HBD Interest Payouts For February 2023

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Hello March!

Another month has gone by. It was a cold one. Hoping for spring to arrive sooner and days get warmer here. Bitcoin price action has been uneventful. After a great start in January, bitcoin price movement slowed down. Still too early to say how things will work out this year. But there is always another year. And there is a special year when another halving happens.

Hive price had some interesting movements. Surely, some on twitter were excited about Hive prices going up. But anything below $1 for Hive seems boring. HBD has been stable as usual. Peg continues to hold and the network is still paying 20% APR. 15 out of 20 top witnesses still have their HBD interest APR parameters set at 20%. It looks like witnesses and stakeholders are not worried about such generous monthly payments for HBD holders.

Of course, this may change in the future. Many have expressed their opinions that at some point APR would have to be lowered. Even when 20% initially was signaled by consensus, it was to attract more attention to Hive blockchain and what HBD offers. However, I believe 20% APR can be sustainable in a long run even if massive amounts of HBD start moving to Savings. That is if the price of Hive also continues to increase. In theory, that is what is suppose to happen. More HBD in the market, should result in higher Hive prices. Because to add more HBD to the market we need to create more HBD. To create more HBD, we may need to buy Hive and convert to HBD. This yet to be tested and proven.

If this theory turns out to be wrong, and more HBD moves to Savings as Hive price remains below $1, then decisions will have to be made to adjust the APR. For now, the current 20% seems just fine.

Crypto world didn't have any crazy news either. One news that caught my attention was the BUSD drama. US based stablecoin issuer Paxos was told by US agencies to stop minting BUSD and that they considered them as unregistered securities. Paxos disputes this claim and intends to litigate if needed. It is not clear if this move by SEC is against stablecoins or Binance. I am sure we will be hearing more about BUSD, Paxos, and Binance vs SEC. Stories like this demonstrate the importance and the need for decentralized stablecoins like HBD.

Let's take a look at numbers for February...

Total HBD Interest Payments & Accounts By Month

MonthYearTotal AmountTotal Accounts
March202110,429 HBD6,415
April202112,208 HBD7,106
May202116,574 HBD7,250
June202138,883 HBD7,167
July20211,696 HBD682
August20215,646 HBD1,062
September20212,570 HBD1,129
October20214,914 HBD1,239
November202110,931 HBD1,482
December202119,004 HBD1,655
January202219,740 HBD1,843
February202214,775 HBD1,654
March202226,506 HBD1,827
April202235,223 HBD2,357
May202266,025 HBD2,471
June202255,929 HBD2,253
July202262,053 HBD2,440
August202245,416 HBD2,573
September202260,083 HBD2,582
October202257,388 HBD2,712
November202269,228 HBD2,645
December202271,830 HBD2,684
January202386,019 HBD2,800
February202372,016 HBD2,659

As you can see total interest payments and total interest recipient numbers dropped a little bit in February compared to the previous month. But the total payment is still higher than of December 2022. This actually doesn't mean interest for HBD have dropped. Because February only had 28 days, and rest of the months have 30 or 31 days, it is expected that the numbers for February would be slightly lower. And they are.

Interest payments can be claimed every 30 days. Some accounts who were expecting payments and haven't received yet, will probably claim them in March.

Top 500 HBD Interest Payments For February 2023

1lazy-panda10353.8662023-02-21 16:19:54
2alpha3464.7312023-02-27 23:43:51
3muenchen2991.9742023-02-09 12:35:45
4spkproposal2343.5462023-02-27 21:34:18
5investegg1862.7152023-02-08 00:48:57
6parkman1632.5602023-02-01 03:39:36
7vaultec1519.1552023-02-22 19:57:57
8yunnie1508.9412023-02-01 11:06:48
9lucius.banda1393.0352023-02-23 08:17:15
10apshamilton1180.5822023-02-14 08:01:42
11bocasdeldrago1162.4522023-02-07 22:47:21
12engrave.cold1053.1182023-02-15 22:31:48
13dfund1017.1652023-02-15 02:22:57
14krasnec874.6082023-02-04 15:08:39
15piggybox-002825.6612023-02-01 04:59:39
16zhipi751.0842023-02-25 05:12:15
17hbdsavings749.0852023-02-11 08:26:39
18deathwing741.5922023-02-26 00:35:03
19richie.rich718.4732023-02-02 09:33:27
20piggybox-001670.6612023-02-28 08:57:18
21chewsk1601.6862023-02-12 21:24:12
22nealmcspadden593.1652023-02-27 17:51:45
23smooth-a592.9522023-02-22 16:18:15
24empoderat.cold587.1612023-02-12 18:15:12
25nuttin569.5312023-02-27 14:04:51
26mika568.1112023-02-04 00:57:27
27stoodkev552.6112023-02-06 05:15:15
28cryptonized530.8032023-02-17 07:46:33
29v4vapp.dhf484.1912023-02-13 20:17:12
30x30470.6352023-02-14 17:01:48
31variola468.2092023-02-09 06:44:48
32fbslo465.0972023-02-24 13:12:27
33risingstarhub427.3342023-02-06 17:41:42
34mup416.7472023-02-14 11:16:42
35lunaticpandora359.2912023-02-05 05:33:33
36dresden.theone353.0332023-02-18 01:25:27
37paleking335.9582023-02-20 18:59:57
38j1984335.5442023-02-25 11:26:15
39prinzvalium335.3512023-02-01 13:08:15
40thevenusproject333.0262023-02-14 18:29:15
41piggybox-004332.5622023-02-13 15:25:24
42pharesim328.0202023-02-08 13:38:48
43coinmint319.2182023-02-09 05:17:48
44borislavzlatanov300.6702023-02-03 19:49:48
45stayoutoftherz294.5872023-02-12 22:23:06
46hivecreators291.0552023-02-15 19:39:51
47strawhat289.0922023-02-07 03:49:18
48eliel281.8732023-02-26 03:01:48
49zuerich278.6772023-02-01 16:06:00
50catinthewindow273.7332023-02-14 11:01:48
51onthewayout265.1992023-02-27 05:18:00
52peakd257.6672023-02-04 01:44:21
53goldstreet246.1292023-02-26 00:21:51
54namelessnameless241.5062023-02-27 14:25:51
55doortable234.6802023-02-02 09:24:12
56whangster79233.5632023-02-04 17:58:51
57fulltimegeek228.6322023-02-24 18:01:27
58hbd-temp228.5072023-02-04 14:50:18
59ura-soul215.3492023-02-26 23:14:03
60piggybox-003206.9272023-02-28 08:02:18
61dmwh205.3752023-02-28 19:31:33
62holoz0r204.8942023-02-02 17:15:27
63seraphim502199.9972023-02-04 03:37:36
64mini-v196.4542023-02-01 16:56:48
65timesheets193.5282023-02-10 23:19:57
66vikisecrets190.3352023-02-22 22:45:36
67solominer.stake185.4962023-02-18 15:19:00
68pouchon183.2792023-02-26 04:07:18
69tomhall180.6472023-02-13 14:12:12
70hiveauth179.0312023-02-06 13:46:39
71achim03177.6382023-02-23 17:07:57
72venadita176.7182023-02-27 12:41:03
73deepresearch173.1292023-02-27 12:49:57
74thelittlebank171.7972023-02-28 14:42:42
75spinvest170.4512023-02-13 00:13:24
76photofeed165.4222023-02-16 06:13:54
77esportleague154.6652023-02-12 07:48:30
78ncwarp149.4982023-02-02 14:14:36
79santiagolaw148.6052023-02-15 16:19:21
80geekgirl147.8882023-02-20 20:49:30
81valdiva143.0762023-02-28 13:52:45
82teammo142.3222023-02-13 15:53:15
83martibis141.2782023-02-16 00:15:57
84gimmiethecash135.9502023-02-09 03:42:12
85yogajill135.0422023-02-26 15:46:30
86eturnerx-honey125.9832023-02-15 08:17:27
87demotruk124.1202023-02-13 12:04:57
88r2cornell120.6252023-02-01 23:18:45
89raycoms120.1322023-02-01 11:03:39
90hiddenblade118.4382023-02-27 14:03:33
91crimsonclad117.6742023-02-13 03:25:24
92meesterboom110.5112023-02-14 10:38:54
93primalamacchina108.2592023-02-27 11:16:51
94behiver107.7952023-02-21 19:38:09
95rival105.8572023-02-23 11:30:54
96cryptosimplify105.7362023-02-11 09:26:21
97taskmaster4450105.6902023-02-08 02:48:18
98maxsieg105.2442023-02-01 21:55:03
99bozz104.0722023-02-03 13:57:18
100evanstinger99.1302023-02-04 04:45:12
101detlev98.4332023-02-08 16:51:30
102fundacja97.4942023-02-18 22:06:57
103lordbutterfly96.2172023-02-13 11:35:57
104shitsignals95.0202023-02-22 05:45:45
105howo92.3742023-02-13 18:36:39
106deanliu91.9612023-02-15 10:32:03
107nftshowroombank89.6312023-02-14 16:32:00
108ironshield87.8112023-02-21 16:38:24
109watchlist86.6892023-02-15 06:27:51
110wildebunny85.7902023-02-13 22:54:06
111alexaivytorres84.4472023-02-22 12:17:24
112kaerpediem83.7792023-02-27 16:10:18
113worldfinances83.0062023-02-27 13:50:24
114trumpman82.7952023-02-14 07:30:42
115communitybank82.3452023-02-06 17:24:54
116hivevault82.3452023-02-06 17:24:54
117superhive82.1182023-02-05 16:11:12
118holoferncro80.4542023-02-01 08:48:24
119fredrikaa78.8562023-02-04 08:01:45
120susanli376977.7022023-02-04 19:37:48
121offgridlife77.6262023-02-06 05:15:12
122revisesociology75.3562023-02-03 20:36:54
123ipromote74.2742023-02-04 11:54:18
124slobberchops73.6232023-02-10 18:49:30
125theghost198073.3762023-02-07 17:05:00
126arcange72.8452023-02-15 13:25:27
127pandasquad72.1092023-02-04 23:35:39
128travelfeed71.3942023-02-01 11:02:54
129r00sj368.3312023-02-28 15:35:06
130ericvancewalton68.0842023-02-26 18:10:27
131michelmake67.9682023-02-21 22:29:54
132steemvault67.8882023-02-06 17:24:57
133globalcurrencies67.5152023-02-06 17:55:42
134lafona67.2932023-02-03 22:37:33
135pi-store66.5062023-02-09 05:25:51
136beststart66.1622023-02-14 23:48:18
137mrspointm64.9472023-02-21 10:57:33
138leaky2064.8932023-02-26 12:25:21
139mrpointp64.6642023-02-21 10:57:00
140fukako62.9472023-02-05 16:12:48
141vevette62.4002023-02-02 13:45:42
142steemflow62.3112023-02-23 12:02:24
143monochromes62.0802023-02-18 03:15:57
144splinterdany61.8732023-02-16 02:25:33
145eolianpariah261.3832023-02-01 11:28:54
146alives61.2472023-02-12 08:36:39
147balaz61.1952023-02-23 04:40:18
148hendersonp61.1302023-02-02 14:21:45
149msdeestrees61.0902023-02-01 08:00:33
150goldrooster61.0002023-02-09 14:43:12
151balte60.6602023-02-05 19:19:24
152mrdbcooper60.0772023-02-28 03:58:06
153grindle60.0262023-02-28 11:19:06
154dsavings59.7642023-02-18 00:32:48
155teamukraine59.4262023-02-15 17:40:24
156hivestorage57.7372023-02-03 23:04:39
157osak57.5582023-02-04 13:26:09
158cryptofiloz56.8702023-02-11 12:10:00
159cheftony56.3042023-02-03 23:39:42
160anneadam56.2012023-02-04 13:01:21
161dandays56.1072023-02-14 11:02:00
162livinguktaiwan55.8472023-02-28 01:58:03
163xg402855.3932023-02-11 02:52:09
164shaunmza55.3912023-02-19 18:29:45
165coffeelovers55.3212023-02-07 02:50:45
166j8506355.2312023-02-09 12:11:15
167krishool54.8292023-02-19 11:46:33
168josediccus54.7572023-02-06 09:50:45
169danmaruschak53.7312023-02-03 12:04:45
170marc553.2182023-02-10 14:46:21
171lackofcolor52.9002023-02-06 15:01:06
172nostalgic121252.8512023-02-16 16:26:42
173cflclosers52.7752023-02-09 03:56:33
174verbalshadow51.9732023-02-08 23:27:27
175flaviusgu51.7362023-02-12 23:03:30
176blingit51.4402023-02-27 01:59:09
177iamjohn50.8092023-02-20 03:44:00
178techcoderx50.1782023-02-13 04:40:36
179bitrocker48.7042023-02-05 00:55:18
180lk66648.0152023-02-07 16:32:33
181dalz47.9752023-02-15 13:25:06
182dmilliz47.3332023-02-01 11:05:51
183bigkrik5446.7452023-02-25 15:31:21
184winniex45.2522023-02-13 11:46:00
185sanjeevm44.9642023-02-23 04:39:24
186mipiano44.9472023-02-01 12:08:48
187sketch.and.jam44.8162023-02-01 01:33:27
188contrabourdon44.7132023-02-08 02:12:18
189motionup44.6202023-02-09 08:34:33
190irenenavarroart44.6102023-02-10 20:56:54
191blueeyes896044.2932023-02-13 20:25:24
192wandereronwheels44.0622023-02-07 03:23:24
193shimozurdo43.4222023-02-05 18:23:30
194stayoutorz-fin43.3872023-02-07 07:13:51
195cedricguillas42.6702023-02-16 01:34:06
196rarej41.9282023-02-16 12:20:42
197sjarvie541.9152023-02-19 15:18:09
198nonameslefttouse41.6482023-02-05 13:31:12
199kolbjorn41.5482023-02-17 10:43:48
200sandymeyer41.0512023-02-18 11:55:45
201thcmind40.9162023-02-01 02:56:57
202jinvest40.8122023-02-11 15:22:21
203fermionico40.4032023-02-22 17:13:39
204papilloncharity39.6422023-02-17 13:03:24
205theb0red139.5662023-02-04 05:19:36
206vimm39.3762023-02-09 00:52:00
207brian.rrr38.5852023-02-15 04:53:06
208joshman38.5242023-02-03 20:53:00
209yann097537.7332023-02-15 13:16:03
210methodofmad37.5002023-02-17 22:03:18
211celestal36.2692023-02-28 08:28:15
212nuthman35.7462023-02-04 07:11:18
213fokusnow35.5372023-02-27 14:20:21
214fermentedphil35.4832023-02-08 20:18:27
215xcoonxhd35.2392023-02-14 09:20:24
216toofasteddie35.0562023-02-25 22:56:12
217v4vapp.tre34.8412023-02-28 18:23:27
218nicole201634.5812023-02-08 07:01:21
219beta50034.5382023-02-06 17:24:54
220kargul0934.2162023-02-19 12:59:06
221brumest34.1922023-02-01 13:14:06
222investingpennies34.1272023-02-06 17:24:57
223bdcommunity33.8722023-02-08 06:29:42
224june062033.6132023-02-02 12:44:51
225calimeatwagon33.4372023-02-23 16:27:33
226emmali32.9802023-02-04 19:37:09
227toofast-ace32.8802023-02-13 16:07:30
228lbi-token32.1702023-02-04 22:49:33
229v4vapid32.1492023-02-26 09:03:12
230justinchicken32.1012023-02-21 12:19:48
231adamada.stem31.9562023-02-22 02:23:48
232montanita31.6552023-02-02 20:15:27
233djugana31.5012023-02-16 12:27:12
234jznsamuel31.4832023-02-04 21:38:15
235tj4real31.0302023-02-14 10:11:54
236mineopoly30.9372023-02-03 03:43:27
237astralrevelation30.6122023-02-28 16:09:51
238cranium30.5522023-02-09 08:33:54
239walterprofe30.2742023-02-11 18:15:18
240lukestokes29.9692023-02-09 18:00:27
241mathowl29.8392023-02-19 05:48:33
242epic-fail29.6892023-02-19 23:34:15
243garlet29.4192023-02-06 12:33:21
244mobbs29.4022023-02-10 03:12:09
245choogirl29.2702023-02-21 16:23:12
246gandalf28.4592023-02-22 21:56:45
247seckorama28.1532023-02-05 20:19:39
248kiemurainen27.8702023-02-14 23:25:45
249thekittygirl27.6722023-02-27 18:19:36
250archon-gov27.4312023-02-26 00:36:00
251zokka8227.4262023-02-17 09:43:24
252vincentnijman26.9192023-02-04 18:27:57
253marcusantoniu2626.8442023-02-26 06:25:48
254steemaction26.4562023-02-22 19:26:21
255priyanarc26.3962023-02-10 20:53:00
256jfang00326.2852023-02-25 06:54:15
257stevieboyes26.1592023-02-28 21:34:51
258anmitsu26.0052023-02-05 16:26:00
259bitcoinflood25.9822023-02-28 17:17:33
260obsesija25.8162023-02-25 14:11:42
261sheikh2725.7982023-02-15 06:03:36
262louis8825.5942023-02-14 10:30:12
263schmidi25.4642023-02-15 20:33:21
264mimi.ruby25.2332023-02-02 03:20:12
265nick.name24.9002023-02-26 18:37:09
266ewkaw24.8092023-02-13 00:07:48
267mammasitta24.6982023-02-20 11:02:30
268gwajnberg24.4912023-02-28 17:14:36
269darth-azrael24.4042023-02-22 20:11:06
270neuerko24.3322023-02-23 21:57:27
271orestistrips24.1812023-02-19 17:15:15
272fat-elvis24.1702023-02-04 14:06:27
273mproxima24.1582023-02-13 09:39:03
274d-pend24.1272023-02-27 21:16:21
275hallmann24.0862023-02-22 19:02:45
276stevenson723.7512023-02-05 15:27:51
277fedoraonmyhead23.6362023-02-05 04:36:09
278joanstewart23.3402023-02-02 10:49:54
279thisnewgirl23.1312023-02-21 21:00:39
280nupulse23.1062023-02-24 08:47:33
281zeruxanime22.7542023-02-17 05:31:48
282stephen.king98922.6442023-02-13 19:58:42
283meerliebe22.6182023-02-28 17:00:54
284prosocialise22.6152023-02-11 20:31:21
285vcclothing22.5652023-02-26 21:57:39
286generikat22.5552023-02-08 18:19:06
287idiosyncratic122.4492023-02-21 21:41:24
288scottcbusiness22.3042023-02-16 22:18:42
289kryptik22.2722023-02-04 21:05:30
290peerfinance22.1582023-02-12 15:58:39
291muterra22.1152023-02-19 16:13:24
292unorgmilitia21.9762023-02-23 09:16:51
293satren21.9282023-02-11 05:37:24
294onwugbenuvictor21.7722023-02-13 09:55:24
295steem.services21.7202023-02-06 20:03:06
296trangbaby21.5712023-02-21 00:38:12
297breezin21.4132023-02-11 12:29:06
298koenau21.0742023-02-01 06:23:03
299ciderjunkie20.7702023-02-08 00:29:48
300notak20.7122023-02-10 09:26:30
301delishtreats20.6742023-02-06 14:44:42
302wulff-media20.5942023-02-25 13:35:18
303curangel20.5612023-02-08 13:40:09
304rodrook20.5502023-02-07 00:31:06
305sorin.cristescu20.4682023-02-20 19:38:09
306actifit-peter20.3772023-02-12 08:01:15
307luislrt20.2662023-02-01 05:25:24
308soushi88820.0552023-02-04 19:38:48
309blitzzzz20.0012023-02-20 17:09:21
310blind-spot19.9162023-02-17 13:15:36
311cardboard19.8402023-02-08 12:17:51
312captain.kirk19.7882023-02-13 07:57:06
313captaincryptic19.7352023-02-06 14:11:42
314thebluewin19.5952023-02-12 16:50:36
315guurry19.3672023-02-08 10:42:00
316oblivioncubed19.2082023-02-12 20:31:09
317lagnarok19.1672023-02-21 06:51:42
318paxjulia19.1112023-02-24 10:12:15
319hivesql19.0692023-02-03 18:14:36
320albuslucimus18.9582023-02-15 11:51:06
321eggstraordinair18.9392023-02-01 15:58:18
322maxwellmarcusart18.8232023-02-21 06:20:45
323invest4free18.3882023-02-25 06:06:51
324ikservices18.3452023-02-26 06:27:27
325improv18.3352023-02-07 06:55:54
326astuk18.2962023-02-27 17:19:42
327khan.dayyanz18.2582023-02-28 15:13:27
328enjar18.1032023-02-27 03:22:03
329blockheadgames18.1032023-02-21 18:21:06
330ninahaskin18.0672023-02-21 11:17:21
331zekepickleman17.9932023-02-07 18:40:36
332jankos5517.8812023-02-17 22:55:12
333eisenbart17.8342023-02-22 21:06:54
334sponge-bob17.7652023-02-14 17:55:39
335newigennity17.6952023-02-02 21:22:36
336python1317.6772023-02-01 04:22:30
337pele2317.6462023-02-27 14:21:45
338condeas17.6112023-02-01 06:55:51
339walletinv17.4192023-02-10 20:19:09
340rabona17.3362023-02-07 12:10:57
341evaredskin17.3182023-02-28 10:22:30
342gubbatv17.2922023-02-22 03:23:57
343florian-glechner17.2262023-02-26 06:28:36
344the-bitcoin-dood17.1822023-02-02 02:46:42
345stevelivingston17.1092023-02-26 01:21:27
346gonetoearth17.0082023-02-09 17:48:18
347wiser16.9232023-02-12 15:45:51
348yole16.7812023-02-04 03:55:18
349tych02116.7632023-02-15 21:19:30
350megapiupiu16.5832023-02-02 14:14:36
351bhattg16.5662023-02-04 09:47:09
352mdosev16.5152023-02-24 06:09:00
353galberto16.4552023-02-10 16:27:18
354liveofdalla16.3782023-02-01 05:30:24
355roomservice16.3722023-02-23 10:19:15
356kaylinart16.0182023-02-12 09:13:06
357moon32walker16.0142023-02-27 08:07:06
358tattoodjay15.8242023-02-13 12:09:30
359wittywheat15.7662023-02-10 07:08:27
360strenue15.7482023-02-26 20:06:18
361pacoandujar15.7292023-02-13 22:44:57
362anna.kathaxrina15.6992023-02-06 14:29:57
363ackhoo15.6072023-02-15 20:23:24
364calatorulmiop15.5772023-02-08 15:54:18
365codingdefined15.5742023-02-01 01:51:21
366darkflame15.5682023-02-24 08:58:24
367adand15.4692023-02-11 18:16:51
368andyjaypowell15.3922023-02-19 20:32:09
369abh1234515.3502023-02-25 12:03:45
370hope-on-fire15.2792023-02-03 14:27:03
371valued-customer15.2372023-02-14 09:17:30
372ludmila.kyriakou15.1342023-02-02 05:33:57
373sanjeev02115.0812023-02-08 20:37:24
374drakernoise15.0742023-02-04 22:20:15
375shanibeer15.0612023-02-01 15:06:33
376stortebeker14.7972023-02-08 17:19:33
377anarcist6914.7782023-02-01 00:10:45
378russia-btc14.6942023-02-28 16:02:39
379johnhtims.life14.6562023-02-07 00:33:57
380spi-steemcity14.6282023-02-13 00:28:18
381mini-whaley14.3782023-02-13 12:32:33
382heroldius14.3042023-02-15 16:11:33
383stefano.massari14.2412023-02-01 05:47:33
384gastontrussi14.1972023-02-17 04:20:48
385bosmob14.1892023-02-04 12:22:24
386katerinaramm14.0182023-02-17 19:15:30
387patsitivity13.9432023-02-10 00:33:42
388dudeontheweb13.8582023-02-14 22:23:21
389cwow213.7852023-02-18 09:44:06
390davideownzall13.4142023-02-16 20:23:36
391iansart13.3272023-02-02 21:49:12
392mespanta13.3152023-02-15 09:03:06
393muelli13.2852023-02-13 21:44:15
394clau-de-sign13.2242023-02-18 16:58:24
395drax13.1902023-02-09 08:50:45
396suzana7213.0292023-02-10 21:31:18
397coloringiship12.8822023-02-19 15:27:39
398abbak712.8572023-02-19 06:53:03
399trincowski12.8432023-02-14 19:28:24
400lightsplasher12.8362023-02-25 15:02:06
401immanuel9412.8322023-02-04 23:21:57
402itsostylish12.7912023-02-28 15:43:09
403pardinus12.6112023-02-01 00:43:24
404davidke2012.5682023-02-15 06:45:42
405crypt012.5512023-02-28 07:56:54
406ivycrafts12.5402023-02-27 17:23:39
407woelfchen12.5252023-02-07 21:51:00
408ammonite12.4652023-02-07 22:05:30
409portugalcoin12.4202023-02-05 21:42:21
410lxxicf12.4102023-02-11 08:22:45
411olgavita12.4012023-02-21 11:14:21
412gniksivart12.3492023-02-06 12:34:12
413hotspotitaly12.2672023-02-19 15:46:06
414alonicus12.2492023-02-03 10:17:18
415mcoinz7912.1982023-02-07 05:22:24
416enmymente12.1832023-02-15 14:04:18
417mortalibus12.1622023-02-12 15:19:51
418vanje12.1602023-02-03 20:46:54
419lozio7112.1512023-02-17 22:10:30
420ervin-lemark12.0762023-02-03 14:39:24
421luna-protege12.0632023-02-15 18:58:33
422tarazkp12.0532023-02-19 22:45:30
423hiramdo12.0512023-02-15 16:13:24
424null211.9752023-02-09 00:35:06
425drnoobpro11.9412023-02-01 09:07:57
426dtube11.9402023-02-20 09:08:51
427kam5iz11.8992023-02-11 12:21:36
428kothy11.8372023-02-16 07:52:36
429zyx06611.8072023-02-20 03:32:27
430d-company11.6872023-02-01 07:22:33
431ryivhnn11.6852023-02-01 13:28:15
432bombus11.6722023-02-28 06:03:33
433proteancreator11.6022023-02-11 05:42:27
434owasco11.5802023-02-15 16:35:30
435christinepoulos11.5442023-02-08 19:56:51
436pechichemena11.4982023-02-10 14:33:48
437leonordomonol11.4802023-02-22 07:45:24
438thales711.4522023-02-08 18:31:57
439abelfotografia11.3752023-02-07 04:26:48
440wapitielk11.3272023-02-13 06:01:51
441xuanling1111.2852023-02-10 19:57:27
442brutus2211.2762023-02-15 06:14:06
443edian11.2352023-02-08 07:39:27
444shadowspub11.1762023-02-08 18:58:27
445dangerbald11.1302023-02-24 03:40:00
446quochuy11.0972023-02-01 10:36:48
447cloudblade11.0712023-02-04 05:13:54
448friendlymoose11.0302023-02-09 06:11:30
449thetroublenotes10.9612023-02-27 17:51:03
450wrestlingdesires10.8732023-02-05 20:21:09
451shantyshawn10.7002023-02-19 17:03:00
452luizeba10.6952023-02-04 11:14:57
453happycrazycon10.6662023-02-21 17:01:48
454stehaller10.6312023-02-15 19:54:45
455vachemorte10.6252023-02-07 21:08:42
456pavelsku10.6102023-02-20 07:35:33
457noopu10.5422023-02-04 12:53:21
458roger512010.5402023-02-12 02:02:24
459julesquirin10.5332023-02-18 07:11:00
460relf8710.4722023-02-04 16:29:06
461davidesimoncini10.4682023-02-02 06:48:57
462dwayne1610.4672023-02-17 11:06:03
463hhayweaver10.4652023-02-22 15:11:00
464rmsadkri10.3832023-02-08 12:41:15
465diegoameerali10.3282023-02-24 12:35:45
466terrybogan10.3022023-02-21 10:20:57
467queenart10.1612023-02-23 22:03:48
468creativetruth10.1452023-02-28 19:21:30
469dibblers.dabs10.1082023-02-18 14:58:36
470banat10.0872023-02-03 13:24:09
471youyowi10.0872023-02-06 12:58:57
472silviared94510.0502023-02-09 13:36:06
473blainjones10.0212023-02-10 01:40:27
474farmboy-boss9.9932023-02-26 01:23:24
475krakonos9.8582023-02-16 19:24:12
476jacoalberts9.7862023-02-28 07:50:03
477cleanyourcity9.5752023-02-03 07:23:03
478break-out-trader9.5612023-02-09 14:12:30
479mcsherriff9.5302023-02-20 16:00:48
480eyesiswatchin9.4692023-02-14 03:20:39
481gadrian9.4362023-02-02 09:30:51
482fikirlertarihi9.4012023-02-16 14:40:12
483jeremyowens95019.3812023-02-13 03:23:27
484nitsuga129.3662023-02-09 20:54:48
485nyrh9.2962023-02-05 19:49:42
486haastrecht9.2942023-02-16 15:25:12
487kolkamkwan9.2872023-02-23 16:50:00
488minismallholding9.2362023-02-04 23:24:30
489joetunex9.1522023-02-19 10:15:39
490readthisplease9.1412023-02-15 07:17:03
491rtboy9.1312023-02-20 18:09:54
492mmckinneyphoto139.1012023-02-08 04:27:21
493mrscryptopanda859.0772023-02-26 21:45:30
494davidthompson579.0012023-02-28 21:32:57
495ykdesign8.9732023-02-01 03:23:12
496imfarhad8.9682023-02-22 10:30:33
497sally-notbright8.9082023-02-27 20:58:45
498selphie8.9002023-02-05 18:38:00
499gamer008.8892023-02-13 16:26:09
500artmom8.8552023-02-15 02:43:45

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Who wants to toss me a cool 9K HBD so I can make the list? lulz.

I don’t think you need that much to make the list. I probably would do top 1000 if it wasn’t for post character limits.

I am glad to be on the list and I think I moved up slightly from last month. Hopefully, I will be moving up and it will all add up over time.

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After the recent banking failures many are speculating the USD (by which the HBD is pegged) could hyper inflate. Imagine if USD tanks enough for 1 BTC to be worth $1M

I'm on the list too, but I'm not sure I should have been so eager anymore. LOL

Disclaimer this is not financial advice.


Planning to save more HBD this year 😊

I got a good $3.4 in interest or something... then Murphy bit me in the bum and I had to draw savings out. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I shall rebuild.

@lazy-panda is my all time MVP. That's a beautiful salary payout at this rate.

Great one! Thanks for this informative post. I have also saved some HBDs in my wallet that I expect to roll out some interest over the next weeks.

On the other hand, may I know how did you pull up these data? I would also like to know if there was a tutorial / guide on how to get these data.

I use HiveSQL to pull the data, using python & sql. I have written several HiveSQL tutorial-like posts, and may have covered this as well. If not, I can make one when I get a chance.

Where you finally able to make it ??

Thanks! I'll try to dig into your posts and learn from them.

Maybe this helps?

yo da man @prinzvalium! Exactly what I need

Cool 😎

Hey @korver, here is a little bit of BEER from @prinzvalium for you. Enjoy it!

We love your support by voting @detlev.witness on HIVE .

I have still been going on to accumulate HBD, and will do as long as the price of HIVE remains below $1.

Haha I am 331 on that list!

I always feel like I have not enough hbd in savings yet. It is a struggle because I also feel like I am short changing my hp power up by stuffing more on my small stack.

Still, I just love having another option to build upon my hive stake and that it is leagues beyond the pittance that banks pay in interest. Obvious they don’t want you saving anything.

This is not financial advice. This is just my opinion and the perspective I have taken. No offense, but the most desirable strategy here is not to slowly accumulate, but to do what lazy panda is doing. Go all in. If you slowly convert from HIVE to HBD, just as you say, you will lose HIVE stake. What you want to do is invest FIAT. Convert state currency to HBD. As you accumulate HBD, it will yield interest. That interest can be withdrawn and converted to HIVE stake.

Rather than looking at this from the perspective of converting HIVE stake to HBD (cash savings), you should be using HBD (cash savings) to build your HIVE stake. It is definitely higher risk because it requires one to abandon banks and fiat, but if you truly believe in HIVE, this is the way.

If you have $70k HBD, this will return $1k HBD/month. For some countries, that is a stable monthly income. Of course, 10x that is $10k HBD/month which is living comfortably. It is worth building up the savings quickly. It is not known how long the 20% interest will last. Could only last another year. In the end, this will benefit true believers that made large investments early. Those that make small investments slowly may spend more in conversion fees than what they actually make from the interest.

That is sound advice and perspective.

I am building more of a diversified financial portfolio and, frankly, most of my fiat is either tied up in real estate or used to provide lifestyle for the family and build my marketing business. If I had liquid assets rotting in financial accounts, I would surely take your advice. Til then, I will accumulate passively and actively with the numerous blockchain opportunities, keep socking HBD away slowly, and crank up the performance of my fiat machine so I can invest in HBD properly.

Kudos to people who are taking better advantage of the opportunity than me!

You can't go wrong with real estate. Good luck.

Real estate is just shelter and lifestyle combined with huge capital asset. Great for that but not very liquid. Now that that is covered, working on amping up the fiat generators to feather that portfolio with Crypto and building stake here is a good pastime while doing that.

That’s awesome… I’m Slowly converting all my Hive to HBD.

Nice! luv the HBD!

Love the hbd motivation articles. Btw. where can I see my interests? I don't remember the exact amount and earnings on posts, so I don't really know how much monthly interest do I receive? Sadly, I am not yet on your list.

Well, your interest comes when you do something with your HBD savings. That means, you won't have an interest event if you just let your savings sit. You have to deposit or withdraw. Interest comes every 30 days, so if you withdraw after 30 days there will be interest. You can check at https://hiveblocks.com/

You will see this on the left


It shows the, "Savings hbd last interest payment". 30 days after this date is when your next interest payment will be. Either deposit or withdraw after this date and you will receive interest. It will show up in your https://hiveblocks.com feed for you to see it within 1-2 minutes after the event.

You can see and claim in peakD wallet.

Thanks. What about ecency mobile wallet?

I have added to my HBD savings. I now have $25 !

Next month Nexo Digital will be on the list through the nexo.funds account.
Many thanks for all this information.

Join us on our discord and learn about our project.

Well, Lazy-panda did move over 1 millionninto HBD this year xD

Panda is going to double that interest payment in March. It's going to be crazy.

Really? Damn xD

I just looked it up. I'm actually wrong, but it's going to be close. 15k - 17k HBD Mar 23. Honestly, I was hoping the panda would because that would be incredible.

not very lazy imo

$1.25m will yield $21k/month in passive income. I could definitely be very lazy with that.

Thats quite good right? :P

No haha, its crazy :D

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I've disappeared this month. I presume it's because I appeared twice last month, amazing how things even out.

It seems that @lazy-panda is leading the way by a long shot.

I find myself in the 94th place with a bit over $100 per month, but as I made a withdrawal for another investment probably that will push me back quite a bit. Still, the steadiness of HBD interest is pretty awesome!

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I've disappeared this month. I presume it's because I appeared twice last month, amazing how things even out.

Yeah! I finally entered the list on #448
I've converted some Hive I received for selling some DCrops cards to HBD.
And always put the interest back into HBD savings.

shhit, 1m hbd in savings, lazy-panda is tryharding this XD