Silver Bloggers' Community Prompt #3 - Curation Post

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Hi, all awesome Silvery Bloggers!

Thanks to everyone who joined this edition of the #SilverPrompts.

As they say, to remember is to live, and in this edition of our SilverPrompt - Scents Memories, some of our members shared theirs. Also, some of us in the team made our contributions.

Our founder Silver Blonde Lizzie told us how the scent of freshly squeezed orange juice reminds her of those that Mom Lily used to send in her lunchbox to school as a child in Scents and Aromas Tickle the Senses and Memories. Our mad guy, SilverScot told us how the smell of roses reminds him of his grandmother's garden in Mushrooms to Lasagna via Roses. And I, Silver Cat, shared how the smell of fresh mangoes transports me to my uncle's backyard and the big mango tree around which I used to play when I was a child in Scents that bring back memories.

To everyone who shared their experiences and engaged with other Silver Bloggers in this initiative...

Thank You!!

If you missed some of the contributions, we encourage you to go back and read some of the awesome responses. If you would still like to support the authors, even though they're past their payout dates, you can leave a tip. (The web versions of @peakd and @ecency offer this facility.)

Although there were no prizes for the initiative, we promised that the selected blogs will be included in a special #SilverPrompts curation post.

So without further ado, in no particular order, here is a selection of some outstanding contributions that caught our attention.


Scent Or Sixth Sense

by @joanstewart SilverStreak

Smell would hit you the minute you walked through the gate on your way back from Sunday school (yup not up for discussion back then), Dad would be up preparing a big fat hen, or lamb or beef or pork, mainly chicken for six of us hungry mouths to feed. Vegetables went in on arrival back from church, dished up by one o'clock, enough time for an afternoon nap by older generation!

Tobacco, Candle + Coconut Oil = Lola

by @ifarmgirl Silver Farm Girl

I remember that months after 'La passed away, we still smell the scent of tobacco being burnt as if she was just around smoking her pipe. I think even Mom found it strange so she decided to get rid of the tobacco plants at La's yard and also those near our kitchen windows. The weird occurrences stopped.

Pleasant smells that remind me of my childhood.

by @isabelpena Silver Love

Imagine the smell of oil that was there but that was heaven for me. Playing in the sun, on that big pipe, with that penetrating smell was the best of the parks I could go to in my childhood.

"Tabu" or "Taboo" /Scent Memories of the Past.

by @artywink Silver Mamma Chef

This chick use to wear Tabu perfume, one could smell her from a mile away, the scent use to give me such a headache and make me so nauseas...Omg...I couldn't stand the aroma.

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Er... admin f*ckup again. I thought this was due tomorrow and have been planning a post all week.

Hmpf. Duh. Not sure why I got this wrong. 😟

I have been offline mostly with a sick dog for the last few days so... next time. Love you guys and your work ❤️

jaja my god girl, you never fail to make me laugh!
Seems you need a fricking prod!
I hope the pup is okay now Nicky🙏

Oh, I'm sorry. But you can still make your post and share it with the community, even if the prompt is already closed. We would love to read your memories any time, or whatever you have with the Silver Bloggers.
I hope your dog is okay.

Aw... you guys are so supportive.

Thank you.

Vet mission yesterday and got medication for him so holding thumbs.. He's tiny bit better today.

I did write it as couldn't sleep last night. It's been an emotional few days. So the post is to and it's long! 11 minutes! I'll edit it today and submit when it is done. ❤️

I’m glad he is a tiny bit better and I hope is even more better today. Looking forward to read your post. :)


He's even better today. Thank you 😁

He is SUPER old now though. Hard for him to get around. I'm really, really grateful we got him back to hang with him for this last while ❤️

He is an angel. Really

I'm so sorry. Nicky. I read your post. I am sorry for Toby and you. I hope you can have some time with him. 🤗

Thank you ❤️

He's a bit better thanks! The antibiotics seem to be working. But he's struggles to get around. Arthritis and old legs.

But yes! It's awesome to have this time with him! Feels like our small family again. 😊

While I have you here (and it's synchronistic that you just appeared actually!)

I'm looking to write a book in parts. Bit by bit. Probably slowly as time allows.

But I can't post it in The Ink Well. Just looking. Only short stories there and no series.

Is there somewhere on Hive project like this may be accepted for publication, please?

Is Silver Bloggers open to fiction and art as well? (Multimedia story :) )

Or personal blogging only?

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Hi @nickydee,
I hope you doggie is better!
It's never too late to write the prompt, we'd love to read it, the cut-off date only means it will be too late to be included in the prompt curation post. We can still curate it even if it's late.

Thank you darlings.

I did write it last night anyway as I couldn't sleep. It's 11 minutes long! So I'll edit today and submit.

I was going to anyway ;)

Just because it's good to participate and to keep writing!! It's too easy for me to avoid it...

Thanks for the encouragement and support. Always ❤️

Thank you for including me in your special publication. Great memories I got with this publication. Thank you for your constant support. Congratulations to the others friends.

You are very welcome, Isabel. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Have a great week :)

Thanks for sharing your memories and being part of our community:)

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Thank you for sharing your unique scent memory with us @isabelpena, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

 last year  

Thank you lots :) The prompt did bring some good memories of the distant past.

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Thank you for joining, sis :) It's always nice to read your posts in the Silver Bloggers 🤗

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Pleasure sis and thank you ❤

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We just loved your scent memories @ifarmgirl, it brought back memories for me as well. Thank you for sharing them with us!

 last year  

Many thanks Lizelle, glad it did bring you some memories too. Always a pleasure :)

Happy Woman's Day to our lovely Ladies in South Africa, thank you for being selected in this round much appreciated, as was the chicken later on the day.

Happy Day's to All members of Silver Community!

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I nust loved your memories of those Sunday roasts Joan. It's one tradition that I've also kept up, the grown-up kids love it when they come to visit. Thank you for your lovely contribution Joan!

All those little things we remember flood back, more often than not repeating what our parents did, hope the children carry similar memories one day when I'm gone.

 last year  

Thank you all for your great memories,come on @nickydee you have to share your post please. Hope your furbaby gets better soon.

 last year  

LOL, I still chuckle about your Taboo scent memories @artywink but hey, you certainly won your man's heart for life! He still looks at his little sweetheart with puppy-love eyes😍
Thank you for sharing that story with us!

 last year  

Lol, I tease him all the time about that chick, he gets all embarrassed.
I just don't know where the time has gone. Thanks my friend for passing by.

Thank you :)

I actually wrote it yesterday and was going to anyway. But it needs editing (11 minutes of rambling 😁)... I'll post it asap. ❤️

And thank yo for the encouragement!

 last year (edited) 

You're welcome @nickydee looking forward to reading it. Have a great day.

You too beautiful 🌹

There were some fantastic posts and am looking forward to the next one:)

I challenge you, Super Ed, to come up with a new topic that will make us all laugh and no rotten eggs in between 😂

jaja oh now there is a challenge!
One to make us all laugh 🤔🤔🤔

 last year (edited) 

Jaja!! That's an easy challenge, Super Ed ;) But think on a topic for the August prompt.

the BOM or a prompt Super Eli?
Now I am confused but it is 1.20 so that explains that jaja

Jaja!! you think about the prompt for the end of the month, Fiona is taking care of the BOM ;)
Nighty Night Super Ed :)

Okay Super Eli enjoy your night

Some wonderful content here - thanks for sharing @hive-106316

Annabelle 😊