Neoxian City weekly paper - 2023-11-26


Welcome to the Neoxian City weekly

Welcome folks to your weekly installment of what's going down in the City of Neoxian. If you haven't already, come in and join us in our Discord chat to see what the latest is.

On the portal you can create your very own new account. BIG NEWS!

In the words of Mr Dragon himself,

"🐲🐉 BIG NEWS GUYS: Do you need to create a Hive Account? You can now do it with Neoxag! For 1500 neoxag, you can create a new hive account (like if you are onboarding a friend, or you just need a new account for something). You go to and click "Sign up"."

Amazing! New hive accounts through our very own Neoxian portal. Very cool!

Want an epic duel of steel and wits?


You should check out what De Protokkol is doing over in minetest with his combat events he hosts. Check them out here:

Unbelievably awesome that our Neoxian Minetest is going full flow

We have a Minetest server which is similar to Minecraft where you can build things and win prizes. Mr Dragon is getting into full flow as he adds new mods every week.

Come in and give it a try.

Impressively, Momogrow is making waves as City Prompt Curator

Congrats to @momogrow who has been hired as City Prompt Curator

Momogrow has secured a neoxian, brofi and bdvoter vote on curated posts for beastly upvotes! Make sure to get involved.

This month's prompt winner post is as follows:

New Bro/Neoxag Liquidity Pools and Rewards!

We have added a new liquidity pool for Bro/Neoxag. Funded with bro and neoxag and 500 hive reward pool to those providing liquidity!

Read about it here!

delegate your workerbee to @neoxianminer.


We are running a hive engine witness node. Please don't forget to vote:

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Where do you fit into the City of Neoxian?

A lot of people come here and get sucked into the friendliness of our server. Some people want to take on roles in the city, others just want to chat and have a good time. There's nothing wrong with either!

What we haven't seen many of though is those wanting to create new roles and responsibilities for themselves in Neoxian City. Our Dragonmaster Neoxian is always open to new ideas.

Do you have a special talent? Let us see! Join our Discord chat.
-- we encourage growth here. What benefits us, also benefits you.

We have already started a School, A minetest server, A banking service, games, and so much more.

What can you bring to us?

City of Neoxian Puzzler

Alright! Well done to @vickoly for this post here:

Only two of you entered this one. Quite a surprise!!

Prize will be sent tomorrow!

No puzzler this week. I need to prep for the oncoming splinterlands lands!

Weekly Giveaway Winners


A clear 3 wins by Merit Ahama well done sir!! :)

Thanks to @rosecane for providing us with a detailed chart of all the giveaway winners

Curation Station!

Our curators regularly scour the whole of Neoxian to find the best and sometimes most undervalued work to send into planetary orbit with our humungous weighted curation trail. If you observe our tribe we have one of the best trending pages and that is because our administration team weight the trail down with their HUGE votes.

These are our picks:

Please note: We only support original content here.We will exact vengeance with extreme prejudice on plagiarists and spammers. So we want to see you unleash that creativity of yours. When you create you get better at what you do. When you plagiarise it is a wasted effort, and we don't like wastefulness or laziness here.

We also take our tags seriously. So please try and use the relevant tags as we will only vote on those with them. We won't be voting a picture of your cat with SPT for example. SPT is for Splinterlands.

Our best picks of the week will be featured on our weekly newspaper highlights.

Best picks of the week

Our First pick of the week is from @davidbright

The Expensive Wine Wahala


The author shared a hilarious story of how her client was put in debt by his ignorant brother while trying to entertain his friends.

Curated by @vickoly

Our next pick of the week is from @rodriguezkike232

Remodelando la caratula de un libro | Remodeling the cover of a book


In this article, the author shared the process he went through in remodeling the back cover of a torn book, and I think it's impressive.

Curated by @vickoly

Our next pick of the week is from @joss21

[ENG/SPN] Art Contest Week 268 - Flame Monkey


Very fine drawing piece of Splainterlands character "flame Monkey"
Curated by @shrazi

Our next pick of the week is from @asterkame

Origami Double Heart Shapes, How to Make them


So lovely, it looks like heart butterfly "heartterfly"
Curated by @shrazi

Our next pick of the week is from @hoosie

Visiting the Wellington quarry tunnels in Arras, Northern France - A historic site from World War I


An impressive place to visit & explore....

Curated by @rehan12

Our next pick of the week is from @baibuaza

Timeless Beauty - Rediscovering Pha Charoen Waterfall Through the Years


walking to the memory lane and revisiting those .....

Curated by @rehan12

Our next pick of the week is from @supernova004



The author shared tips on how we can stop our smartphones from consuming data

Curated by @burlarj

Our next pick of the week is from @omotife

Things I do to get rid of boredom


The author writes about the things she do to get rid of boredom

Curated by @burlarj

Our next pick of the week is from @artmom

Key Largo vacation - Fun times by the water.


After visiting key Largo, the author shares her experience with us.

Curated by @udezee

Our next pick of the week is from @elamaria

🌼🌾Red bean soup with carrots, plantain, turmeric, cilantro and something else... Delicious and nutritious🌾🌼.[Eng][Esp]


The author shares this delicious red bean soup recipe with us.

Curated by @udezee

Our next pick of the week is from @funtraveller

A night of strolling around Singapore's Koreatown at Tanjong Pagar


The author has shared a great post about "A night of strolling around Singapore's Koreatown at Tanjong Pagar", wow the place looks amazing.

Curated by @bhattg

Our next pick of the week is from @dimascastillo90

Street Photography, Pita and Pedernera Walk, Palermo, Buenos Aires [ENG/ESP]


The author has shared a great post on "Street Photography" , The photographs are amazing.

Curated by @bhattg

This is our weekly edition of NeoxianCity Newspaper. We would like to congratulate all the featured Authors. keep up the high-quality original content-generating work.

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Congratulations to you @vickoly and wonderful job

Aha great work as ways all the fellow curators 😃🤗🙏. Congratulations to all the authors who are on the city 🗞️ paper 🎇🎉🎉

!giphy great

Awesome 🤩 thanks for curating my post Neoxian City team 🙏

Congratulations Vickoly lootoly for the puzzle win, you know my wallet address just drop something 😃
Congratulations to the Looters of the week aswell.

A job well done to everyone who worked on the city paper.

Thank you Mr. D and Mr. Ray for the city paper!!
congrats to Merit Ahama for looting and coming back in form for the DOOT.
Congrats to the next level looter for winning the puzzler Mr. Vickoly great job, I just kept thinking of making a post and forgot about it in next couple of days aaahhh
Thumbs up to the jobbers of the city.

Posted using Neoxian City

Congratulations @vickoly and to @merit.ahama for Looting well this last week. Thanks to all those who worked on this city paper. Well done to Mr D and Mr Ray for their awesome work in the city

Thank you momma 🤗

@vickoly congrats on winning the puzzler of the week.
@merit.ahama nice one from you. You are hacking our bot oo 😀😀
Good job to all city curators and jobbers. You guys are doing pretty awesome.
Thank you, Mr D for your support.
I wish everyone of us a beautiful week 👋👏👌

Lol I hope I keep hacking it 😁

It's been an awesome week in the city and a big congratulations to @vickoly for winning the puzzler and @merit.ahama for winning the most doot.

Shout Out to the every member of the city, the city workers. Thanks for all you are doing Mr.Dragon, wishing everyone a great week.

Hehe thanks 🙂

Congratulations to @vickoly for winning the puzzle and also Merit as the top winner for the week giveaway, kudos to Mr. D for this amazing city. We go again this week.

Posted using Neoxian City

Thank you very much @neoxiancity and @bhattg for the support! Congratulations to other authors 👏🏻💫

Thank you so much for the curation.
I appreciate.

Lovely paper of Dragon city
Congratz to mr. Vick and City Whale Merit 🤓🤓

Thanks to Mr. Dragon and Mr. Ray
Have a wonderful day!

Congratz to @vickoly for winning this week's City puzzler, well done my man! Also thanks to all the city curators for showcasing these awesome posts.


Posted using Neoxian City

Congratulations vickoly, and a big shout out to our prolific authors and their astonishing contents.
Last week was good we hope this week to be better!

Posted using Neoxian City

Congratulations to @vickoly for winning the Puzzler and also a big congrats to @merit.ahama for emerging as the looter of the Week, you guys really did great. A new week for a new challenge, let's keep the city busy once again.

Thanks my fellow looter 😁

You are the all time looter oo, I can’t be your fellow 🤣🤣 please let me breathe this looter 😁😆

No way, I have evidence
You're even a looter more than me 😂

I won’t talk again, you are just trying to whine me abi 🥲

I'm not, you know I'm saying the truth 🥲

Big Congratulations @vickoly the Puzzle winner and @merit.ahama for being the General looter, not only on the city but back to back on Hive😂😂,
I sincerely appreciate @neoxian for Being so Benevolent and Amazing, the city jobber 👍👍👍🙌
We go again this week ❤️❤️

Allow me breathe Drey 😂

Merit and Vic the looters! Congratulations to both of you .

Thanks so much MrD for hosting us into the great City of Neoxian that never sleeps. It's always fun being around.

And Good luck to everyone. I am glad I read this week's paper.

Posted using Neoxian City

Many thanks for the mention @rehan12 - it's really appreciated!

Congratulations to Merit the whale for being the looter of the week.

Appreciation to Mr D for your support and amazing city.

Wow thanks so much for having me as the winner for this week puzzle.

Wow can't remember the last time I won that much in a week hehe, congrats to me!

Congrats to @vickoly you are looting well Boss 😁

Well done to all who worked on the city paper and thanks to Mr D for his amazing city.

Thanks so much for the mention and congratulations to all winners. Great job team

Thanks a lot @neoxiancity and @shrazi for your support.

Always welcome
Your blog is on CITY PAPER 😎Big congratz to you 😊

Yes. I am also happy about that😊

Congrats to you @vickoly for winning the puzzler and congrats to you @merit.ahama for looting the most. Thanks to the workers and of course Mr Dragon for running the city😇.

Hehe allow me Comrade 😁

Wow Neoxiancity has got so much going on :)

I just went through my witness votes and noticed I wasn't even voted to Neoxian yet, so here you go. I now am.

Keep up the great work


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It was merit week, congratulations looter. I missed my looter name there 😂. I appreciate curator efforts for doing their best in curation of some awesome posts. Congratulations Vickoly, you are a big looter in puzzler. Can't wait for next week puzzler. Thank you Sir Ray for providing this post and rose for looter statistics.

Posted using Neoxian City

congrats to all the winners

Congrats to @merit.ahama for being the top looter😌.
Congrats to @vickoly as well.

Congrats to the author mentioned.
Its a new week.
Let's try again😌🥂

Thank you handsome 👀

congratulations to those who were able to complete last week's puzzle and especially to my friend @vickoly for making an excellent, well-detailed #LGN publication

These are really great post. Thank you for always supporting great and quality content