In One Side, Out The Other

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While I still have a little brainpower left before the end of the day, I will write for a few minutes to clear my head before diving into dinner. It is at the hotel, so it means that I haven't steeped foot outside at all today, though I did manage to get up and into the gym in the morning before breakfast, for the second day in a row. That is not a bad effort.


Today was the first day of the actual event and most people arrived yesterday afternoon. One large group from Finland all came in on the same plane and had a charter bus shuttle them from the airport to the hotel. Unfortunately for my friend, his bag didn't make it. It went into one side of the hold of the bus at the airport, and it was taken out of the hold of the bus by a thief on other side. It never made the trip to the hotel.

He lost everything.

And he was very upset. As you can imagine. But it wasn't about the stuff in the suitcase, or his work laptop that had all of his material for his presentation on one of the days, it was far more personal.

He has been in sales for around 8 years now and has travelled around Europe a lot, spending a lot of time away from his family through some periods. While he can't make up that time, while he was away, he kept a journal for his son, reflecting on the trip and experiences and various thoughts and reflections, with the intent to give it to him at his graduation, as a token gesture to make up for all those times he was away, demonstrating that he was always in his thoughts.

That is what he lost.

And he was shattered.

I actually mentioned this writing in a post about a year ago, when he told me about it while we were on another work trip together. He is one of the few people at work who knows that I do this on Hive and he has actually got an account here, but it is dormant. He isn't the kind of person who would post his personal reflections publicly, even if he is anonymous. However, it is exactly for this reason that I write on Hive, because I know that I am far more likely to lose a book or have a hard-drive die on me, so that it would be lost to the world and I would be shattered too, just like when I have lost important digital photos, years and thousands of hours of work - gone.

Having at least the writing in a decentralized environment gives me some piece of mind and unlike writing in a journal, there are other values that compound the practice. Essentially, writing on Hive is incentivized, which can give a financial reward, but what is probably more important, is that it gives an additional reason to stay consistent. This is further compounded by the interpersonal interactions with the community that doubles-down on the value proposition and encourages more consistency again.

It is an amazing process.

Not that everyone sees it this way, and perhaps less use it this way, but Hive is an incredibly powerful tool in helping a person change their behaviors through reflection and feedback. It is like those who consistently exercise getting the feedback of results to look and feel, which encourages them to keep going and remain consistent. For me at least, daily writing is a mental exercise that brings in a strengthening of my mind and emotional state and depending on the content I am writing about, it can improve my interpersonal relationships, or my processes for skills and decisions, expanding access to opportunity.

Multiple value streams is one of the goals of investing, but in my opinion, it should be our goal for a lot of our activity, where an individual action adds value to other related and potentially non-related activities too. By doing this, we increase our impact efficiency of our behaviors, which gives us better results and more space to improve in other areas.

I feel for my friend and we will talk about these things again once he has had time to come to terms with it, but no matter what has happened and what he has lost, he still knows where he is heading from here in terms of moving forward - the only thing ha can do.

He is going to start again.

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In one side, out the other

I don't understand the title what it's means also trying to Google it but not able to get satisfactory results

Can you please help me to understand the title of this post and how you can relate it to your topic 😂

It means that someone isn't really listening to retain the information. But in this case, it is because the bag was put on the bus on one side, taken out the other.

Now I can understand it sometimes only writer can understand the relation between title and content

I'm curious, too))

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What a pity. I hope there is at least a small chance the suitcase was taken by accident so that your friend can recover his journal. Or, perhaps the journal is discarded where it can be used to find him.

I was big into photography and video for some time. But, I came to the realization that storage can become a problem. I don't want to take on the responsibility of managing multiple drives for backup. And, while cloud services do a better job than I would, I have to keep paying them to avoid losing things.

I maintain a Flickr account. And, I pay for iCloud. There is some redundancy.

For text, I agree with you that Hive is the best option. It is not in the hands of any one person to keep the blockchain alive. I'm not quite convinced that this works for other media. If a front-end folds, the media potentially goes too.

I think you are right to feel safe committing written memories to Hive.

I hope there is at least a small chance the suitcase was taken by accident

No, definitely stolen.

The problem with cloud storage is that it is also prone to failure and also shutdown - it really isn't "yours"

I can imagine this situation your friend faced, I once traveled and my bag was stolen I lost everything and it was Soo painful because the bag I lost was filled with foodstuffs and we were face famine then, I had to stay a long time with food, I lost my money and phone no way to communicate with my parents because I was a student then. Am so sorry 😔.
I pray he gets it back .

Yeah, that is a worse situation in many respects!

Honestly because the person involved will just be lost of words, tho after a while he will pick up

Reading this on, damn this is a fast Hive experience.

Replying from, haha, it's crazy how literally no one is talking about it and the developer or developers aren't even trying to hype this shit, which it deserves to be hyped.

hahaha ya, I'll be there again in the future. The Rocket Jet of Frontends.

Will have to check it out. never heard :D

Same to me, used it the first time today. Seems to be an alpha of a very light weight reading page. And it's really god damn fast.

Sorry to hear that about your friend, I could recall when I was young I did this crazy thing where I took a bunch of personal family photos to school just to show my friends how adorable I believed I was, I ended losing them and this wasn't just my photos but that of my entire family.

Even though nobody really noticed as we have like a ton of those, I still feel extremely upset about losing such an important thing, so I could say that at the slightest, I can relate.

About Hive, I believe more people than you think might actually see it that way, I personally have developed some funny form of networking with people around here and that has had a great effect on my growth all round. The content I push out each day gives me a sense of satisfaction that usually on days I don't do anything, it feels like I took some steps backwards and I'm one to always want to keep improving, growth means a lot to me.It really is amazing and a great experience at that.

I ended losing them and this wasn't just my photos but that of my entire family.


I believe more people than you think might actually see it that way, I personally have developed some funny form of networking with people around here and that has had a great effect on my growth all round.

I really hope that this is the case! Would love to hear more stories of people just using Hive because it is a great way to develop themselves.

Omg, my heart literally sank when I read the part about the journal for his son got stolen as well. Almost everything else is replaceable, but something that personal and painstakingly maintained is hard to replace.

Hopefully he has his contact information in the journal just in case and he gets it back.

His contact information is in the suitcase - as are his house key. He has already ordered someone to change the locks... just gets worse. Hopefully his car-keys aren't attached to his house keys like mine.

This could escalate so quickly. Hopefully he has family going to stay over too just in case. Not ideal having the partner and kids alone should anyone try to break in. Unless his son is some 1.9m tall rugby player or something....

Wow, that is tough. I would say to write in a Google Doc or something like that, but that feels far less personal than a hand written journal. I have heard of some people making email addresses for their kids when they are young, then they email them and when they are 18 they give them access to the account. Who knows if email will be around in another 18 years though! That's too bad for your colleague. I can't imagine how devastating that must be.

It was the hand-written part that he was so connected with, at is rare to write that way these days. He is pretty upset about it today too, though we didn't talk about it directly. Instead, we had some fun chatting with colleagues :)

Yeah, that doesn't surprise me. I totally get that. Such a bummer for him...

That's too bad.

If writing personal things like that on Hive would be too uncomfortable for him, another option you could suggest after he has recovered from the loss is some kind of private online journal. I use Day One, which is on my Mac, my iPhone, and my iPad and it syncs with the cloud. It is encrypted if privacy is a concern. That gives a little more redundancy than a handwritten journal or one only on a single PC. I'm sure there are similar programs for the Windows or Linux world.

Here is Day One if he's an Apple user and you'd like to suggest it to him. →

A big part of it for him was the "manual" handwritten side of it. As a non-writer, it was his way to connect with it and make it personal.

Yeah, I totally get that. I do the same actually. I think I mentioned on a different comment to you that I use fountain pens and enjoy writing longhand—and I keep a journal for my kids. One hopefully they can read someday if they learn how to read cursive (the oldest can already read cursive, so he's good, unless he forgets). So I completely understand both his desire and his heartbreak at losing it.

I'm just thinking if he wants to try something else, Day One is a cool option.

I agree Hive is more than just a way of earning rewards but in your case tonight it clears your head. I have found it helps to clarify thoughts instead of thinking them out you can get lost in a post and have answers by the end. This place has been such a valuable tool for me personally and would never have guessed that.

I think for many, they didn't really know what they were actually in store for, and what they would get out of it.

I think HIVE might be a job for an unemployed person to earn some money and develop himself/herself in a digital way. Also for an employed person, it might be a kind of part time job, which he/she would work whenever they want ;)

By the way, I am sorry foe your friend.

Yes, it definitely could be - if the person is willing to actually build their account here. Honestly, most aren't and instead expect to be found and supported.

Saludos @tarazkp , que triste que tu amigo haya perdido sus escritos para su hijo, es algo invalorable pero se que si el busca inspiración volverá a hacer ese diario y aun con otras palabras que le faltaron por decir. ..espero que pronto pueda sentirse mejor por esto y tu también, eres un gran amigo.

This is a great loss, the loss of a diary, it is a pity that he did not duplicate his entries anywhere. At least he could publish some of the records and photos in Hive, then his son would receive the records and crypto coins.

Yea. I guess most people never expect they will need to have duplicates of a journal - until they do.

I realize that I fail to see alot about Hive. I've been realizing a lot lately by opening my mind to what I read. Yes, I do love Hive but maybe I haven't really fully grasped the whole concept. It'll be nice to really get out of my head every once a while and I feel sorry for your friend. I genuinely hopes he finds a solution and a way forward

I am not there yet. It is very difficult to be open and personal online, knowing once anything is on the internet it will be forever.

Do you post without any reservations?

I remember losing my bag with phone, wallet, cards and everything else. Quite a hit, took weeks to recover from it.

However, it is exactly for this reason that I write on Hive, because I know that I am far more likely to lose a book or have a hard-drive die on me, so that it would be lost to the world and I would be shattered too

In a way hive is like time capsule. It should survive long after we will be gone.

Can't track the laptop to wherever the thief is and head over there to beat the snot out of them notify authorities? Though it doesn't really help if they just grabbed that and whatever else looked valuable and dumped everything else -_-

Also maybe people should just not be dicks to begin with.

Having said that being paranoid when I did have a physical diary/journal/thing (and even now with my laptop) if it had to be moved it travelled in a bag that was going to be with/on/near me all the time precisely because I was worried something like that might happen x_x

Starting again is really all one can do in that situation, poor bugger.

Perhaps not many on hive specifically but people in general have been using blogging as a reflection/feedback tool since it became a thing, though I don't know how many were consciously doing it as such. One of the early blogging site things was actually called Open Diary and looks like it's still active XD and the next one I was aware of (and ended up being dragged kicking and screaming onto by my friends) was called LiveJournal so there was a theme there (I deleted my livejournals when I started my own glorified blogsite). And then as more people got into it, it morphed into "finding a niche" and stuff to "prove your expertise" and "stand out". I find it slightly amusing that when I watched it start people were like WHY WOULD ANYONE PUT THEIR PRIVATE THOUGHTS AND STUFF ONLINE FOR ALL TO SEE and these days it's WHY WON'T YOU PUT YOUR PRIVATE THOUGHTS ONLINE WHAT ARE YOU HIDING (okay perhaps gross exaggeration but I remember a supervisor in one job letting me know he'd found my blog through probably Facebook at the time and liked my art and I was like okay cool I guess? and he said he didn't trust anyone that didn't have some kind of online presence, which I found puzzling).

Empathically, I am also very sorry for your friend, but it is important that he knows what to do and that he starts over... stopping is never an option.

I agree with you that writing about Hive can have many implications, it would be hypocritical to say that the economic one is not one and that many don't do it for this reason; I believe, however, that by fully exploiting the potential of the ecosystem, much more can be obtained than a mere economic gain, certainly if things are done well, that too will be obtained, but the benefits that we will obtain will also be many others.

I use this place to reflect and when I write about my thoughts, I wait to know what other people may think, what their ideas are, for me the comparison has always been fundamental and is a reason for growth and here I have the opportunity to deal with many people.

Then of course I made a selection and there are some people I respect the most and from whom I await a comment to find out what they think, however, I can find inspiration or help even from those with whom I may have never spoken and I think this is true wealth .

I hope that your first day in Portuguese has gone well.
I hug you!

A written article, what a shame for your friend to have his journal stolen, awful.
Starting over can be tough but what else can you do?
Wish him luck from farm-mom😁

Hey, I'm surprised that you didn't renew your support for the HiveBuzz Proposal (#248) as you have always been one of its fervent supporters.
The project is not funded anymore for nearly a month and we struggle to get it back above the stabilizer to continue our work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll be happy to answer them, but please don't leave me in the dark. Thanks

In the end, the only thing you got