The walk into the first snow in the Julian Alps, Slovenia

Hello dear Hive friends!

We are still here, after some break, back on track to share more cool stories. To keep things short - we were engaged into shifting our homes together in one, lots of rainy and cold days sitting at home in front of the fire enjoying tea, hot chocolates, doing origami foldings, baking cookies, watching documentaries from Preeven Moham (really recommended videos on antient architecture) and work .. Waiting for the first snow to come. As well Tamara has made a nice Christmas calendar to keep our days more entertained with daily activities.


This Wednesday afternoon we finally got rewarded with beautiful snow around the house. That made us think what we can do.
After lunch, we jumped into our woolen jumpers, protected the camera in the underwater cage and left the warm fireplace into the snowstorm with our Eskimo outfit. This small hike was very nice because we could reconnect to the nature, breathe fresh air and appreciate life.

On the way to the waterfall close to the home we realized that we have to walk very slowly as the path was slippery by the snow on the fallen leaves from the Autumn days.



20221213_142053 (1).gif







The winter wonderland around the waterfall was very magical. The best part was that snow was to keep falling through all the journey. We enjoyed a lot to take some pictures and crossed the river to go deeper into the forest. We decided that due to lack of hot tea and hiking sticks, we turned back home.



Sadly it was not enough snow to build a snowman or even an Igloo. That would be awesome! Hope for more snow in the next days and weather prediction is quite on our side for the next week to go out and leave some more footprints on this beautiful Earth.

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What an amazing waterfall you got there, can you also cool off in the summer time there ?

Awesome adventure!

Yes of course! Many generations before me have already made a big wall around the pool beneth the waterfall :) it was amazing refreshment for village kids and nowadays more adventures turist may go for a swim there 😁🌊

Beautiful pictures, 😯 amazing winter

Thank you! It was not difficult to take them as the nature is so beautiful itself 🤗❄️ The sad reality is that the next day the snow was already gone as the sun came out 🌞

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I agree a winter wonderland indeed, it does look cold and slippery but so beautiful

maybe a future snow fall will be enough to make snowmen or even an Igloo that would be so cool

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, I always love seeing all the walks shared from around the world, but as I am not getting out for as many walks at the moment I am especially loving the walks all around the world its like a virtual world tour

Thank you.
We hope, soon you will be more outdoors again. It's Abit hard when it's so cold ❄️ but if you just go for halftime it's fine too. We need the fresh air to feel good.

When more snow is coming definitely we will get some pictures of the snowman ⛄

We are very happy about the appreciation of the beautiful Wednesday walk initiative.

For now enjoy the virtual walks from all around the world. Best regards from Slovenia.

I hope so as well, I have a Drs appointment on Monday after my Ct scan, this may confirm if I need a procedure to clear the blockage in my leg which if so will help to improve my legs and then I will be getting out for the odd walk now and again

Wish you all the best and quick recovery! 😊 Keeping our fingers crossed for seeing some cool walks and trips 💛