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Hello, good _____________! Our first exercise today is fill in that blank. Once you've completed the opening paragraph, please proceed to question One. Answer it truthfully and to the best of your knowledge.

One. Are you embarrassed to show your friends in real life what you do on the internet?

Another One. When someone experiences hardship or has worldly issues on their mind and goes online for support, do you instinctually insert yourself in their situation and respond accordingly because everything's about you, the whole you and nothing but you?

If you answered Yes to either of the previous questions, the following paragraph has your name on it.

_____________, explain how in the WW dot BLANK a nine second clip of a German Shepherd Dog with no caption receives 1,000 more views than @DanDays - The Luckiest Guy I Know.


That's not gonna cut it.

Bite me.

So my thumb hardly resembles an emoji, whatever, I don't use those things anyway—emojis. = } Change colors every other middle finger and not a single consonant ever said shit to an emoji!




She is gorgeous though. Tough to compete with her. Pura made that page a couple of months ago—everything Atlas. I've still never been there, Instawhatever it's called, I can only see it from her phone.

She's doing a great job with it, I had no idea she's such a diggy-diggy-DJ. The platform loves it. The account's only two months old and Atlas averages more than 1,000 views and a couple hundred hearts per stitch or twitch or whatever they call posts over there. I don't know what those other symbols mean but I know she gets 1,000 more views than me. If you're not surprised by that, fair enough. But what about @nonameslefttouse?


He's been here going on seven years. One of the most transparent virtual strangers you'll never meet. Packs a digital airbrush that makes cover images unmistakable. Punchlines like Mitch Hedberg. My dog gets more views than him.

She is a bad ass dog though. And gorgeous. Gotta travel thousands of miles if you want one that looks like that. One still photo of her sticking her big fat dog tongue out is all it takes. That and a five second Foghat loop and she's got a thousand more views than him. If you're not surprised by that, fair enough. But what about @meesterboom?


He's been here even longer than what's his name. Wife, kids, improv guitarist. Metaphorically speaking, I'll put him up against anyone............ If there's a rap battle and the subject matter is a metaphor, I got my crypto on Boom or bust. My dog gets more views than him.

Not bad for a 7-month old puppy weighing in at 74 pounds. Giant little thing. She's still learning how to be a dog so it's not uncommon to watch all 74 pounds of her go for a tumble unexpectantly cuz she tripped over her own gigantic feet running across the yard. Tough to get that on film. Unlike a 13 second clip of her barking at a reflection on the ceiling but a thousand more views than Boom? If you're naayata yata yata yata.


More than @coloneljethro, too. I had no idea that many people are dying in Louisville before him. You know what I mean! Or @zirochka, our very own Kyiv resident. She pulled 1,650 a couple weeks ago—smashed it! Atlas has her number, too.

The other day, @krazzytrukker gave me shit about not posting puppy pics. He's always giving me shit about something. So, like the accommodating sweet as a lime gentlemen that I am, I uploaded a clip I made for Pura in iMovie to the YouTube channel I use to share clips here and sent it to him. I probably should've titled it Atlas featuring A Tribe Called Quest instead of the other way around. I had no idea that's all it takes to get 2,000 views and blocked in russia.

It's all @demotruk's fault—these namedrop's. They created an account over there called @eyesonhive that does some analytical jargon to track daily Hive traffic. It's not hard to do—generate traffic.

I'm doing it now.

It got me thinking.

Which makes me tired by the way, I'm much more efficient at reacting.

If all 42 hundred people who viewed a single still image of 1/2 of a German Shepherd Dog head to a voiceover that says security system engaged earned cash money for watching it, they'd probably share it with all of their friends who would share it with their friends and then theirs and.


One more. Who's the _____________ not sharing Hive content with their friends?

If it's your own you're hesitant to own up to, you're invited to share each of the aforementioned handles in this post and @comedyopenmic @pinmapple @curie @ocd @curangel @stickupcurator @brandt @splatts @ammonite @dksart @plantstoplanks @threespeak @littlebee4 @snook @thisismylife @pegarissimo @roelandp @thebigsweed @farm-mom @synrgy @dswigle @anggreklestari klestari @trincowski @aleister @edprivat @riverflows @whatsup @jacey.boldart @joshman @lizanomadsoul @lizelle @penderis @livinguktaiwan @tarazkp @choogirl @trangbaby @paradoxtma @riverflows @cmplxty @tangmo @slobberchops @mipiano @lordbutterfly @nathen007 @edicted @nineclaws @leaky20 @fotostef @corvidae @ginnyannette @taskmaster4450 @geekgirl @itchyfeetdonica @pryanarc @jasperdick @solominer with your friends who don't know where Hive is.

Just content. Hold off on rewards and passive income and paid interest. Don't say anything about 20% APY on HBD, either, or 50% return on their money in seven days. It's too confusing on day one with all the passwords and permissions and stuff. Introduce them to some of your favorite producers first. You'll have plenty of time to confuse them.




You can't fight the cuteness of dogs. That's where modern warfare gets things so badly wrong. 😉

And your account is pretty kickass! Imagine if you slapped on some dog ears and barked a bit more. I would have said bitem but your words are sharp, and bite hard into the receiver egos! !LOL

Imagine if you slapped on some dog ears and barked a bit more.

Is it Friday night already?

Hahhaha! Every night is Friday night when you a dog queen! !LOLZ

I will be digging the dog ears out, just in case.. 😀

I hear Sasquatch makes bowls out of clay
He's a hairy potter

Credit: reddit
@meesterboom, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @mimismartypants

Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ

The guy we completed basic and advanced training with was a k9 handler in the military and police for a little more than 30 years combined.

He told me things I wasn't aware of. None of them cool.

They're are sooner things that are just not meant to be known!!

Dog Cleanup_lg.jpg

Many people shouldn't be allowed to own dogs pets. Most, I mean. Whenever I see those signs, I make sure to carefully watch where I'm walking. = }

Many, most people shouldn't/should be/do _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________ .........

*fill-in-the-blank of all that apply/don't apply, there's extra room on the back of a book of pages

Whenever I see those signs, I make sure to carefully watch where I'm walking. = }

If you only watch for the signs here, you've already stepped in it repeatedly. Faster to just watch for it and skip signs.

Sign says long haired freaky people need not apply.

Darn good thing you had that hair trimmed short above and below.

haha! Atlas is getting big! And gorgeous. What a dog you have there!
Very funny post. I have nothing funny to add. Too tired trying to get my pooch, who ate too many raw almonds a few days ago, to poop! How many likes or whatever on twitcher would I get if I posted a shot of her poop?

Good question. Probably don't wanna know the answer. I hear they like to love all kinda stuff there. Views, though, a picture of poop??

All I've been doing since I clicked the post button is feeling about this big cuz of the people I left out.

@owasco. She's been there, done that. ;-]


All I had to do was mention you? This better not mean all the post cards and private messages are ___________.

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________. _____________ _____________, _____________. _____________?

Quit talking with your __________ mouth full!

Sorry, where are my manners… what I was trying to say was, I really enjoyed this thumbnail!

__________ __________ ___________!

I guess you've got to namedrop a bit if you wanna compete with the K9! But people love animals, man! Try that shit on Hive and see how far it goes!? #dogsofhive, not the old dogs you namedropped so hard! But i don't get it either! At least here we get some dosh, so you can buy Atlas some new toys to show off on his insta page! Gotta love dogs! Gosh my ramble is more nonsensical than yours!


Not sure that nonsensical part was a compliment or roast so, thanks! Gives me something to react about. ;P


I'm just talking views. "Atlas" was the only example I have. I've put a couple Atlas articles here and they gained decent traction. But, my account, @dandays, reaches 50+ views.

Even when it's Atlas content.

Defo a compliment! But I suppose that's how I compliment with roasty comments. According to my friend, apparently, that's how I also flirt. Not that I am flirting with you, but apparently, I'm never aware that I am flirting. I call it an equal opportunity; if people allow me to mock, I will take it. If you find it toasty, then I guess you have a weird fetish. - Oh, look what I did there. I just made this about me.

Suppose it's just the platform, the number of users and the general brain capacity of said users. Hive is also more about getting in with a crowd that likes your type of content and then also hoping sid crowd users don't lose interest in Hive. A niche within a niche, 50+ views on Hive, is probably measured very differently from views on Instagram. Let's start a spoof account with sexy photos of pets and see how it goes! Maybe we could give up our day jobs and just go and catch sexy pet pics. I myself only have a pet rock and a kid. So not sure if these are fetishes, people will go for and/or if I will get jailed for calling my kid a pet - they are very similar though. - shoo i just cant stop relating back to myself. I must be a narcisist!

How dare you drop the coolest reading material only when it's convenient for you!

Not sure I should admit what I'm thinking so pretend I'm making it up as I go but I bet they sell little dominatrix hoodies for cats with glasses that fit around their ears that have four inch long fake eyelashes.

There I go again, talking about cats.

Sorry dude that was a mouthful! Are you roasting me now lol.

I !LUV the dominatrix kitty! It will be hilarious, perhaps some sicko will find it hot, not saying you the sicko but whatever floats your boat. Lol. Perhaps we can use AI I on animals pic and get them dressed up in all sorts. Not only will it give us more options but we won't get reported for animal abuse!

Why stop at cat when we can do dominatrix hippo and hot school teacher giraffe. This was suppose to be funny and cute though, not porno. Atlas is cute, it's what gets his likes. I do have some intimate tortoise moments I recorded. Keep meaning to share here but need to head over to 3speak! But I digress ...

I just read what you're about to read and I don't know how we got here, either.

Hey, Ms Pants, what do you mean, perhaps? You're not really you right now, are you? I've had my Ai on the whole time.

What would you like me to be next?

Lotta question marks in this response, huh?


I was going to be confused but then I realised we are just two chat bots confusing each other. I thought I was winning but I obviously couldn't get pass the captcha!

Hello, good _____________!

Evening :)

Oh, I must say I love to fill in the blanks in this post. Not that I like it too much in real life, but Hive is Hive ;)

Also, I answered One. But my answer was written with invisible ink, so not many people were able to see it. The handles are visible (with a bit of effort) but there is one missing user from there... (I know, it's actually hard to leave out people). You forgot to include The Luckiest Guy You Know!!! 😉

You, lady, you're another __________! I'm gonna mention you more often if you're gonna entertain the _________ outta me in comments like that. <3

Thank you. I'm glad you don't mind being in the middle of my stuff. You're OG to me in this blockchain life.

How many weekly mipiano performances do you think we'd get if your views were upwards of four thousand per release?

Cool, more blanks to fill in. Thank you!! :)

That I don't mind? Am honoured 😇

I am not sure about the number of my weekly performances, but I know that four thousand views per release would be possible only if I would be Atlas playing the piano 😅

Oh whhaaat!

They probably already have that, don't they, dogs on pianos? I'm so outta the social media loop, you could be repeating something you've seen a million times but to me it's G for genius!

I feel like the luckiest gal in the world to get a mention here.
Hello, good people!
Answer 1 - not ashamed, but rather amused to see the reaction of people when I say I blog & earn Crypto! It's like I instantly turn into a Crypto scammer!
Quite fun that, and their eyes get even bigger when I say I can share a 'link' of my post...
Whaaat, she thinks I'm going to click a link, def a scam!
Atlas is a super star, and your Pura a smart cookie.
All about me - I do post promotions for our BnB on FB, & always tick 'share post promotion on Instagram' but never go there, I'm ashamed to say! The 'checking in brigade' are still in love with FB so marketing there works for us.
A guest recently said she found us on Instagram, I smiled, pretending to know all about it, but had forgotten I had an account there! Not very hip at all.
Us mere mortals stand no chance against Atlas though!
I like your emojis by the way, are they free to use? Had to restrain myself from using them, I looove emojis 🙈
Have yourselves a great weekend @dandays.
PS sorry I'm so late to the usual xxx

You sure act old for 36. I keep insisting you need to stop apologizing for being so nice and you obviously keep forgetting. <3

After careful consideration, it's been decided you answered each question successfully and the panel believes you do not pretend to be something you're not. Ok, that's enough of this character.

Good morning Lizelle. It's morning here, Sunday. Thanks for keeping up with us this long. Any word from Fiona?

No, heck no they're not free! Between the two of us, these emojis are $173/month. Welcome to America.

Would you believe I've never been to Facebook, either? I've never typed it with a dot com in a search engine and clicked send.

Gosh, I thought by now I may have been important enough for a tag that people could see. Guess I was wrong:


I went to instathingie found everything atlas but didn't see the video thumbnail you shared here. Maybe it's not the same german shepherd Atlas? Sounds impossible but hey, who knows? Ask Pura if she received a follow just a bit ago :)

I may come back to answer your burning questions later..


You must be killin' it out here!
@thisismylife just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @dandays.
You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/2 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

Dammit. Was it that easy? Oh fuck.

Only thing that sucks when you mention a buncha people is all the people you didn't mention. But I'm not a developer guy. I have to type each key. One handed.

Yes to help friend reaching out for support but not all about me its about my friend seeking for support, selfless acts !!!

German Shepherd Dog with no caption receives 1,000 more views than @DanDays

As she gorgeous and bigger than normal big dog (heavier than me🤓) Atlas is going to be famous 😍. I hope that you will share more pictures of her :) We love to see your post as well as her cute pics

I'm about to repeat myself, repeat myself. The worst part about mentioning a buncha people like that is all the people you didn't mention.

@trangbaby is the sweetest, kindest, little traveliver I haven't met.

Your so kind @dandays

As long as I'm mentioned by the luckiest guy I know, I'm happy :)

Yes, I do share my work with people I know, but I have to be careful because in large groups I'll steal the show. I don't have much of an outside social media presence though. A huge hit around the table.

You've said something I've been saying for years and you know I've been saying it.

Sharing content and shutting up about Hive. Even in life, the instant I start talking about anything Hive related, people don't care. If I start reading one of my posts aloud or showing my art, they all pull up a chair. If I talk about Hive on social media, I don't get any engagement. If I share my posts or show some art, I get engagement.

I'm almost Triggered Nonames right now just thinking about it. All that work and effort was put into Twitter sharing, Posh token leading the way. But people rarely shared actual content! If it's a ridiculous Hive post that would only be interesting and make sense to people on Hive they're lined up around the block sharing it. Where I come from we call that, "Ass-backwards."

Actual content can go "viral" if people share it organically and it spreads. Yes! An amazing dog post can potentially lead thousands of people to the platform, with no mention of Hive and all the boring details. Shared content is the best free advertising on the planet. But they'll share the Hive posts!!!!!


Good dog.

P.S. This platform seems to have more creators than dedicated consumers (the ones who view content). Makes a lot of sense to me to see dog videos getting thousands of views on those platforms, since those platforms have actual consumers. If I say "consumers" here, it seems like some people think it's a derogatory term. But it's not a label. Consuming content is something people do. It's an act. A common human behavior and thousands of views on videos proves it.

Nice table.

I know you know I know.

What's up man? The only comparisons I have are all second hand. I've still never been to any of the other ones. So, when she uploads a clip each day and I get up to pour us coffee, come back and there's 500 views I'm like ___________!

Seems I'm the only one surprised by that. What isn't surprising is the work she's encouraged to put into it when the thing gets 4k views. That's a lot and a helluva way to see your favorite producers put up more than a piece here and there.

The best. Can't shut the blank up about her. So proud of her. Aced basic and advanced training. Excelled at bite work which isn't what it sounds like. Not why or when to bite but how.... I'm doing it again.

P.S. That wasn't supposed to be a trigger.

I've been barking about it for years. To the point I can't take it anymore and don't like talking about it. I'll just end up pissing someone off or bad memories of being treated like crap come to mind. Plus it's all locked into a blockchain. I still joke though when I say triggered. Stings don't hurt me.

Suppose I'm demonstrating this "transparency" you speak of? LOL I caught the sarcasm there. And I'm intentionally going off and making it about me because of what you said in your post. chuckles

The dog is awesome.

It's actually a pretty simple fact of life on earth.
Animals are better humans than humans are.

Won't argue that. I'm a big fan of dogs. Dog owners, however, not so much.

Views, though? I've shared a lot more comedy pieces than dog videos. :wink:

No argument there. My problem is I don't get to spend much time on social media anymore. So I tend to gravitate to what I know will be most entertaining at that moment.
Which is mostly animal videos. Lol.
The occasional instant regret or fails compilations are good too.
But dogs & cats are worth it everytime.

Hey, thanks for stopping by, by the way. Long time no type.

I've still never been to any of the other ones. Not even the face one. This is still my only social media type experience so the number of views she gets in such a short time with such a new account trips me out.

But, again, I don't know what's normal at those places.

Chew been up to, still hosting a discord server?

Yeah it's still there. Just really runs on autopilot. I dont really have time to do much anything. Keep taking on too much responiblities for the day job and attempting to do more and more podcasts. Lol.

Just a glutton for punishment.

 4 months ago  

Wondering about, what would happen if Pura starts writing blogs about her husband ... Insta 10.000 hearts? Hive 200 Payouts? Real world A Bestseller?

Oh, almost forgot:.

Oh, really?! Just gonna stop by here like that and be all sweet and painfully remind me why I don't like mentioning people because all I think about is the people I left out!!


You're the best, @beeber.


Hard to compete with such a specimen

Damn dude you're already at a 77?! :-)


77 - Reputation? Yeah it's been a slow but steady climb. I think it rounds up though lol

Touché. I'm really only a 71 right now.

Congrats on your success here man, you should have thousands of views.

Thanks. Maybe one day lol 😆

Friends? I'm supposed to have friends?? ha ha .... I would not be ashamed to show what I do on the net if there was anyone that cared one whit what I was doing.

When I see people come online for help with issues, I am immediately suspicious if it is real or just a ploy. The people that I know, that I would help with serious issues, would probably not put them randomly online.

What ??

Dog and cat posts are so over done I barely look at any of them anymore. I know I must be in the minority on that, because there are SO many, that it must work a lot of the time. It's not that I don't like dogs and cats in the real, cause I do, but I'm not going to spend many seconds watching them online.

That sounded quite grumpy... didn't it ?? LOL

That doesn't mean if someone I like posts pet stuff, that I won't drop a vote on it as I fly by.

You shouldn't be. I dig the you know what outta your nanigans. I don't know if that's an actual term, there's probably an official term. They have names for everything.

Thank you. I thought it was just me. I don't even have to go into detail, what she said!

Not grumpy at all. Considering the amount of garbage out there, I think you maintained quite well. = }

She is just cuteness overload… who can not love that. Of course she needs to steal the show hehehe 🤭
But I promise, I still read all your posts and you have my votes @dandays you know that 😉
Hope you are well.
I am catching up and slowly returning now. Did some posts… finally. More adventures to tell 🤓
Have a wonderful Monday! 😎

I love how you always personalize the closing of your comments. I'm certain I've never said that before.

You've been a lot of fun to watch. I remember when we crossed paths. It was that airbrushed spare tire cover. Still one of the nicest ________ things I've seen here.

I'm glad we did, by the way. <3

Thank you 😊 nope, you never told me that before.

That’s lovely to read @dandays and yes, it was my airbrushed wheel cover indeed. I am so proud of how it turned out. Still after these years, the owner doesn’t have the car anymore but took the wheelcover off and placed it on a wall inside his house. This memory was so precious for him…

Me too, I am glad we met. We shared some stories already 😉 one day we meet.

Is it safe to name drop that much in a single post? I think people get shot for less than that around these parts...

On a vaguely on topic note, that Instant Telegram thing is a shitshow, I think my record on there is 17 likes.

That's 17 more than me.

Whaddup dude? Hope you don't mind the random scream. I'm not even sure how many I dropped. No one seems to be __________ pissed yet so, thats good.

If you're new here and reading this, don't do that.

Yeah, I joined up while you were locked down in the UK I think but quickly came to the conclusion that if I was going to do that bullshit I might as well go back to Steemit. Which wasn't any better but I quickly found my way to here and the rest as they say is unlawful assembly. Mostly just use the gram to find out when protests are happening now.

Ha, not at all. I'd pondered doing something similar but never got much beyond your name before I'd get distracted. Lol, remember the one fucker that was tagging thousands of people?

Oh heck yes. I don't know how they copy paste like that. I had to input all ya'all one finger at a time. And dude, I just got outta surgery Friday. What you're seeing is all left handed, my non dominant one, 1 key at a time.

Worst part about mass mentioning like that is everyone I didn't mention. Feel about this BIG.

I dream of a day when cats and dogs can just get along...


Oh wait "You and I" already do get along. I did not know your fragile ego could not take the shit I give you non stop... It is quite regular. Sorry, I am lactose intolerant but love milk.


There was this one day like 3 months back where I told you how awesome you were and never once busted your balls.

I Even wrote a Sci-Fi with your likeness as one of the...

"Bad Ass but slightly Mentally Disturbed Warriors." (Non-Fiction)

Sometimes I forget what a Pink Princess you are. I am sorry. Can I give you a man hug..?

No Homo..!


The first time I was married. I wasn't expecting to say that. Typical reaction when someone says lactose intolerant.

Only you could find a poop emoji maker gif.

Whaddup dude? Atlas got along great with her first cat encounter. The cat was cool, let her sniff her. Atlas is sharp enough to know cats are gangsters.

Has it only been three months? Man, my bad, continue on, please. I'm due for at least two more.

How in the _________ could you forget?


Lmfaoooo !!!


pink Princess.jpeg


Juss Sayin'

KrazzyTrukker loves him some fill in da blanks


Bejesus!! That's not very southern at all. I'm princess outta water here, the Fuck's your excuse?!

Trip out how many people would actually throw a complete tantrum if someone online or in real life called them a princess, eh?

See it? Keyboard overload. Road rage. Disgruntled employee, the whole 9...

Not this one. I only wish I would've received my badge sooner in life, it wasn't until I was probably 30 I earned that label. I've ran with it ever since. Princesses do it without getting dirty.

I look forward to the inside dirt. Total disclosure on just how you earned that title. No Judgement...


Ahhh who am I kiddin' I will laugh my fool head off at you. From way over here of course.

Fist bump and I feel ya bro in person. untitled.gif

i actually do share my hive posts on social media but for some reason people dont click on these too much, some do it but arent interested, i dont know what the hell they have in mind...

Hey whaddup Malos10? I don't think we've met. You got here a few days before me, not sure what took us so long.

Very nice, my favorite people are not pretenders. Did you show this one off chain? Dang, you made her look sexy.

It is a pleasure to meet you @dandays it just that this is a big place jaja.

i remember that once i meet steemit ( back in that these times..) i left facebook, instagram, twitter behind but now i need these to get clients for my photography works so now i mix all but all my priority goes to hive, for me, now is like a lifestyle, it really changed my life in ways that most people would be surprised, and that actually lead me to change other people too, the smart enought ones to pay atention ...

Did you show this one off chain? Dang, you made her look sexy.

Yes!! i did , people is loving those photos and mee too, I really think that is my best photo shoot session so far but dont miss out the next ones, i'm not plaining to stop in my photography journey and the next photos will be even better!

I'm not surprised they liked that one. I went through several of your recent pieces, all very impressive.

I went through several of your recent pieces, all very impressive.

i apreciatte that reeally much.

right now i'm looking for a model with blue/green eyes , i have one idea in mind that could potentally bring really good photos too!

Quite an interesting read. Atlas is so cute, he deserves all the love.

Introducing friends to Hive has definitely been difficult. I’ll try the content-only approach and see how that goes because I usually lose their attention the moment I mention cryptocurrency 😂

Hey how's it going @threedotz? I don't think we've met. Hello, thanks for finding me. You have a beautiful daughter.

Todays society is all about instant gratification, know what I mean? They go to the gym, for example, to lose 30 pounds but don't see results by Friday so they quit. Our attention spans are shorter than frog hair. So, explaining the inner workings, crypto, interest and all that is only gonna deter.

Imagine you went to YouTube and every other article was about YouTube and how to upload/like/whatever videos on YouTube. It wouldn't be near as big as it is today if they did that. Hence they don't.

But, if you just entertain them, that's a global buzz. Everyone loves free entertainment. All of the perks will come. = }

Wow! It’s great to meet you. Thanks for reading and supporting my post too.

I agree with your point on instant gratification. I didn’t take Hive seriously too until recently because I felt the reward was little. Unfortunately, I’ve been spending valuable time on other social media platforms without any form of reward.

You are most welcome. My pleasure.

Patience and consistency, the rest will come. You're doing great.

I appreciate you keeping an eye on me. Let me know if I disappoint and I'll kick my ass for you. ~¿0

Lol 😂 right!

Hive said you mentioned my name but it looks more like you whispered it along with a bunch of other names like some kind of witchcraft chant spell voodoo donut magic with no K.

Atlas wins because she's cute and because whenever people like me try to spread the news about Hive and share Hive content on facebook they get shadowbanned. When this happens nobody sees any of my posts about anything, hive or otherwise, for weeks at a time until they decide I've learned my lesson. Also nobody believes me, or they whine about crypto being confusing. I really don't know what's so confusing about putting my hive dollars in a savings that generates 20% apr, seems like a no-brainer to me.

Plus I don't have that many friends so I've pretty much told everyone already.

But I agree, wtf wassup wit dat.

I didn't know I'd have this much fun in comments. I mean, I knew it wouldn't suck and I know everything but, ah you know what I mean.

What the heck is up?? I called you Citrus Subie Girl once quite awhile back but I didn't mention you specifically so, joke's on me.

I laughed out loud about the whisper. Good one. I swear autocorrect had loathed out loud. Are you still blending and not sticking out like a sore thumb at all somewhere in Indo Pacific?

Shadowbanned? Like, you can only go outside when it's dark? I've still never been to any of the other ones but each time I hear weird rules like that, it sounds kinda culty.



Did you call me citrus subie girl on hive or just randomly to some stranger in the south when you were passing through?

I'm very much back in the US, I was only a sore thumb for a week. I have plans to go and look super white again in the future, though. I miss my brother and new sister and I miss the seriously nutritious food.

Shadowbanned like you can only post in the dark and people can only see the posts if their phones are off.

Atlas almost looks like a Malinois in that picture, but I don't know if she'll take that as a compliment or not so don't tell her I said that. She pretty.

On Hive of course. Really freaks people out, ladies particularly, when I invade their space in public with random nicknames they've never heard and, soon as they learn I know what they drive, shit just escalates.

Japan is still on the to-do list. I've always wanted to go there. So is North Korea and China. I hear between the two, you're totally fucked and won't get out unscathed so I wanna go get the scoop and relay my feelings.

Still a hard pass on Somalia.

When we go to really public places, mainly practice and training like Lowe's or a restaurant or something, she'll get mistaken for a Malinois at least once.

Always a pleasure when you stop by.

What about Vietnam? My cousin's ltgf is Vietnamese and I want to make us all go there together.

Definitely go to Japan. Maybe you two will go when I go and we can meet up and go ice skating or get yakitori. I have a 50 yen piece that I put on a chain and have been wearing around my neck ever since I got back because I wish I could be in both places at once. Japan is straight-up neat-o.

Ok, well, if whatever I'm about to say is mistaken for something it doesn't say, I've never really hung out with someone who wears fiat around their neck and I'm kinda trippin out now like should I put a period right here or back there a little further or just run a couple commas and call it good or none of the above (question mark).

Vietnam, fuck yes. Way up on the priority list. Really, can see us visiting in the next couple years.

Also, put Cambodia on your list. We've never been there, either, but during our travels as we'd make new acquaintances traveliving similarly to what we were, I'd ask their favorite place.

I only heard the same place twice, once—Cambodia. Totally different people in different parts of the world but their description was magic. ~poof

It's not a car it's a coin. Period.

Oh yeah Cambodia, the forest temples. Damn it. How am I gonna get all these places visited and still go to the places I want to go to again????

Funny ain’t it how animals get more views and attention these days than people do. Little fur ball shits.

I’m going to have to use the thumbnail one of these days, that’s perfect haha, I’m not as crafty these days with that type of stuff!

I tried to share hive with a few friends but struck out with all of them. 7 people, 1 joined for a bit but he’s gone like the wind on a crop dusting fart. It’s pretty annoying!

Man, that's what everyone said. I'm just Way more entertained by comedy I guess. Or all of the other social medias suck. Or both.

Tough crowd.

Me too. I could tell you all six people I actually onboarded, the two I met organically while abroad who registered an account after we parted ways actually. Man, that made me feel cool. More.

None remain.

But I'm still sharing dude. Not sure how many times I've shared what's his name's art offline. Link them to his page, same with Sweed, same with, and... and..

It's a tough sell. Gorgeous puppy or the tragedy of people dying in a war.

Regular social media appears to be used for sharing only the nice things in life. Our version, anything goes. Imagine Atlas on Hive. Poor puppy would probably starve!

Insta has zillions of users, it's easy to catch an audience and hit decent numbers almost instantly which gives motivation to continue. Not the case here.

I also don't want too many people I know reading my blog, it would (rightly or wrongly) place limitations on what I write.

OK, I'm off to find Atlas' Insta and add to his viewing figures. He's gorgeous!

Have a great weekend the three of ya :♧

Totally (wrongly). But wtf do I know?

What the heck's up man? Hope you don't mind me throwing you in there like that.

Seems everyone but myself is in total agreement. I guess maybe I shouldn't compare any of the other ones to here since I've never been there and this is all I know.

As simply as I could possibly muster it; yeah, the dog's dope! I love her so much, so proud of her these days. But a couple of seconds of her doing what she does for 4k views compared to a couple of thousand entertaining words for 90 views. 4,000.. 90.. I wonder what the majority of our favorite producers would do if they go that mannn... Meh, fukchina!! ;-/

If a brilliant content creator created the worlds most amazing piece of content about something no one had any interest in and he shared it with no one, would it still be amazing content?

Hope you've had a great weekend and I'm quite happy to tagged in every post. Gives me an enormous sense of being a cool kid for the first time in my life lol :-)

@nathen007, I keep hearing about Spin A Riddle Sunday but haven't seen it in use until now. I've been wanting to try it but it's gonna cost time and time's limited but if no one sees it and we do it anyway, did we actually gain time, @nathen007?

Good morning! Whaddup sir, I like @nathen007 sightings in my notifications. You ever been this way? Have we talked about that already? Remind me.

I am a day late and more than a dollar short, so I will leave you with a Hive tip. Now, don't spend it all in one place, but, put it on Atlas in 1st to show, wouldja? But, just look at Atlas - He is a beauty. Sorry, Pura did well. It is all about Atlas. But, you get the big tip.

See? You are still Dandays, the luckiest guy I know.

Are you embarrassed to show your friends in real life what you do on the internet? They know. They harass me about it all the time, especially when that Hive thing goes down. They think it is Bitcoin , to be honest. I still have texts from the Bitcoin fall last night. They also think they are stockbrokers.

Always late for the party. Sorry. I need to quit work. It is killing my Hive time.

If you're gonna be that fun, take all the time you need just don't stand me up.

We're so proud of her. She aced both basic and advanced, progressed smoothly through bite work, too. As intelligent as she is, I think her limits will only be what we decide. When I get to talking about her, I have a tough time stop!


Funny, we must have the same friends. They're all so eager to learn when the media says green and equally quick to point fingers when it says red. Autocorrect had pour fingers which I guess would've worked, too.

Denise visits are always a pleasure. Thanks for not minding being thrown in. <3

Oh, you know it's an honor. :) Who doesn't love being tagged by you? Does that make me the luckiest girl alive? Not bloody likely. That just gives me a free shout-out ~ Whee!!!!!

I don't even want to discuss autocorrect. It hates me and does its best to throw me under the bus. Does it secretly know who doesn't check their posts? It's that time thing, the one I have none of. Do you know where I can buy any time? I am seriously lacking.

We must have the same friends.

Blast them~ Could you take care of them, please? With Hive pumping at $0.330 I am pretty sure the unanswered texts on my phone are from the people who used to be my friends when Hive was my bestie. Some things never change. I think we all need to meet in some cheap, sleazy joint and drink to Hives' health! Just kidding, I am merely a lightweight and never wear sleazes. It's a rule. Somewhere. Maybe from Uncle Boom. Now, you know I'm lying about that one! Ha!

You are so fun to play with. Now, sit!

Hello, Atlas!

I've been willing to bet money autocorrect is a buncha kids like "watch this!" Leaving me with a mouthful of explaining to do when the delivery joint calls and asks who ordered a 1/2 tuba and children sandwich.

Hello, you. = } Since yesterday I was, is she in DC? She's in DC, right? I know it's probably been some years since I last remembered but if I'm not mistaken, you're in DC. Only been there once, stayed three days. I'll wait til you confirm or deny before I bla bla bla bla

Ha! Yes!! That makes perfect sense! My brothers would have easily done that. With six of them, they played off each other. 1/2 tuna and children... and Feds for Kids isnt banging down your door? Sorry! That had me guffawing all over the place.

How"d you get @brandt here? Or perhaps i'ts me that is out of step?

I am in the DC Metro area. The first time Ibwas here, I lived downtown, the second time, I lived downtown and built outside of the District. Harsh laws inside those lines, so now technically, over the line, but what a difference a few feet made. So for all practical purposes, DC. Yes! You are good!!

I am in New England forca few. Ewwww. Smokey!!

Good morning from here!

I was not expecting that. Not sure how his handle made it in the post actually. ;P

We did lunch a couple times in East TN, he and I, did you know that? Real cool dude.

I need to get back over there. It's probably been 15 years since I was in DC. And Puras never been there, I've mentioned it enough, not it's just when. Lotta cool monuments there and trippy robot looking people in suits with phones on both sides of their head.

DC is the best but the politics down there now aren't. I can't even explain how much I dislike where it has gone. When they had that huge fiasco with riots and police, I left and went to the Shore House on the eastern shore of Virginia so I didn't have to be near that. I swear, if it spilled over, our neighborhood felt too close. The protest and riots in 2020! Rioters and looters smashed windows, set fires, and ransack stores from Shaw to Tenleytown. It was a horror show. I Had just gotten home from being away most of three months in South America... I wanted to run back.

Oh, yes! You need to get back. :) They do have the best monuments and heh! How do you know I am not one of those trippy-looking robot people?

I didn't know you knew Brandt in real life. Cool!

Who doesn't love meeting up in a cheap sleazy joint! :0D

And will you bring your Irish Uncle?

I dunno, Irish uncles are like unicorns, best kept to stories!! :0D

It depends. What are the serving?


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Answers the question by putting myself in the situation but not making it personal but selfless act.

Does this Dog bite, scared of Dogs especially this breed, is it friendly? From the looks of pics thought it was a male? Or is it not?


A father was washing his car with his son
And the son says, “dad, can’t you use a sponge?”

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