This is not the bottom.

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This is not the bottom

As we dive deeper and deeper into this cycle of that market, I do want to have stated my prophetic gut feelings here on-chain forever.

I will regret this a lot!

There's no winning by being a prophet of doom. If I'm right, we're in for an even rougher dive, and if I'm wrong, well, that makes me wrong.

A Loss-Loss Ticket, nice let me have one!

Nevertheless, I'm working on a history of sharing, therefore I do have to take a stance. The most liquid markets have been reacting the quickest. The news of Rate Hikes and an Inflation has traveled faster than their actual impact, but the markets contracted significantly as they are driven by emotions.

Meanwhile, we see the first results of the actually decreased world economy as a delayed aftereffect. I expect overall consumption and commodities to decrease a lot next, DOOMSDAY is coming.

Prepare yourself

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I love the inclusion of the Panda from the cheese commercials.

I can't believe you recognize that! Very impressive!

I spend a lot of time looking up silly stuff on the internet and one of them was "funniest commercials of all time." Panda is featured multiple times on these lists.

ok whats the bottom according to your theory? BTC at 10k and eth 200 again? that would be wild lmao :D

Looking back 2018/19 we'll be near 15k BTC for a very short period of max 2-3 weeks, there will be flash crashes on Exchanges to 10k or lower. We've seen that even on Binance happening before. If I remember correctly, in 2018 BTC crashed to nearly 0 on Binance for a couple of seconds, destroying all the long positions on that platform indefinitely and they claim it was a whale and not a technical issue or themselves.

I can't talk about ETH right now, because a lot will be depending on the progress and successes of their merger and litrally none knows how that will work out.

This is not about the crypto market, it's about the markets overall and the liquidity in circulation. The central bankers are going All-in right now, they want the marks dry as Hotel Towel to stop the 2022 Inflationrampage. 2023 will be better again, but this year it's ... devastation.

I hope you are coping with this well, my friend. Take care.

Sure I will :)

cheers !BEER


panda gang > brown bears