The Van Moll brewery "Eindbaas Level 4"

in BEER3 months ago

This beer from Moll Brewery is a very spicy, kinda cinamon flavoured beer.
I got this beer in a gift from a friend of mine and it is a really tasty beer.

As the ingredients show, there is a cocoa, coffee, vanilla flavor. And you really can taste it very well.

With it's 10% of alcohol, it is a heavy but tasty beer.. @meesterboom , ever tasted this one? Sure worth it :)

Cheers !!!



10% My kind of beer! I haven't tried it but if I see it I will!!

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I haven't seen this type of beer before so I can't try it but I appreciate that your friend over his generous spirit

Wow, 10% alcohol is pretty hefty. I've had some Mexican style beers before that were flavored with jalapenos. They were quite delicious.

That's a strong one. Beers with fancy flavours can be hit or miss, but can be good in small quantities. Enjoy!


 3 months ago  

Hey @verhp11, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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