Feisty Racing As Hamilton And Verstappen Head To Abu Dhabi All Level


All I can say is one big WOW as that was an eventful race this evening and on ewe will never forget in a hurry. I think we all knew that this race was going to be eventful as just the layout of the new circuit has trouble written all over it. In the warm up race with the Formula 2 cars there were incidents a plenty with a crash at the first corner that hospitalized two drivers.

The main Grand Prix race saw two red flags with the race being stopped with two crashes eliminating 4 drivers. Schumacher spun off into the barriers first followed by Mazepin slamming into Russell who knocked Perez which took them all out.


The race lead changed hands twice with Hamilton being overtaken by Verstappen illegally by gaining an advantage whilst leaving the track. This was given back at the next red flag and race stop for Verstappen to take the lead yet again at the first corner this time legally.

Red Bull gambled by fitting the Medium tyre and not the Hard tyre during the second red flag which was a high risk move. Verstappen gained another advantage and was informed by his team to let Hamilton pass giving the lead back. This never happened immediately and happened a few laps later which resulted in a 5 second penalty.


Hamilton drives into the back of Verstappen and this is what the stewards are going to be checking tonight. Were there any dirty tricks at play is what the stewards are checking. I hope this is not the case as a fair fight is what we all want to see.

The biggest talking point was when Verstappen slowed down for the second time to let Hamilton through. The Drag Reduction System has set markers around the track and Verstappen didn't want to lose out by being ahead of Hamilton on the main straight so there were games being played. Hamilton thought he was being brake tested as he hadn't been informed as yet that Verstappen was handing him the lead in order to avoid the time penalty.

Hamilton drove into the back of Verstappen and later tonight Verstappen faces the stewards about his driving. The stewards need to take a good hard look at themselves though. They are not blameless tonight as they did create confusion.


Verstappen was informed first to give the place back to Hamilton whereas surely Hamilton should be informed first as the driver behind needs to know for safety purposes. Verstappen slowed down without Hamilton understanding why and the gamesmanship causing an accident could be a problem later tonight.

Mercedes are 28 points ahead now in the Constructors Championship with them now only requiring 17 points next week to clinch the title which will be 8 in a row. This is almost done and dusted so cannot see Mercedes losing that now. The drivers is in the balance but honestly the edge has to be with Hamilton with 3 wins in a row. Verstappen somehow I cannot see taking the title this year and will have to wait which surely will happen next year or the year after.


first one that i watched this year and it was hella confusing :D

first he tried to let him go and they crashed, then he let him go and overtake right away, then he was told to let him go again, that he did (and got 5 sec penalty for one of those). Overall would probably not keep the lead because of condition of his tires.

if we get them tight in the next race is there a possibility to get the Schumacher controversy (forgot who was the other driver) with crash deciding the title winner? it would suck if we get the winner by penalty decision.

They have both proven to be decent drivers all through the season, so a not so glamorous end at Qatar in the weekend wouldn't surprise me.

Quite an interesting race from two best drivers but not so good for those that had incidents during the race and I which them quick recovery.

The two boys are going to end up killing each other in the last race.