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RE: More Scenic Photography of Cappadocia Turkey

I sure did feel proud as a Turkish person to see a Cappadocia post trending :D I've went there this year for honeymoon, it was really pretty and fun. Happy to see you enjoyed the scenery too! Great photographs!


I totally agree as a Turkish here as well. For honeymoon, it was also one of our choices. And the joy we had during our ATV rent and sightseeing with a guide in front of riding another ATV was really unforgettable. How about the balloon tours, did you have any chance? Unluckily now as our currency is too down, it is very costly for us.

Unfortunately, we couldn't hop on the baloons, nor have an ATV tour. We were short on money, and my spouse is afraid of heights :D Our hotel had an AMAZING view though. It was really beautiful. And we toured the ruins & underground cities. That was really fun. A big exercise with all the stairs, but also fun :D We plan to go there and do things one by one from time to time. Didn't want to exhaust everything at once!

It was 2010 when I visited there last time, and as you know Turkish Lira was much better than now. It is very costly now the baloons I mean. Underground city was great, I totally agree. And it was very interesting to see and think how people were living there.

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well i sure did love visiting your country. Thanks