Midjourney VS Artists, who's gonna win?

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A new craze is hovering around the town. Only by typing prompts into a diffusion based AI platform, one can find images that were never seen before. And all these costs just a few seconds. Platforms like Midjourney AI, Dall-E, Disco Diffusion, Imagen (and obviously more to come!) are giving the pleasure of visualizing our ideas and sometimes, it beats the power of imagination too! These platforms are built on data sets of billions of exciting images scraped from the web and the works of artists who helped to raise the project. So whenever you put any prompts in here, the process "starts with a bag of dots and fills the pattern with greater and greater detail."


Done by midjourney AI (Prompt: Wind Spirit, Twins, Fast Move, Steampunk, Electric, Violent)

The ideas and drawings which would take hours to process and years of dedication to master those skills are created by the AI within a minute. For example, one just has to type "/imagine" first and then describe the prompts (like "a punk with pink hait giving a concert in space") and after sending the text, AI will analyze the prompts by searching in its database and it'll come out with four completely new images which you have never seen before! you also use some features to upgrade your results like choosing the upscaling (adding resolution) option which will refine your image with a new iteration. This process can be continued until you're fully satisfied.


Now let me ask you a question. The way these images are created, can we call or consider them an "art piece"?
While defining art, the first thing which comes across in our mind is "human emotion". We create art to express our feelings, mental state, or whatever is in our minds. But collaborating some pieces using some artistic techniques is like "soulless trends which may not be treated as an art piece". Also, art comes from independent thought. According to Asifur Rahman (our well-known comic artist), "the ability to produce new images through AI depends on existing libraries of other artists, which indicates that these tools are devoid of independent thought." So the artist can relax a little coz maybe AI can't able to play the role of "bhaat mere khawa" as to come out with a well compound art, one must need to have the knowledge and experience of fundamental basics of art, which can only be done with a human artist (as human creativity has no bounds). AI will always be used as a tool or medium in my opinion.

Hence we can't deny that this feature will help artists, engineers and architects to brainstorm, visualize and make reference images as AI is surprisingly so good at composition and cross-referencing in art, history, style and contexts. It can be used as a first draft of sketches to build ideas.

But there are issues like copyright and ownership laws. Only by typing a prompt, can we call the art as my own? Though they recently gave the full copyright to the individual users, we can only take ownership of the idea, not the final product. Similarly, you can't generate AI art as NFTs. There are some debates too on using the art for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, some are suggesting it can be used for free, you’d be able to use the images as long as you don’t sell them or make money off them, and give credit to Midjourney. But if you own and pay for your account, then you can claim the images and enjoy their chat services.

In the end, we can say that this new process of making images won't take away the value of the creativity to make something out of those images. But we should participate and enjoy this journey which will ultimately flourish the development of both AI and humankind.



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I don't know who is winning between Midjourney and Artists, but if I were to bet, then I would sure place on Midjourney. The whole Artificial Intelligence thing is going to bring a lot of changes, this is just the beginning.

no doubt on that!
Still, it'll be hard to beat human's creativity..

Humm yeah, but it's going to be a tough competition.

Yess.. God knows where we'll end!