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RE: So What’s The Criteria For A Quality Post? - How Curators Make Their Selections...

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Thank you so much for this post! Lately there have been a lot of Hispanic users registering and making their submissions, but, after that they don't do anything else, just wait for their posts to be upvoted. This post is an amazing explanation of why it's not a good idea to just focus on making content, I like that you emphasized the engagement factor and how important it is to have a lot of interaction with other users.

 15 days ago 

It’s no problem at all. This has been on my To Do list for awhile ;)

I am really hoping people began to realize in order to make strides here they have to do more than just post. Interaction and building relationships is truly key for an enriching experience. It’s way more fun having connections instead of just sitting around and hoping a miracle upvote happens. I am so thankful for the friendships I’ve gained here and it didn’t happen by my just sitting and waiting.

So glad you found this post handy. I hope it finds it’s way to everyone that needs informing :)

Thank you for the comment ~

I completely agree with you. After leaving the platform due to personal problems (and that added to the hacking of my previous account), I felt a lot of nostalgia when I came back and saw many familiar names with whom I had a friendship before I left, I think that there also lies an important value in Hive as a social network.

By the way, don't you usually chat on OCD Discord? I don't often see your name there

 14 days ago 

Sorry to hear about the hacking.

Yes I’m on OCD Discord all the time but I’m in other channels where I’m doing my curator and Community leader work. I rarely visit the general chat for time sake but do stop in on occasion. That’s why you don’t see me often ;)