Grounding my Cannabis

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AK47 in front, White Widow in the back.
These white widow buds are gonna be FAT.
Grounding stake in the white widow.
Copper wire wrapped around a stake.
All grounded, even though it looks like a science project.

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I watched a documentary on the benefits of grounding, or earthing. In a nutshell, grounding "refers to the discovery that bodily contact with the Earth's natural electric charge stabilizes the physiology at the deepest levels, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves blood flow, energy, and sleep, and generates greater well-being." source

Since then, we had ordered grounding pillow cases and grounding mats for all of our beds. We have all started to see some pretty significant health benefits from it, ranging from better sleep to increased energy levels. It is a pretty cool concept and I started to wonder if grounding potted plants would have any beneficial effects or not. Turns out that plants indoor plants could really benefit from being grounded, so I ordered a grounding stake made specifically for plants.

Well after a few weeks of waiting, it finally arrived yesterday and I was pretty excited to get my cannabis plants grounded. The kit only came with one stake, which was pretty dumb considering that it cost $40. At least once the first plant is grounded and connected to the wall outlet, all I needed to do was buy some copper wire and some cheap tent stakes and connect the other two plants to the white widow.

So I wrapped the copper wire around the stakes and then pretty much just daisy chained them all together. I have a tester that checks to see if they are grounded and everything came back that it worked. So now I wait for the magic to happen.

When you take a plant and grow it indoors, you disconnect it from the earth and the negative electrons that plants need to thrive. Being connected to the earth is very important, especially for plants. It is gonna be cool to see how much better these do than all my previous grows. I am definitely going to be grounding all my plants from here on out. I need to get some more stuff to ground my indoor houseplants as well because they all can benefit from it.

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The plants are looking amazing bro, I think that White Widow is definitely going to have some massive buds!

I've done a little reading on the electro-culture techniques and find it all very intriguing and perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of indoor cultivation. We tend to not think about the things we cannot see with our own two eyes as much.

This is a technique I'm planning to try here eventually.

PS. Love that last shot with the AK-47 plant label ;D

Thanks man. I am thinking that there should be some good benefits of grounding these plants. I hooked up a grounding stake in my tree plant that I have in my living room. It already looks a lot happier now too.

Well, although I don't know much about Cannabis, I really gained valuable information from this post, and something that I take away is the following:

"When you take a plant and grow it indoors, you disconnect it from the earth and the negative electrons that plants need to thrive"

Well, regarding the photos, I can only say that it's a spectacular job. I really liked how you show in great detail all the setup of your Cannabis plantation, which, by the way, I agree with you that in certain images it looks more like a Science experiment xD.

Cheers and I'm glad that you and your wife are benefiting from the grounding technique for your health.

Thank you. Grounding ourselves really has been beneficial to our health. It is crazy how easy it is to do and there are so many benefits to it.

I think it's amazing that you're exploring new ways to take care of your cannabis plants and even considering the benefits of grounding them. Your dedication to providing the best environment for your plants is admirable and I can't wait to see the results of your experiment.

It's also great to hear that you and your wife are experiencing positive health benefits from grounding. Keep up the good work and keep exploring new ways to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

Remember, even if the results of this experiment aren't exactly what you expected, the fact that you are trying something new and thinking outside the box is a success in itself.

Best of luck with your grounded cannabis plants and all your future endeavors!

Thanks man. It’s been a pretty cool experience so far and I have been looking more into natural healing techniques. Hopefully I can get my kids thinking in this way as well so they can be healthier in life earlier than my wife and I.

Yea all natural is better

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I wonder if grounding one plant variety to another makes a difference, or if the grounding of more than one strain in one grounded current path has a synergistic effect. Glad to hear y'all are seeing health benefits from multiple applications. I had heard and done some grounding before without even knowing it.

I walked around Grapevine lake and my old neighborhood in the rural sticks barefooted for a long period of time to reconnect with my Native American heritage. I took out my contacts and didn't wear my glasses... and i'm blind af. It was a deep learning experience for my senses and situational and environmental awareness. Walking on all those mesquite thorns was definitely a next level experience. hahaha I never would have thought to ground the plants though. Super interesting.

You should look into Faraday Cages too. It can protect you from invisible energy waves that are becoming more and more invasive as we upgrade our different radio and wifi energy waves. I know a couple that basically made a Faraday Cage bed and they said it changed their lives, healthwise. Also, keep your wifi router as far as possible from any living thing. You can look up videos of the negative effects on water and plants close by the routers. The water was used to water plants after long exposure and the watering alone killed a plant not exposed. Plants nearby deteriorated rapidly. A young school girl did a science project on it and it was mindblowing. Sorry for the book... but i 'resonated' with this post. Cheers browski

Grounding is super easy and has so many benefits to it. That's cool that you grounded and went out on a hike. My wife and I have been going on walks barefoot and we always feel better after.

I don't think that grounding plants together will have any added benefits to them already being grounded. Think of it like all the plants being grounded out in nature, but with these indoor plants, the root systems aren't connected by the mycelium network. Now if I can incorporate some sort of network like that between my indoor plants, that would be pretty cool.

I’ll have to look into those Faraday Cages. I have been wondering about the effects of Wi-Fi and have even turned it off a few times while we have been asleep.

They usually recommend turning off your wifi when you aren't using it... but it's almost always in use. 5g has some impacts, depending on how close you are to the poles transmitting. It's strange 5g is stronger but requires a more tight-knit network of the transmitters. There's a ton of info out there that isn't crazy conspiracy but 'grounded' in fact. And that makes sense about the lack of connection to the mycelium network and actual earth.

This is going to be cool to see play out, and watch the benefents!

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I'm excited. It will be cool if this is a way to make them look more like outdoor plants. My next grow will be cool because it will be grounded the entire time.

I gotta admit that as soon as I read the first line of your post I took of my shoes and socks hahah. Thanks for the reminder ;)

Agree with your last statement. Grounding is very important, for people as well. We've been walking the earth for thousands of years mostly barefoot. Gotta charge ourselves with mama earth's power.😁🙏

Good luck on your experiment I think it will turn out successful :)

Ever since the invention of the rubber sole, we have disconnected ourselves from the earth. Since then, cancers and other illnesses spiked. Grounding reduces the inflammation that causes so many diseases

Curious to see how it helps your plants. Never thought of grounding them.

Should be a fun experiment.

That's amazing. I never thought about disconnection from the earth. Definitely going to be checking this out!

Everything I have read about it says that it has huge benefits to do it. Plus it just makes sense.

Grounding is sure to have a positive effect. But exactly how, we will see together. I really like the effect it has on a person. When I was in the village, I would step on the ground once in a while. I feel the negative energy flowing out of me.

You should try and get a grounding pillow case or something to sleep on and be grounded. It has massive health benefits to do it for at least 30 minutes a day.

All these plants looks so beautiful and amazing. It is not easy to take care of them, you have to water them on time and you have to take care of everything so that they don't get damaged. Keeping a few plants adds a lot to the beauty of the house.

Ya, it is fun having a bunch of plants growing in the home.

This is really interesting, honestly I had not seen it before, in our house we do not have much space, my wife manages to grow, I will show you this.

Nice. Looking forward to seeing it.
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