Brewdog's Hazy Jane for Beer Saturday

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Back to an old reliable this week for Beer Saturday. Anyone partial to an IPA in this part of the world or indeed most parts of the world will be familiar with BrewDog.

They're quite a big brewery at the stage, and they continue to churn out quality beer and Hazy Jane is one of their best in my opinion. They are a great thirst quencher and are ideal if you're just having one or two.


They come in handy little 4 packs and are often 4 for €10 which is not too bad.


I had a really busy day today and as a result I didn't see any Premier League football on the box. I've just put the kids to bed and I'm looking forward to watching Match of the day to see how the games went, as I purposely avoided hearing any results. Fingers crossed Arsenal won and City dropped points.


I'll enjoy these couple of cheeky IPAs all the more it that happens!! I should really get an early night, as I am golfing in the morning!

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Sláinte wherever you find yourself, take it handy, and if ya get it, take it twice!


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Sláinte and Peace out.

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Every time I end up in a regular pub Hazy Jane saves the day. I’m a unapologetic beer-snob these days and it’s great to see this beer being stocked in most places.

I hear you, there's always a sigh of relief when you spot an old reliable on tap in certain pubs

Wait o, if I have take 2 IPA, won't I feel intoxicated?