I experimented with grinding the coffee beans slowly and there are some surprising results. I enjoyed Brazilian coffee more than ever.

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Maybe a week or two ago I found a very interesting YouTube video of maybe most famous barista YouTuber - James Hoffmann. He always uploads materials which are really interesting for coffee lovers. I try to keep up with his uploads, this particular one is uploaded about two years ago and I missed watching it back in the days, or maybe it was not very interesting for me. The topic is regrinding already ground coffee. Seems interesting, huh?

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, I will try to summarize the whole info for you. One of his followers told him that regrinding coffee gets very interesting results and coffee turned out to taste even better. He reground a relatively coarse coffee in espresso size, which is much finer.

The follower suggested that you should put the beans very slowly. This results in less pressure for the beans between the burrs of the grinder, which is resulting in more even grinding, without much fines. James tried to grind whole beans, putting them one by one which gave the relatively similar test setup. And he told that doing that made him go much finer in the grinder setting - maybe about 2-3 steps finer, while the espresso brewed for the same time on the same machine. So… I decided to do that at home too.

The good old Brazil Aliança - the farm owned and operated by the Japanese man, you remember that? Actually this coffee is also from the Yellow Bourbon variety, the one with bright yellow fruits. I decided to experiment with this coffee, because it’s cheaper on one side and because I wanted to see how better could it taste.

Now, towards the experiment itself. When grinding all the beans at once, I managed to go as fine as 4+1/3 (I noticed that between each number there are 2 smaller steps, which I refer as 1/3 and 2/3). This setting gave me espresso shots of 38ml brewed for about 35 seconds.

Putting the beans very slowly, gave me several “clicks” finer grounds and I get relatively the same volume of coffee for the same time at grind setting 3. This is a lot finer and I also find the coffee to be tasting a lot better and thick.

Before, when I brewed this coffee with preground beans, I wasn’t that much fond of it and I was buying it mainly because it was cheaper and because my wife liked it a lot. Now, when grinding it before brewing and using this technique I get a very flavorful and complex coffee, which I tend to enjoy a lot!

Throughout the week I’ve been drinking mainly espresso, where this coffee really shines. I’ve never tried it on V60 though, and maybe it’s time to try it differently. Maybe soon. Today, I decided to brew filter coffee, but I went for the best of the Kenya box -the Kenya Kamoini, which comes from the Othaya Society farm. As far as I learned, this is a farmers’ organization from one of the famous Kenyan coffee farm regions.

The beans are mix of 2 varieties - SL 28 and SL 34. The SL varieties are very common for Kenyan coffee. This exact coffee combines both creamy and chocolate flavor and fruity ones - Forest fruit and jam. The process is washed, which is also quite typical for the Kenyan coffee.

I try implementing the same technique as with the espresso - putting the beans slowly in order to achieve more even grind profile. And why a better way to start your day - with a nice cup of coffee originating from Kenya!

During the past week I wasn’t so active in hive due to very busy workdays and list of various other things that I had to do, but I hope to never miss my Saturday post in CCC community. I always learn new facts and things about coffee and will be happy to share them with you. See you soon and have a beautiful weekend!

Take care. See ya soon!

 3 months ago  

Hello, I loved your publication, it was very educational for me, I did not know about this youtuber, I will look for him to learn new things about coffee, the process you did was very well appreciated thanks to the photos, you explained everything very clearly so that I could understand the whole process, really great publication.

 3 months ago  

Thanks for visiting my post!

 3 months ago  

That's quite interesting. It sounds like regrinding the beans was an experiment that went right and a new discovery was learned. That's very cool.

 3 months ago  

I guest that’s exactly the way it evolved. Someone grinding his beans very coarse, by mistake, and then correcting this with regrinding them. And this really gives different grind profile to the coffee, which is more even and gives better extraction.

 3 months ago  

Interesting process. Looks like something to try☕️☕️☕️

 3 months ago  

It was definitely interesting for me to try this and I was very pleased with the results.

I have yet to try grinding my own coffee and to read that it regrinding it makes it even better? Then it is a must, definitely to go find me a grinder and ground my own lol! Also, I have yet to try Brazilian coffee.

 3 months ago  

Actually I do not regrind the coffee, but put the beans really slowly in the grinder. If you regrind the beans you have to put them very slowly too. This is actually the tricky part. Getting a grinder is always exciting and after I bought mine about 2 months ago, I’m happier than ever!

Now I'm convinced even more to buy a grinder. The challenge is to find a good one :D

 3 months ago  

It really depends on what price tag are you willing to pay, and what are the results that you want to achieve. My grinder costs about $150 and is on the budget side of entry level, still good quality grinders.

I didn't know it costs that much. Gotta start browsing the market then.

 3 months ago  
 3 months ago  

Hello @mdosev
Yes, I do remember those yellow berries and the story of the Japanese man :)
I found this info about regrinding beans and the speed at which it's done super interesting.
Once I used a manual grinder which only gave me a grind that was too big for my espresso machine and I wasn't sure if it could have been redone in an electric grinder, so I ended up using them in my French press.
That's great to know:)

It's been bleaky here, and I just woke from an afternoon nap; something that I seldom do. I think I might have a late afternoon coffee to perk me up.

I hope you're having a nice relaxing weekend:)))

 3 months ago  

Actually I mentioned in a comment in someone other’s post (cannot remember who) that I suggested regrinding finer, if the initial grind was mistaken and coarse. This is really possible, and often results in a better tasting coffee. And this experiment was rather interesting, with a bit unexpected result.

You did e pretty good job in the decision to brew the coffee in the French press when it was too coarse! I would have probably did the same, if I didn’t know the regrinding hack!

Hope your eyes feel better and you find a way to control the glaucoma effectively. I read your post, but didn’t find time to reply.

Here in Bulgaria we have very fierce rainfalls and a lot of flooding a around the area. Luckily, in my city the situation is calm. Usually when there is a heavy snowstorm in maybe 20-30 kilometers range, here we barely see snowflakes. The same with the rainfalls now. It is still raining from time to time, but not as intensive.

I am longing for an afternoon nap, but when the kids are sleeping, I have some tasks to do, that I can’t do with the kids around. But maybe I find a day or two in the month to take an afternoon rest. I’m envious on you! 😁

 3 months ago  

Yes, I do everything I can to protect my eyes, and just hope that glaucoma will stay away!
I didn't realize you were having that much rain on your side...maybe we will get more rainfall next week.
The change is so drastic. One minute it's scorching hot, then the next it's chilly. Still we can't complain because it's been a good summer.

I understand you not being ale to snooze with the little rascals, but the little one seems to be growing up pretty fast 😁

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I clicked the video before reading your post and for a minute though you were James Hoffman 🤣

Interesting experiment to try for sure 👍

 3 months ago  

It would be nice if I had his experience and professionalism. 😁
Anyway it was nice to hear that I was mistaken with James Hoffmann in a way… 🤣