HBD Usecases - A Decentralized Stablecoin

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Nice video, agreed 100%, better money, innovating for years and decentralized everything! In current spaces people often talk about innovation, mentioning things we have been utilizing for years. This mirror world asset was voted by the community to create our liquidity pool with PSX! So now we are trying to give HBD yet another use case with our new Founder owned and ran SoFi token with a nice long diesel contract. Now to find some rewards to encourage more HBD:PSX staking! Any ideas please share! We trying to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich!

HBD has been behaving like a perfects stablecoin for a long time. It's really cool that it's currently a decentralized stablecoin.

HBD already change My life. Thanks for all.

I just started into the blockchain, for what i SEE u are a huge influence here.

$HBD from its design is excellent and there are many aspects in which it can evolve for the good of all the actors of the ecosystem. HIVE is the vanguard of decentralization and that doesn't suit domain threads. The implementation of multi-signature transactions will enable the possibility of using P2P without intermediaries and steps through strange exchange mechanisms to reach HBD. Think about how many steps are necessary to convert a crypto or a FIAT currency into HBD, for technicians it is clear but for the common user, it is not simple, simplifying the use and making it within a click for everyone is the way, more usability. We can do it!

Where your attention goes, abundance flows, . . .

I love this. This reminds me of the power of FOCUS.

I love your passion about HIVE and HBD. I like that analogy to a centralized exchange. Why do we need a crutch when you're healthy and you can run?

Lopp did no research before he said that stuff about HBD on Twitter.
Hive is building sustainability and empowering people. I love the work Hive is doing and we are growing fast. I am enjoying my experience so far on Hive, the community building and love for humanity is mind-blowing.

I love that:

You need something like Hive, digital real estate. Creating value that can not be seized.

Thanks for sharing this. Now Lopp got a great response from you and others who have proven him wrong on Twitter with their HBD use cases.

Hive is the real Web3!

Excelente información, vía hacia las DeFi .

HBD is indeed something good we have in our HIVE ecosystem.

I have a few questions though to understand better:

  • Is the amount of HBD that can be minted limited to the amount of HIVE available?
  • How is this Stabelizer governed? By a user, or multiple users? Or fully automated by contracts with the the keys being destroyed?
  • Why still having 20 APR on HBD?

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Nothing but truth all what you said. In fact, before this video I take it upon myself to invest in HBD. HBD the safest stablecooin💯

Amazing information !Diy

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Nice video my friend good job

Just wanted to stop by and say "Thanks" for your support all year. I appreciate it.


Hello, how are you @TheyCallMeDan , I would like to know if you could give me some advice on how to publish on LeoFinance since I am new.

I would love to know your opinion of my "Fine Tuned" version, of the coming U.S. Monetary Correction...

To me, it seems that the vast majority of projects are just hyping for pumps, so holders can dump and buy back into a better place in centralization. How long do you think it is going to take for the larger crypto industry to get over the "make money" mentality and switch to provide value instead? "Value" being something that has practical and applied usecase, rather than vaporware ideas.

The whole Hive blockchain community should switch from the "make money" approach to the focusing on the content, and using the platform naturally, genuinely. Like YouTube or Facebook. People are there for the content.

This bad approach on the Hive blockchain is mainly the result of the bad marketing of Steemit and Hive.

Sometimes I still see people, who put the "post, vote, earn" stickers on various places, and this marketing is attracting mostly the wrong people, and not real content creators and real content content consumers.

A proper approach, both in marketing and in the usage would quickly lead this whole platform to success. There would be proper balance between content creators and content consumers. The social side and everything else too would properly work. And this would be reflected in the price of the Hive too.

Large parts of the so called "crypto industry" is gambling with extra steps. That's not a big deal.

The reason why some of those stables or generally a lot of shitcoins see massive adoption is because they feel the room and fill open slots for use-cases, especially in bull phases.

"... switch to provide value instead?"

What?! 😮 Value? What on earth is that? 🙄🤷‍♂️

Seriously, spending any significant amount of time outside the Hive blockchain in the "degen brain" world of DeFi, where "FOMO Good! 👍 FUD Bad!! 👎" types run around all day with their hair on fire makes it hard to maintain any sort of optimistic outlook about what is going on.

As a value investor, I could hardly agree more with your point. I wonder, however, if I will live long enough to see ... "critical mass" ... reached in achieving it.

wow ! 🔥