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Set 9.5 was released and it's been a week. I took a break from the game for a week and rested, I've been busy with community events and other stuff, but here I am back! In the new set, the king of TFT will share with you the strongest and most impossible compositions. But does doing something impossible always mean you will win?


You can watch the gameplay video here without commentary:

The universe of this game is Scuttle Puddle. Many new universes have come to the game and I would love to try one of them, but I haven't met them yet. In this universe, as you know, PvE creatures have been replaced with scuttle crabs and you get more gold.

For the first augment choice I didn't know what to play and I wanted the game to decide for me, so I chose the Ancient Archives I augment. I got 1 trait book and 3 gold. To make things more exciting I opened the archive a few rounds later and managed to find the Invoker emblem. Last set you could activate up to 6 Invoker buffs, but now it's up to 8. With this buff, the whole team gains 40 mana every 3 seconds and starts combat with an extra 40 ability power. Sounds pretty broken.

Out of the first 5 battles I won 2 and lost 3. The losses are not a big deal because they will help me get the items I want. I'm taking firm steps towards the goal so I can say that I had an average early game.

The 2nd augment was so hard for me to choose because I saw all the most powerful augments in the game. I thought a fighting augment would be better since I will have enough gold and that's why I chose Long Distance Pals II. This augment allows your two champions with the most distance between them to share their stats with each other.

I don't know why, but my opponents were all playing the midgame very aggressively. Every game you play with different people and they all have a different playstyle. You have to adapt to them or you will lose. I was slow in this game but I was lucky so the game was not too bad for me. I had an average mid-game.

There was something about the last augment choice that I couldn't resist. Golden Egg. This augment gives you an egg which explodes after 11 rounds and gives you great rewards. If you get a win, those rounds advance your egg twice, so you get rewards earlier. These rewards are really game-winning. However, it's a big gamble because it takes at least 6 rounds for you to get stronger while your opponents choose things that instantly make them stronger. 6 rounds is enough time for you to die late in the game. So you need to stabilize your composition as fast as possible.

I managed to do what I wanted! I activated the 8 Invoker buff, but what I feared also happened. I lost 3 rounds in a row until I reached this stage and I only had 39 HP left. I had to make good decisions here because I don't have any legendaries and my composition is not complete so my champions are not even 2 stars. I need to be fast or 2 star Karma can't carry me anymore!

Finally I cracked the egg and got 1 Force of Nature, 1 radiant item and 1 ornn item and 1 normal item. I can't say they are very good rewards but they are enough to complete my composition. I am level 9, have 10 champions and a total of 4 emblem items. I finally activated 8 Invokers and 6 Ionia buffs, but I gave my items wrong. I should have given the radiant item to Ahri because Ahri will be much better than Ryze as damage.

With a 3 star Miss Fortune and other champions, I easily defeated this opponent and although he was in first place for a very long part of the game, I eliminated him and he came 4th. I'm really strong and that's normal because I managed to do something that happens almost once in 10000 games.

But this opponent playing Challenger composition managed to beat me because he had 3 star Fiora. New champions are always very strong and when they are 3 stars they are unstoppable. As you can see, I couldn't even stand against him haha. By the way, my carries are Karma and Ahri, Ryze is also supposed to be a carry but I'll talk about that last.

I also lost in the last battle and came 2nd. There are a few reasons for that. 1. This composition is normally played with Karma 3 stars and it is much stronger then because your damage dealer is much more reliable. 2. Ryze is absolute garbage in this universe haha. In case you don't know, Ryze's ability is different in every universe and in this universe he puts the most expensive champion on your bench in the game and that's it. I mean, he has no other ability, he does 0 damage. It was totally my fault for giving him that radiant item, but I don't know, in a better Ryze universe I think I could beat even 3 star Fiora.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you liked it. Have you tried the new set? Which composition is your favorite? Or the most powerful one according to you? Don't forget to share them in the comments. Take care and have a great day!

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Man I've now watched one tournament and some of your posts about this game and I still have to say I got no clue what's happening lol.

Haha, if you've never played League of Legends or an auto-chess game before, that might be the reason, man. Actually the game is not that hard, but it takes some getting used to because there are so many things to learn. Thanks for still checking my posts and for your time XD

Yea, I think I did give it a try once but lost interest before I understood the game.

There was a game I played coaching @perceval and he published it on Hive. You can see me suffering because his game was in spanish haha. https://ecency.com/hive-140217/@perceval/teamfight-tactics-has-changed-or-more-changes-are-coming-in-the-new-set-eng-esp

Maybe we can record a video like this with you. if you want I mean.

It would be great to see @strawhat playing TFT, @incublus is an excellent coach and believe me it's a game you learn pretty quickly as you play.


Hahaha, I hope that gif doesn't scare him dude and thanks for your nice words, you are an excellent student

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What a crazy composition you had, I think in any other situation you would have been top 1 easily, I agree with you about the second magnification, it seems to me one of the strongest, that you can choose in any composition. Fiora is crazy, in my opinion is the strongest epic token currently, and is the strongest 3 star epic champion.

Yeah man I would be more careful fur sure and don't let him make 3 star Fiora. That's the point. Thanks for stopping by

it's good to take a break from League of Legends and come back with your batteries on.

Es bueno descansar un poco de League of Legends se retorna con las pilas puestas.

Thank you

League of Legends never dissapoints me, from their cinematics to their games. I like playing auto chess and league of legends. this game is only available on pc as of now right?

I'll wait until this game is available to play on mobile.

No you can play that on mobile too. It's teamfight tactics mobile I guess and it's cross platform.

It's great to see you back in the action. Taking breaks can be just what we need to recharge and come back stronger. I can totally relate to the importance of balancing gaming with other aspects of life.

The new set sounds interesting, and I'm sure your insights will be invaluable for other players who plays this game.

Thanks for sharing this entertaining and informative gameplay experience with us. Looking forward to more gaming adventures from you!

I'm glad you like it, man. Yes, there are a lot of TFT players in our community and I am very happy about that. I will be with you soon with different games.

Its nice to know that. Good luck.

I Like this one