What is HIVE?

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What is #HIVE ?

I've always been unhappy with the HIVE pitches overall. Let's see what we've already had so far.

  • Blogg to earn
  • Play to earn
  • Stake to earn
  • VLog to earn
  • Curate to earn
  • ...

Ok, I get it. We can earn HIVE and different other Tokens by using HIVE-based DApps to post onto the Chain. Cool.

Is that what could drag you to your Mobile Phone at 3am to check what's going on? I have my doubts.
It's nice to be able to take some payouts, but that's not unique to most of us. This is not a job, no.

Here's my pitch:

Hive is the single greatest global Crypto Community.

If I check my phone at 3am, it's because I do want to stay connected to you out there. This is the place to be, you are my community!

How about that? Isn't that a far better message to be shouted into the seemingly void of the internet? Waiting for echoes by ALIENS who might join us.


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That´s the reason I don´t have my phone in the room where I sleep! No chance I ever will check it in case I wake up :)

But doesn´t Hive has a community instead is a community? At least I understood it that way - there are blockchains who have a great community and others who don´t.

I'm not sure about that, the Hardfork left the STEEMians back and I've seen a different breed of people coming up here.

We have a culture of positive sharing around the HIVE chain here, which makes it very suitable for people who actually do care about their online companionships and it spreads to new users as well.

How can people reach you for an urgent incident at 3 am?

Not at all, they have to wait.

If I check my phone at 3am, it's because I do want to stay connected to you out there. This is the place to be, you are my community!

oh.. aww!

👍🏻 Hives‘ biggest strength is his community, you are 100% correct. So much live, energy and dedication here and you don’t really get why it is winter out there…here things are growing and developing.
But we need to bring that across better. Maybe the movie that is right now produced about Hive and it’s emancipation from Steem is a Booster. 🤞🏻✊🏻
You probably heard of it, Freechain.

Beste Grüße

Totally agree @manniman . When someone is kind enough to read you they are suggesting you to go ahead. You feel the automatic support and the sense of belonging comes alive. It's a very special feeling that comes when you know that, even if you are like a grain of sand, you are part of something out there, you are part of a community that values you in the best sense of the word.

Hive is more about the community(es), staying up to date about crypto, learning new stuff, sharing ideas and making connections. Marketing with the rewards will bring mostly bots, low effort content and circle voting schemes on the platform.

Absolutely right in your conclusion, it's the wrong advertisement. While it might sound cool at the beginning, it's actually not.

If I wake up at 3 a.m. and check my phone, I just want to check if any notifications are popping up on my Hive account. That would be great if someone reply my comment on their posts.

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It's always great to get comments, what DApp are you checking?

What is DApp? I only check through ecency, leofinance and peakd depending on which one is open in my browser.

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Well, yeah it's an App that works with a decentralized infrastructure.

Are they called App too? Because I am not familiar with which one is called App.

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App stands for Application and DApp for Decentralized Application. Therefor all DApp are Apps by nature as well.

Sorry my autocorrect keyboard replace DApp with App automatically. 😓

Are acency, leofinance and peakd App?

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Hive does have some way to go, but it's a really good platform.

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True that.


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