Building a network state, one Hive hub at a time!

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Circular economies (Hive Hubs) are popping up all over the place. The sooner we start connecting these Hive Hubs, the sooner we can start really building Hive's network state. I'd like to tell you about two Hive Hubs that are working together to build circular economies in a tiny Central American country called Guatemala.

San Marcos, Lake Atitlan

image source: brunetteatsunset

The first one is at the lake. My friend @buttcoins has a beautiful lake-view hotel where lots of tourists come when visiting Guatemala. He already accepts $HBD as payment and a few of the businesses in the area accept $HBD as well. Bryan's plan is to approach these tourists who are already taking pictures and making videos and show them how they can

  1. monetize content they are already making
  2. Spend their earnings at local shops that already accept $HBD

This, in my opinion, is a great and very natural way of onboarding new users to HIVE.

Recording Studio in downtown Guatemala City

The second little Hive Hub being put together is right here in the heart of the city. It's my recording studio called @recording-box which has been onboarding musicians to HIVE, showing them how to create an account and helping them with their first posts and giving them basic knowledge about the cryptocurrency landscape.

There are already many shops around here that accept Bitcoin over Lightning, so we show these musicians how they can spend their $HBD on food, beer or studio time!

Tying the two together

Now, because I want to see Bryan's hub grow, I'm putting stickers with Hostel del Lago at my front desk. So when musicians come through here, we also tell them about them about the HIVE community at the lake.

Imagine if we can onboard a shuttle service that accepts $HBD to take people from Guatemala City to the Lake and stay at Hostel del Lago?

If that happens, we've set the first building blocks for expanding Hive's worldwide netowork state.

injection of capital

@starkerz mentioned another element which I thought was very interesting: support from larger stakeholders via Hive Power delegation and upvotes.

If any curation guilds, medium to large stakeholders are reading this, you might want to consider supporting what we're doing with an upvote and maybe a hive power delegation to our projects (mine is called @recording-box). I believe that by making an example out of this, more people will want to create their own Hive Hubs in their cities and towns and we can replicate them all over the globe.

Let me know what you think about what we're building here and of course we'd love to connect with YOUR Hive Hub!

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Well played, @alex-rourke -- consider reaching out to @hivesucre and @lacasitahive, both building powerful Hive hubs in Latin America with many people and businesses!

A pleasure to greet you, I have read carefully the projects, let me congratulate you for such an excellent initiative besides being an excellent project is good to be replicated throughout Latin America your proposal has inspired me to make public knowledge to my community through a news program that I lead on an FM station to devote a few minutes to impart tips from the Hive community and projects like these two that you offer in Guatemala, my sincere wish for success my friend.

Obviously you're not going to get hundreds of thousands of people into Hive, but if we can get 100 people into Hive and get them to invest, that would be great. You could create a circular economy there. And that would be awesome for Hive.

Thanks for doing your best, man. I'm following you and as long as you reblog the posts of the people you bring to Hive, I will support them with upvotes.

That's right! even a handful! If we get a handful of people using our ecosystem to exchange value with each other we can start putting that circular economy into motion.

Check out Esteban M. He's the latest musician to come to HIVE through our live sessions:

So cool! I've seen that before and I think I upvoted him. He made such a good start :)

Good, right?

THere's lots of talented musicians around here. I'm really excited about bringing more to HIVE and really get this place bumpin' with great music.

Looking forward to see them all and support them man ^^

Alex is a monster, I admire him a lot, he represents all the best, the things I like to fight for.

By the way friend, stop by my blog, I need your support @incublus.

For what man? I'll check your latest posts

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You re welcome man. I wish to do more but I'm not Richie Rich 🤑

This is a great initiative and exactly what I want to see happen with HBD. I've not seen anywhere to spend it around here, but there will be some online options. Keep building!


Thank you @steevc! Yes, we've made a few videos showing how easy it is to pay with $HBD and shared some on X. The idea is to be able to make a blueprint so that anybody can start building a little Hive Hub in whatever corner of the world they are. With a few videos that create credibility and walkthrough, I'm sure you can get one pub owner to accept $HBD. It only takes one merchant to get the ball rolling :)

I really like the strategy you are employing. Start with your local businesses, then going outward. Endorsing businesses that offer HBD is also very nice. You mentioned a shuttle service, there should be some private ones that you can talk to. If you are liquid, you can maybe have a deal with them that you will use their services for clients you find, but they have to accept HBD payments. They can initially have the conversion to fiat through you. If they like the setup, they can do it on their own.

Yes! the cool thing is that there are already options where they can accept Bitcoin over LIghtning and the same app converts to fiat and deposits into their bank account. So I can use this as a first step to later introduce them to non-KYC stable coin $HBD.

Oh I didn't know v4v can convert and deposit to bank accounts as well. That makes it so much easier then.

I have seen some around EU this year while traveling and working there, some were for blockchain ideas, start-ups, or anything, all named Hive. I am not sure if those related are in our Hive ...blockchain as well, but there sure are many of these hubs.

Europe has @hivebeecon spreading the word, and also one or more skate clubs as well ... so yes, Hive is definitely getting established!

Yes, I forgot to mention Ireland and UK.

The UK has some power movers -- @stickupboys and their support of Hive artists (@alex-rourke, if you don't know them, you should!) and @steevc with The Brit List! I don't know any Irish Hivers, but I'm sure they are out there!

Yes, I know about the boys producing music :), I think I also follow Alex and I know Steevc is a prolific writer here.

Really? that's awesome!

What we are building here is specifically tailored for users of $HIVE, $HBD as well as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the main focus is to strengthen the network of Hive users by sharing knowledge and connecting people and businesses that spend, accept and save in HIVE and HBD. If these are the hubs you've seen in your travels, please let me know, I'd love to connect with them.

I didn't engage in any local event of such, just read the description. So, they were in Germany, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Italy. I don't kow how and why this is possible but I guess it is a good thing. Most f them have their Hive lofo...logo and their name in the country's language sorry for the typos, I have neuropathic pains

Yes, most of them are called: Hive hubs, labs, nests, and so on. They mostly have the same purpose: to gather people and allow them enough knowledge for them to create a start-up, help into creating a start-up, mostly on digitalization. I am not sure how and why they are so present in Europe.

I'm surprised to hear that there are actual businesses accepting HBD, that sounds amazing to me, hopefully some find their way into my country aswell in the near future :)
From person to person, one at a time we need to grow Hive.

We're recording ourselves paying with $HBD and posting on X. Soon I'll be making videos of the businesses that have created their HIVE account too :)

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Well this is a first for me :)

Thanks! made my day.

That's wonderful, @alex-rourke! We're thrilled to be a part of your special day. 🎉🎉🎉
Keep up the great work and continue making outstanding posts.

PS: We are still missing your support for our proposal 😢

That’s a very cool strategy
I will be starting my business very soon but never thought of making use of HBD as a means of payment
I’d surely do that now
Hive must grow!

I wish you success in your business. You should definitely consider accepting payment with a non-KYC, feeless, decentralized stable coin. It's super fast too.

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You do a good job, with just 1 person you bring to hive, it is already a big profit. This is my favorite place, with my people, with everything I love.

I'm about to lose it all friend, please visit my publication and watch the video or read the post, for me it is very important, any support I receive from you means a lot to me.


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This is inspiring. How many hive hubs are there around in total? I’d love to see one appear here in the UK.