My printed books arrived ( and were almost stolen! ) at my mom's front door...

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My books arrived.jpeg


5 weeks after finishing a perfectly imperfect version of my book and handing that to my mom on her 70th birthday, 9 days after she started drinking from a Hypersensitivosaurus and Cold Turkey mug and took a mug shot selfie and 8 days after I ordered and paid for the books to be printed, 50 printed copies of Hypersensitivosaurus and Cold Turkey arrived at her doorstep.

The book delivery took place 2 days later than planned ( due to a malfunctioning printer, according to the printing company ) and the box with 50 books was dropped outside my mother's house, this afternoon, when my mom was out visiting friends in another city.

Apparently, the neighbor, who had been informed by my mom that someone might deliver the package at their door ( as my mom would probably not be home ), heard my mom's doorbell ring, around 2PM ( the 'joy' of semi-detached houses! ).
She then expected her own doorbell to ring next, but nothing happened.

So, a little later, my mom's neibhbor, let's call her A., because her name starts with a B ( just kidding, an A ), stepped outside of her house and discovered the book box ( kind of sounds like boom box ) outside my mom's front door.

A then took it back inside with her, to protect the cardboard and paper from the possible Dutch rain, as well as from book burglars, trying to sell Hypersensitivosaurus books on the black market.

Meanwhile, I had received an email, here in Portugal, that the books had been delivered 'in my mom's mailbox', which surprised me, as she doesn't have a mailbox ( not a literal one, that is ) and the slit in her front door ( no naughty thoughts please ), meant for mail, is way too small for a package like this.

Unlike my mom, I don't panic in these kinds of situations, and I expected everything to work out.

I asked my mom, after she had arrived home and had informed me that no box ( nor books ) had arrived, if she had checked on the neighbor?

and then I learnt what happened with the delivery ( as described earlier on )

So, after collecting the box with the books at the neighbor, A., the books ended up in my mom's house and the photo, attached, is what the opened package looks like.

I called my mom on the phone and talked about the book, how it felt, how it looked.

She said she liked the colors and shared this pic:

page of book.jpeg

and this one:

another page.jpg

She told me that it looks good, overall and that she likes the ( way the ) colors look. She also liked its size.

Great news!

I also chatted a little bit with her about ways to hand out the books, reach out to people, and tried to decide on how many copies I'd like her to ship from The Netherlands to Portugal.

I am thinking of half of the total amount ( 25 ), the rest will be handed out to family and/ or sold to friends and acquaintances, in The Netherlands.

After the books have arrived here, depending on the amount of animo/ interest and how I feel about the physical book myself, I will decide on whether I go for another print and whether I like to produce it at the same company.

So if you're waiting for a copy, you'll need to be just a little more patient. I will update you all again, as soon as the 25 or so copies arrive at my place in Portugal and will then start shipping out signed prints to those of you who are actually interested in a physical paperback copy.

Let me know in the comments, if you haven't already told me ;<)



Good for you, and glad you were able to get the book out! Gotta keep a wary eye out on that hyper-sensitive black market! I mean your book and the tulips? or is it the wooden shoes? Possibly the windmills, I can never remember which belongs to what country...

These things could be worth untold numbers of feathery raptors on said black market. Best to keep them under lock and key (as we say here in the states) until your new book "drops" (as we also say here in the states!) :)

All kidding aside, I'm really happy for you, as I once wanted to be an author and write "The Great American Novel" but life got in the way so I get to live this unmet goal through you. Godspeed! :)

I apparently forgot to reply to this.

These things could be worth untold numbers of feathery raptors on said black market.

And here I thought Silk Road was closed ;<)

All kidding aside, I'm really happy for you, as I once wanted to be an author and write "The Great American Novel" but life got in the way so I get to live this unmet goal through you. Godspeed! :)

It's not too late, yet. I believe you're still fairly young ;<)

Happy to inspire you buddy! :<)


The pictures are lovely. So glad they arrived safely and good neighbours are the best 😍

Yes please, I would like one. A little piece of Hive magic 🙂

Glad you like the pictures,
they are as important as the text :<)

Awesome to hear that you want a copy.
We will be in touch about that, one of these days.

It seems like I will have to wait another week or so before a bunch of prints end up on my doorstep.

🦖 hug

Congratulations @vincentnijman!
I'd hit you up for a copy once I'm no longer this broke mf I currently am.

Hey buddy, where did you disappear too? Hope you're well!

I just read the latest post by @starstrings01 and had to think of you ( as it's about womanizing )

Hahah! I'm back @vincentnijman, I was off working on some job. I'm still working on it but I've decided I can't stop coming on Hive, checking shit out and writing/creating stuff of my own. How have you been, buddy?

does he womanize? 😅😂

The guy wrote a pretty legendary series about 'Staring at Women'.

Cheers buddy!

Just saw the state of your (Hive) wallet. That sucks.

I can gift you a digital version of my book for free :^)

I also see you pretty much stopped blogging?
What happened: life took over? or did you lose your inspiration?

No matter what, I hope energy ( in all shapes and forms ) returns to your life soon!

Oh, I would buy one if there was one going when you get them in Portugal!!

Awesome! I'll get you a signed copy.
We'll keep the dialogue going ;<)


Oh that's great news Vincent I'm so proud of you ❤
They look so good and hopefully one day I get to have my very own copy xxxxxx

Thank you, Aishlynn.

I am patiently waiting for a reprint ( see my 'complaining' post ) of 35 copies to arrive in Portugal, hopefully on Wednesday the 7th.
Would love to send you a signed copy.

Un grande abrazo


Many many congratulations. We pray that people will love this book as much as you have worked hard to write it.

Thank you! I appreciate it :<)

Most welcome.

Congratulations for this! It's an amazing breakthrough and a sign of great things yet to come!

Gracias amigo! I feel the same and sense that it's only the beginning ;<)

Many congratulations!!! A journey concluded. I am sure it is a very special feeling - savour it.
It is great that Ms. A. saved the books from crying in any potential dutch rain. Nice that your mom unboxed the books and drank from the first "merch". The illustrations do look vivid and colorful.

Many congratulations!!! A journey concluded.

The next journey will be my books making their way to people like you ;<)

I should indeed celebrate this victory by treating myself to something nice ( tomorrow ).
After all, a thing like this doesn't happen every day.

Mrs. A. is a kind woman.
I have known her since the early 90s, when they moved into the house next to us.

And yes, my mom drunk from the merch ( you will be next )
and can soon take the content of the book as her next figurative/ fictional meal.


The next journey will aslo be a nice one - looking forward to the hard copy. You should celebrate indeed - this is a special occasion - a first!!

I celebrated with a pastel de nata this morning ;<)

And yeah, this feels a little quite a lot more special than finishing the notorious The Life of Hypersensitivosaurus: 22 Short Stories about Dinos and other animals ( that I only printed 10 copies of , on 22-02-22 ) .

🦖 knuffel!

I celebrated with a pastel de nata this morning ;<)
Yummy I love them and even made them a few times. I even dared to serve them to a portuguese friend. :-)

Wow - so u have been there done that already. Why is this more special?

Wow - so u have been there done that already. Why is this more special?

That previous project felt kind of forced and it was a bundling of 22 short stories that I had already written.

I only printed 10 copies of it and the print did not end up looking the way I hoped ( basically way too big, A4 ).

It did not really feel like a book, to be honest, and I didn't find a way to get a smaller print done, so I basically ended up not handing it out to anyone, aside from my own family, eventhough a bunch of Hive friends were interested.

I now realize that it was just part of the process and thus meant to be/ happen that way.

Onward and upward!

Ahhh I gotta get back to reading it. I liked the first few pages a lot! Then I got lost…in the countryside. I’ll get back to Hyper soon. Can’t wait til we are doing an event somewhere in another country 😆

No worries, getting 'lost' and or distracted is very much in character with Hypersensitivosaurus.

Can’t wait til we are doing an event somewhere in another country 😆


Congrats on your printed books! It's a great feeling. :)

Thanks! It sure is and I know you know ( the feeling ) ;<)

that's soo good, you've got these printed books looks very nice and creative. I

Yes, I'm happy about it and thanks for the compliment!

You could say that 'creativity' is my middle name,
after hypersensitivosaurus ;<)

🦖 hug!

That's so cool, congrats on the prints. It's so freaking awesome to hold on our hands something we produced.

Thank you! It is pretty cool ( although I am still awaiting them, to arrive here in Portugal ), I love the gears it seems to set in motion.

I know you can relate ;<)

Glad the book didn't go awol 😅

Come a long way with this one
Well done

Cheers buddy! Long time no see. Hope you're well :<)

I was joking a little but I guess you get that.
Thought more people might read it ( this post, at least ) that way.

Happy it's safely inside my mom's house now though.

I did get it. 😅

Lots of inside jokes, not sure I got everything.

Doing well thank you. My regards to mom 🙌🏾

Lots of inside jokes, not sure I got everything.

Impossible to get them all.
I myself can't even keep up with the sheer amount of my own jokes ;<)


Congratulations to you!
It is a good one!!!

Thanks a lot! Let me know if you want a ( digital ) copy ;>)

The book seems nice

Thank you!

I worked on it ( on and off ) for 2 years,
put a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears in it ;<)

Yay! 🤗
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Cheers for the refreshing beverage ;<)

Congrats! 😍😍😍

Thank you! :<)