How to be positive about negative things

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Are you willing to make the sacrifice 🕊

When something bad happens, it is easy to fall prey to going down a negative spiral. I used to do that with every little thing that occurred that was not in my favor. Luckily, I continued to grow over the years and have come to a realization that not all bad things are solely negative. I honestly believe that all bad things are a sacrifice or offerings for a good thing to happen in the future. Like planting a seed and waiting for it to sprout and eventually grow into a living organism.

Don't let this philosophy of mine deter you from watching my latest video, I promise to provide many points from human history that encourage my way of thinking. I won't be able to provide any one thing to 100% validate that sacrifices will enable good things to happen, but I believe that after you hear what I have to say, you will at least consider the potential.

In this video, I mentioned a few other users and some bad things that have happened to them recently (@simpleeme and @flowerbaby), be sure to follow both of them if you aren't already. They may not be daily posters like a lot of us are, but they do still exist and I believe both have a lot to offer this world.

I feel pretty lucky to have found a way of thought that allows me to stay happy during harsh times. Even if this process is not always accurate, it at least provides me peace of mind. My goal is to lower my stress levels to a minimum to maximize my life span. Let's see if I am able to help you do the same.

Thanks for stopping by for another video. I will be bringing more content like this on a daily basis, so if you aren't already following me be sure to do so. I also really appreciate anybody willing to reblog my posts to help more people see what I have to share. Comments are great too, I will always take the time to get back to you at some point.

Information about the painting used in my thumbnail:
Kloek, Wouter. “Sacrifice of Iphigenia” (2017). In The Leiden Collection Catalogue, 3rd ed. Edited by Arthur K. Wheelock Jr. and Lara Yeager-Crasselt. New York, 2020–. (accessed June 23, 2022).


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Dude, I love reading your posts and I usually agree with you. I'm going through bad things these days, but it's happened before and somehow I managed to get out of it. I'll do it again. When something bad happens, something good will follow. It's like Yin Yang. When something good happens, there's a little bit of bad in it, but that's okay. And vice versa. These are the facts of life. The important thing is to make real friends like you and get through it. Helping your friends, being there for them in their hard times. You made a great video again.
By the way, I saw the movie you recommended, The Bad Batch. It was nothing like the movies I've seen before. I will write a review in a few days.

You've got the right attitude about surviving through those difficult times. You already know I appreciate your support and comments, kind words about what I create always make me feel great.

I hope that you liked The Bad Batch, can't wait to see your review of it.

I sometimes find myself slipping into a funk of a bad mood some days and really I shouldn't be. I find that if I just smile it makes things better. It's a stupid tactic, but it works for me!

It happens sometimes, but can't stay that way forever. There is always something that is capable of bringing us down, but that also means there is something nearby that is probably going to do the opposite and increase your happiness. Smiling sure seems like an excellent choice to me, not a stupid one. Thanks for watching this by the way 👏

well dude i feel as though mental health is something that people should talk about a lot more than they do. As someone who has lived a quite isolated life for the past 20 years I think it is really important. I'm glad that you have done well with your issues (if they are even real issues) and I have with mine as well. Keep well, brother.

It's easy to neglect the actual status of your well being when you are isolated. I'm trying to stay present these days and focus on the things that are going on with me rather than just getting in a groove and ignoring this and that. Staying self awareness like that has kept any problems form developing into major issues. I find a resolution to most things before they affect me drastically. When I was younger, that definitely was not the case.

well it seems as though you have gone through a great sequence of self-improvement as of late with fitness, social aspects, and just life in general. Good for you pal!

I appreciate it a lot! I hope you continue to find ways to stay motivated to live a better life as well.

certainly when our mind falls into that spiral it is difficult to get out of it since everything we do inevitably we will think will go wrong. Although they are not the same in all cases, it is a good start with those words of encouragement for us, and if stress levels are reduced, our quality of life will surely improve. Thank you for bringing this kind of content and sharing it as a kind of teaching. greetings and happy weekend

In crypto they call it a death spiral, but if you can find a way to swim upstream... you can come back and be doing even better after almost any tragedy. You are awesome for watching this and leaving some feedback for me to enjoy Thanks!

Here we are, my friend, fighting against the current current of the Bear market, looking for a way to make our investments yield much more. I think that in #Hive the way is not to give up and keep working on improving the posts in addition to saving a little of our daily earnings.

This comment inspired me to make a video about going to the pool and swimming regularly. I’ll be posting about that in two days thanks to you. I appreciate you giving me the idea, even if you didn’t do it on purpose.

To respond to what you said. ACCUMULATE ACCUMULATE ACCUMULATE and forget about the price for the time being. Once it all multiplied you will reap those rewards if you were able to save a large portion of your earnings.

I can totally relate to having car troubles and honestly, shit happens. However, just as you're saying, I actually started thinking about how things could have been worse.

My friend in the driver's seat at the time could have accidentally killed somebody or crashed into a wall if there wasn't a concrete pole in the way.

Anyway, for a couple of days that the car was at the mechanic, I started using my bicycle and that's good for my health.

It's a good thing no deaths were involved and the only thing that got banged up badly was the car.
Bicycles are a great way to get around and roaming on foot is probably the last resort, but thankfully that was working out quite well for me.

Absolutely man!

So many things can go different from the plan, and it's not the end of the world. Things turn out best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out.

With the sacrifice thing you were talking about, I see it kind of like a givers gain philosophy, where you focus on giving and because you're a giver, people will want to help you in the future. It comes back to you when you pay it forward.

There always seems to be some way to turn something bad into something good. It may even happen all by itself. I like the giver's gain philosophy you mentioned. I feel like it correlates to what I said in this video quite a lot.

Negative thoughts n feelings or overthinking is the biggest reason of unhappiness or depression 💯✨👍🏻❤️ you helps everyone to come out of anxiety and live life happily to another level.

Unhappiness finds far too many of us. I know some may never climb out of that dark hole, but if I’m able to at least help a portion of those trapped in a negative loop… then I’m satisfied.

take my teeny weeny sacrifice/upvote now. :P

pain leads to healing yup. I kept on thinking of how muscles grow.. breakdown, then rebuild/growth.. some ppl sacrifice eating (fasting/IF) or maybe even chips and candy! 😪

that's not my level of sacrifice but i'll limit what i indulge in. I will 'sacrifice' time to go shopping with my wife or something small like that. I think she wants to go to church. i had plenty of voluntary force church when i was growing up with a minister for a dad. plus, my wife is catholic and i grew up protestant, but it's all good..

ps. nice hat.. is that a PS fish?

That is a Pink Dolphin puffer fish on the hat. I love that design.

You sacrifice a lot on here. All the commenting you do does not go unnoticed. You seem like a great guy to me, so anytime you second guess yourself I assume you’re wrong and probably much better at life than you describe. Your wife is lucky to have you and the family.

aww, shucks.. 😊😉😃💪

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