An Early Start to April's Garden Journal Challenge!

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With the Easter holidays coming up and a trip planned away, I need to start the garden journal challenge early for April to get the wrap up done by the 6th! Hopefully you've been following @gardenhive both on Leo Threads and Hive so you catch this alert, or catch the notification via your tag!

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Please don't forget to pop your post in Leo Threads if you can with the tag #hivegarden. We'll also be selecting four of the best for voting the best author in Hive Garden for the week as well, with the chance to win some great upvotes via some whales! Cool bananas!

Please let me know if you'd lilke your name removed or added from the list. Apologies for those I've forgotten - admin is not always my strong suit, especially when the garden calls!

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A Little Request

Before I remind you about the months challenge, can I ask you a favour? If you can spare a bit of Hive, please delegate to @gardenhive - it's so nice to reward fellow gardeners with upvotes in this community and every little helps.

What to Write About

  • Post about what's happening in your garden this week.
  • Alternatively, anything garden related counts, such as a visit to a friend's garden, garden plans and dreams, failures and successes.


  • Use #gardenjournal as your first tag
  • Reblog this post & invite others if you can
  • Low effort posts will be ignored (though we generally don't have those!)
  • No AI written posts or dual language (check community rules about this). These will be MUTED
  • Don't forget to engage with other gardeners!
  • Drop your post link below so I don't miss it!

Prizes - New Ones This Week!

VEGETABLE GARDEN PRIZE - 5 HIVE, to be distributed amongst the best posts depending on entries. May be more or less depending on the week!

PASSION GARDEN PRIZE - 5 HIVE, to be awarded to the most passionate gardener of the week.

The Philosophical Gardener Prize 2 HIVE - for gardeners who really have a point to make about why we garden, the importance of gardening, or just get philsophical about nature.

GARDEN THREADS PRIZE - 1 HIVE each - may be more than one depending on the quality and amount we get! Write a great #hivegarden #gardenjournal post on Threads to qualify!

Happy Gardening!



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Thanks for organizing this. Now we can take a walk my fellow gardeners!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @sacra97 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

@lex-zaiya, @pixelhuntersam, this our jam. Let's go for it!

I just took some pictures today! Will post tomorrow.

Awesomesauce! Looking forward to it!

Remember to use the correct guidelines as per the post to take part in this initiative and post your link here!

I need to do some stuff and then take pictures! lol

I hope to have free time for gardening this April @riverflows 🌺 Happy Gardening

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I hope so too.

 last year  

I will see what i found this time. greetings from India.💓😊

Hi @riverflows could you add me to the list please and thank you :)

 last year  


Magic, thank you 💙

Will see if I can put something together before the 6th. Hopefully my writing inspiration will be back 😉

Can you please add me to the notification list? 💙


Great effort Queen @riverflows, fantagira(2/6) is grateful for the work and dedication you put into this post. Your contributions are truly appreciated.

Your content never ceases to amaze us! @fantagira wants to show their appreciation with a gift of 0.075 FT.

BTW! FT is the token of our game RAIDS, it will serve to make your NFTs stronger warriors and earn more rewards

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aggg does this mean i need to do some gardening.. lol lol better crack into it then

 last year  

So much going on in my garden lately @riverflows. I hope I can get to put words together worthy to be published soon.. Hehe...

 last year  

Oh, time flies by. Easter week is coming, days to reflect. I will try to post, there is a bit of stress. Greetings.

 last year  

Not much is happening in my garden this week - just starting for the season. However I did visit a beautiful garden-so I will tag hivegarden and visit other gardeners posts.

 last year  

A friend's garden certainly qualifies!

 last year  

I meant visit other blogger's post. i did visit a beautiful flower garden but I did not use the Hive Garden tag because it was a botanical garden.

 last year  

Wow! Thanks for the tag sis @riverflows. Hopefully I can join on this.

Hi, I have news, I visited the nursery this week and I have new plant, I will be happy to show you.

I've missed you all so much! We're finally starting to get some seeds planted, and a friend has gotten me a little greenhouse for us to put up in the backyard--so plenty to share if I can carve out some time! These last few months have been busier than I've been in a long time, but hoping things will settle down a bit soon. Hope #gardenhive community is doing well!

 last year  

Oh gosh I nearly took your name off this list, thinking you had left for good! But I know you can have long breaks due to being soooo busy with life. Love you and miss you x

Too long of a break this time! Doing much more computer work for the day job, making it tougher to find the motivation and the time to want to sit down for any longer at the screen. Especially as the weather turns warmer! But I'm determined to get an April post up!

If I am too late for the wrap-up, no worries! I'm just happy to flex these fingers again!

 last year  

Ah gawd I havent looked ... Will do in car on road trip!!

Have a beautiful trip @riverflows! I'll see what I can come up with this week! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

We still have snow on the ground, but many plans are in the making. I hope to have the time to get in an entry, sounds like fun.

 last year  

Thank you for creating and organizing this, looks like there will be many interesting stories that we will meet later.

 last year  

I will try to post in LEO for the first time! ^_^
But, is it the same here in HIVE.BLOG the format of posting. Even PeakD I am not using it. LOL

 last year  

Here is my early entry for the April garden journal challenge. A visit to the flower garden of Polomolok Pet Empire

April already!? I've been asleep for too long...

 last year  

Hello my fellow gardeners. Here's what I've got going on in the NE US. It's showtime!

I do not know if I am too late... but I made a gardening post finally!

 last year  

Not late! Having trouble getting to everyone!

Haha! No problem! I got really busy myself!

Thank you @riverflows for initiating this idea. This is my entry for this April's Garden Journal Challenge.

Have a great day everyone!

Greetings everyone,

Hope you can find time to visit my garden update this April. Here is my entry. 😉

Very happy to share content about my garden. Much success in the week.

My participation:

 last year

Thank you Hive Garden for giving me this opportunity to share my contribution for April with you.
This is my link.

Hello @riverflows, I don't know if my post is too late for the April gardening challenge, here is my entry.