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This week's Ecency Discord topic is Favorite City. You can see the suggestions on how to create your EDtopic post HERE

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This topic is a difficult one for me. It probably is because I live in the woods, far from big city life.
But I love traveling and have visited several of the world's great cities.
Paris is definitely a favorite of mine. I have been there several times and love the museums and the art and architecture and especially the food!
Saint Petersburg is a fascinating city filled with so much history.
And Amsterdam is full of fun!
London with so many iconic sights.
Hong Kong
The world is full of such amazing places.

And here in the USA. I could go back to New York City over and over again and never get tired of all that the city has to offer. San Francisco, New Orleans, and Washington DC. It is a big wide world filled with incredible places.

But my favorite is Chicago. it's my nearest big city.

I have lots of photos of its skyscrapers and lakeshore. But decided to share these photos because one of the things that makes Chicago enjoyable for me is how accessible public transportation is, and how easy it is to get around.

The Chicago Transit Authority provides busses and trains to take you around the city.

And there is even the option of taking a water taxi on the Chicago River.

And maybe Chicago gets my vote for favorite City because two of my favorite people in the whole world live there! My son and daughter-in-law know their way around easily and always show me a good time when I'm able to visit.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 158 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!

I only know Chigago a bit from the movies , the only Big cities in the US that i've visited are Tampa , Miami and New Orleans ( before Katrina) but that was all before the burn-out . One day i'll fly over again....

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Lovely impressions of Chicago, I would for sure love to visit. After watching Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, I get the impression there is always lots going on there too. Lol.

There is a lot of gun violence in some areas of the city, I did watch Chicago Med, but not PD or Fire. I can only handle so much drama!

Water taxi? Hope so it's awsome to ride in chicago river. Beautiful places. These places are also very awesome.

I am craving to visit Chicago

"Each sandpiper praises his swamp".

This is such a folk wisdom, a saying.
Many residents of our small town say that it is the most beautiful and the best on Earth. But I can't find anything interesting in it to show other people.
Beauty in big cities.

But we have beautiful nature. :) Wild.

I'm going to participate in this for sure ;)

It's public transportation is really very impressive 😃 it's a good city , I'll love to visit there too 😍

Oh I love the colors instead of numbers to name the rail system lines. 😍
I didn't go to any of those cities, I prefer traveling inside my country. 😅 You're right, the world is filled with incredible places.

I flew into Barcelona once, but didn't spend any time there. I picked up a rental car and drove north to Cardona where I stayed for a few days before going on to spend a month in France.

Barcelona is a very beautiful city. A few years ago we spent 10 days there on a medical matter for my husband and I took the opportunity to see the most important sights.

Chicago is a great city. I love the lakeshore. I have visited many times but not recently. Maybe I need to come up with an excuse 🤔

If you do come you must plan some Wisconsin time, too!

Would be interested, whats the price for a one hour ticket in Chicago?
And did you ever use the water Taxi?

I'm not sure. I think it would be

Unlimited passes-
1-Day CTA Pass for $5

3-Day CTA Pass for $15

7-Day CTA Pass for $20

7-Day CTA/Pace Pass* for $25

30-Day CTA/Pace Pass* for $75

The kids get the monthly passes. They only use their car when they are coming up here!