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The home coming ceremony


Finally the day arrived, to move to our new company Dragonfly Financial Technologies. When we enter a new home, we do celebrations and this is our new home, so our colleagues prepared for the celebration putting some traditional touch along with a ribbon cutting ceremony.






Kudos to all of you who took their precious time, to blend our culture to the work place and those who extended their hands to help in wherever possible. All of these people are working in great positions, but for a moment, we all had that spirit of new home coming mode and prepared to fly with a new mindset - deliver financial institutions global multilingual and multi-currency cash management solutions in a flexible, API first ecosystem, with seamless possibilities. The excitement to enter our new home was unmatched and can be seen on everyone's face.




And every celebration must have some sweet moments - so this was no exception. What made it more sweet is that, it was distributed by none other than our site leader - excitement at the highest level. The background music from you was indeed unique, giving a fine touch to the celebration.


It will take a little while to settle ourselves, and adjust to the new place. But with this amazing mindset, we will thrive to globally deliver the best digital banking and treasury management offerings to financial institutions, writing our own success story.









The new facility is positioned at the 13th floor of a very high rise building named SKYONE and has got a spectacular view, to boost productivity. It will perfectly chime in the spirit - Sky is the limit.






With the metro coming in, this will be a beautiful experience to work from such a place. And of course, those who need to shed some weights, they can easily do that by following the steps in the stair case :) Though we have a small facility that provide some means if you can't dare to walk the steps.




13th floor on wheels !!








This day and this post will be memorable for all of us - to look forward to contribute to our own success story. I was overwhelmed by hearing from many of you to put this on @peakd - I am sure, this is going to be seen many many times over the years.



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Dear @sanjeevm , so far, how has your new company Dragonfly Financial Technologies been? I imagine that these days it is to define the responsibilities of each one, I hope that everything has been very well in the organizational process up to the present, reiterating many successes from Venezuela.

Yes, set up going well, I will post about it soon.

I am very happy, I repeat that you have many successes. Greetings from Venezuela. I feel very grateful for your visits to my publications.

Congratulations to you @sanjeevm for the new job and this new company looks nice. You have given such a long time to your last company and with this change, I am sure you will love the learning. All the best

Thank you so much.

Lovely new office, and smiles everywhere, this sure is the ambiance of a good working place, blessings to you all and may the creator give Dragonfly a great fly that last longer than any of us as a company and entity :)

How is this called?

One question, what is this named? It is so beautiful and lovely. Big hug to you all :)

It's a Diya Stand decorated with flowers, part of our traditional celebration for the good.

A Diya stand, interesting, never saw anything closely related or semblance of it in my culture, it is a great idea :D

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good afternoon
What a beautiful celebration, the employees look very happy
what a beautiful building and the place they have chosen for the company
I appreciate you sharing these traditions with all of us.
enjoy the weekend

Wow! I was a little pissed off with your last post! I supposed that you were unemployed! Lucky you! You are back in track and the vibe in your new company, looks great! I wish you eveyday will be like today!

Yes, we moved to a new company, the product, and all the people working in it.

That's right, @sanjeevm Your new company Dragonfly Financial Technologies, is a great blessing that you should always strengthen. It is like a new home, therefore, the celebrations must be done, as a blessing. Successes more hits. Congratulations from Venezuela, always visiting us through Hive. Successes and Successes

Thank you so much.

I believe that the celebration has been very good, a lot of enthusiasm was evident from you and from all those present. That's great, I usually celebrate the success of my friends. Dear, from my heart, I wish you have a very important future. Greetings from Venezuela.

Dear @sanjeevm , I feel very grateful, because you always visit my publications made with my Yoga practices, which have been an important art, which has allowed me to improve my health. Successes

With much affection and joy I celebrate your successes brother @sanjeevm

Everyone seem very happy and excited and I wish you good luck in your new home.

Eating sweets in any celebration is an Indian tradition. It makes the moments sweeter. Your pictures are really sweet

first of all congratulations on your new home the truth looks great very comfortable for you to help companies with your good financial advice

That place is great, I imagine that a good group of people must work in a big way, and the green areas and offices predict that they will be very successful.

Sky Is the LIMIT! 😉😊😁👍

it's so nice to see all those hope-filled, smiling faces and people!

I wish you well in your new job. This is such a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing with us !

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this will be a beautiful experience to work from such a place.

From the amazing pictures shared I think you will enjoy your time there

Yes, feels like the same.

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