin) at least 12 hours before payout.

During the last 12 hours before payout, voting efficiency decreases, so anything that's not fluffed up by the bunny at that point, that means the bunny didn't get to it.

But, there's actually a dust-vote policy as well... before HF20 the blockchain completely rejected votes if they were too small. Since HF20 this has been changed by reducing all votes by 50million rshares (that's maybe 1.5SP?!), smaller votes will be treated as actual dust-voytes with zero rshares. This has nothing to do with the bunny's purpose, though.

This fork is so terrible for the vast majority of non-abusive users.
I recommend setting @tcpolymath as witness voting proxy until it's a done deal. He's set up a program that unvotes the witnesses who support #hf21 and moves to the highest witness still supporting 20.

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I have twisted feelings about this fork, too... but I wouldn't condemn it right away though.

I understand where the motivation for the EIP comes from, and while it does definitely favor the big wallets in more than one way, it also tries to make staking and holding STEEM more attractive while trying to curb on abuse simultaneously.

I'm somewhat doubtful this will work out as "imagined", but I think we might as well try.

We'll have to see if anything changes and which way that will lead us.

I heard the steemic inc team recently discussing if switching of all proof-of-brain mining for STEEM in a post-SMT world (think HF24,25 or something like that) and leaving that to communities and SMTs completely.

So there's more controversial things to come eventually ;) Exciting times!

I heard the steemic inc team recently discussing if switching of all proof-of-brain mining for STEEM in a post-SMT world (think HF24,25 or something like that) and leaving that to communities and SMTs completely.

So there's more controversial things to come eventually ;) Exciting times!

WTF. That's just so counter to the revolutionary possibilities of Steem. I just ...sigh.

Well... I actually see some appeal in that idea.

STEEM as a fee-less transaction- and data-layer with STEEM-like SMTs on top of it, basically what steem-engine is doing but not privately owned on not an even more centralized side-chain, right on the base-layer of the steem blockchain, it might not be the worst move for the platform long term.

But we don't even have those infamous SMTs yet and this was all just a speculation about potential moves forward from there. It's not actually being planned for yet, or so they said.

Mmm. I guess we'll just have to see how things pan out as they come.

It's as if they're just trying to emulate EOS, which entirely defeats the purpose of having had first mover advantage. I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in the promise of Steem.

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You've got a valid argument there!!

But that was all just them speculating about the distant (well, distant in crypto-terms) future and I don't think they're actually working towards that as a goal.

We'll have to see where this all takes us. I'm at least a bit excited to get proper SMTs and communities on the base-layer next, instead of leaving that to a privately operated side-chain.

This is already a move towards that, I think. The new curve really means that there can only be a small community of rewarded content producers (at least as far as getting to the point where linearity begins) and this goal of Steem to be social media is set aside for some goal to be a blogging platform, which, IMHO, is a far less promising model. Do people spend more time with Blogspot or Facebook? Do people engage more by commenting on the posts of friends or on articles? Who has more power and money, Medium or Twitter?

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How do I do that? Looks like I can't vote for him as a witness on his profile.
Directions would be nice :)

Right, you'd be setting him as proxy, which means your votes would match his. Here's his post, which includes simple proxy setting instructions as well as other more complicated things:

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I am currently a minnow with approximately 570 Steem Power nowadays.
My 100% upvote (at 100% voting power) is worth approximately $0.008.
After the HardFork 21, it will worth only approximately $0.004. Am I right?

Well... kinda... the "convergent linear" rules are applied to the rewards on content, not the vote itself.

So if you vote on content with zero prior rewards where the curve is very much slower than linear, then yes, you will only add 0.004 to it, but if you voted on a post that has collected $100 in rewards, the curve will be linear again, and your vote would put it at 100.008.

I’ll give you a little SP bump to help come fork day ❤️

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Wow, that's a bummer...I just powered up to 2k SP for the first time, after sitting on 300 SP most of the time.
What exactly is the REASON for these changes?

As I see it, the rewards are already super low (or maybe that's my subjective bias), and now they will be cut in half for EVERYONE equally?

Why are there taxation models for different salary classes in real-life, and here every stake is handled evenly?

Now I can see why everyone is selling their STEEM, and me the idiot bought it just yesterday :D

There's a multitude of reasoning or rather "speculations" on the impact this hardfork is supposed to make.

From what I understand the gist of the EIP is aimed at making the staking of steem-power and actively curation with it more attractive while also nudging "abusive" voting-behavior to concentrate on single pieces of content for the best efficiency rather than splitting it over many low rewarded content pieces that will easily go unnoticed. Which is where the "free-downvotes" would come into play?!

I don't think we can compare the reward-pool mechanism with the model of taxation at all, but I certainly feel a bit hit over the head from up above by these changes, too.

How all these speculations play out eventually remains to be seen. This blockchain idea and steem even more so is one big social experiment after all.

We're in for an exciting ride. At least drama will keep things entertaining ;)

You know I've always had a soft spot for you @dustbunny and your person

I try not to work you hard by not voting on comments but rather going to the commenter's recent post to upvote... unless of course the commenter doesn't have a recent post.....

You know, I am most grateful for those who vote on my comments .... but I want to tell them, hey don't.... you and I won't be getting any of that...
Then I remember you and let it go... let it go....

Hey @fraenk thank you for continuing the good fight :)

let it go... let it go... let it be, oh let it be... whisper words of wisdom... nanana...

Thank you @kaerpediem, always a pleasure to see you around!

I don't believe in fighting very much... I rather make stuff... fluffy stuff and googly stuff and cuddly stuff :D

I'm having great fun with all of this, the platform is like a playground to me, even though sometimes we're being bullied by the older kids and on other days our parents come up with the dumbest of rules... but after all we're still able to have lots of fun around here ;)

Life is a game... and you're playing it beautifully!
Congratulations, man! !BEER

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @fraenk, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

I'm having great fun with all of this, the platform is like a playground to me, even though sometimes we're being bullied by the older kids and on other days our parents come up with the dumbest of rules… but after all we're still able to have lots of fun around here ;)

You described it so well
That's exactly what it is!!
So reflective of Real Life 🙂

found it in #pypt discord,
why you need to rest a bit. Is HF21 will be hard to sweep dust?

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the little nap will be mainly just to avoid any headaches dealing with the fork as it happens, I'll rather have the bunny take a break, wait if everything on the platform runs smoothly again after the fork and then just wake the bunny back up.

I have just delegated 100SP. A great honor to be part of this family.

Umm... @ronaldoavelino? I'm not sure, did you mean to make this comment from that account?!

Sorry. This is one of my alt-accounts. I thought I was in my main account...

This is one of my alt-accounts.

I couldn't help but notice that. I also noticed that the account frequently generates dust on your own 5 day old comments. I've added you to the watchlist for your nice delegation, but I've also listed all the bru's as your alt-accounts so the bunny will ignore the dust they create, that's not how the bunny is intended to be used!!

Perfect way to solve the problem. Those bru alt-accounts were created for token upvotes and the only one that upvotes my comments is the @brutoken, because it is composed of tokens that I put on my articles tags. Thank you and I am sorry for the problem.

Not a problem after all... while the bunny initially scanned your dust it caught some of those but they'll be ignored in the future so all is well.

It did look a bit shady to be honest, but with the token-vote I guess that's easily explained.

Cheers and thanks for the support!

I want to be on your watch list

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Sure, I'll add you to the watchlist.

Keep in mind though, the free enrollment is designed for users who own hardly any stake, you shouldn't expect it to help you out all too frequently unless you show some mutual support with a delegation, too.

Alright, will try to free some sp for that

How I sign up to get votes from you?

I've added you to the free enrollment program and the bunny will start watching your account for dust now.

Don't expect too much, though. The Fork is making the bunny's job a lot harder and the capacity for free fluff is inherently very limited right now.

thx for the add tho.

Hi, I like what you are doing for the small guys hit by the curve, I enjoy giving votes to those who engage with my posts and it is a pity to see them all turn to dust. I've sent a small Delegation your way to help you along.

Thanks a lot for the support @ammonite,

You're also on the bunny's watchlist now and I hope it will help you with rewarding that engagement occasionally. That's exactly what it's here for!

Thank Fraenk.

Saludos. Acabo de hacer una delegación de 10 SP. Espero que sirva de algo. Muchas gracias.

Congratulations @dustbunny! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 1 year!

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Am I still not qualified to join?

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ummm... I'm not quite sure why you would say that?!

If you scroll up a little, you can find our conversation from a month ago. I already added you to the watch-list back then and informed you that the free enrollment was designed for low-stake plankton users and you shouldn't expect much bunny attention under it because you do already have some stake you can call your own.

You ended the conversation with the words: "Alright, will try to free some sp for that"

So, you qualified back then, and you're already on the watch-list too, you just don't see much bunny-fluff because you could afford mutual support with a delegation.

This is an experiment in solidarity and community-support, built to foster bottom-up growth and genuine engagement on the platform

So delegating will be enough?

enough is a very relative term ;)

@dustbunny will raise the priority of your dust on its task-list according to the delegation you are giving to the cause. The collective SP behind @dustbunny's vote is used to fluff up as much dust on the task-list as possible using a min-maxing strategy.

Think of it as everyone putting in as much as they want to afford so that the bunny can try serving everyone as fairly as possible according to dust-demand and support.

The mechanism of delegation based priority bonus and usage based quota offsets is explained in much more detail in THIS POST.

Alright, thank you. Sorry for the trouble

no worries :D

thanks for the support

🙏🏾delegated 74sp

Wow, i like your service! Instead of voting your post i delegate 50SP to you to keep on! Thank you for serving the community - many people are just looking on themselves forgetting that we are all connected in some way. ;-) Regards Kadna

awww... thanks for the kind words! And thanks for the delegation, too, of course :D

You're on the bunny's watchlist now and it will try to look after your dust as good as it can, too.

You're welcome and thank you.

You coming back?

Hi @dustbunny this is an interesting article, I'm so bad with maths so I admire you for doing all of the calculations. I love your dustbunny and fork, freaking awesome.