Day 1 at our Dragonfly office

It was true collaboration and fun.


Finally, we were back to business at our new home, trying to be ready to strike the right tone. The ambience was set perfectly, with our logos and colors, and of course a delicious lunch.



Dragonfly Logo.jpg


There were problems, there were confusions, but then there were also few very cool patient pilot users, who took the driver seat and bailed us out - step by step.


After collecting the laptops that were refreshed with the format, we reached the new office. People tried to be sitting together and closely collaborate to solve similar problems, but then there was a white board put out for the odd ones - something that was new, and nobody had an instant solution. It was like solving so many puzzles by so many people at one go and was challenging as well as so much fun.


Since we started creating good memories together, this was another chance for us to get dressed up as per Dragonfly Colors 🙂. People were requested to come dressed up in Sky Blue/Purple/Black attire, if possible. Also since many of us did not have access to mails, everyone was requested to pass the message in WhatsApp groups. Some got it, some did not. But everyone was pretty well dressed for the occasion.




And those views - quite difficult to capture, but hopefully, this will give you a glimpse. The guys who are capable of double productivity (contribute twice more than normal) have been allocated seats near this view.






The announcement of the special lunch tempted us to take break, but then those who had the admins with them, had to wait.







For the records, these were the privileged people who inaugurated the special lunch taking the front seat and felt like enjoying in a five star hotel with that spectacular view at the edge.


I mean, the ground reality is different, but then as we say mountains looks nice from distance, isn't it !! And then there was dessert as well - limited for those who did not know where it was being stocked :) We quickly found out the source and enjoyed it for two days - don't yell at me , if I did not tell you !!!


And then walking down and taking some memories in the spectacular lobby at the ground floor.





The parking space is still at the other corner near to the old office, so one has to cross the ground reality before getting there. But then that brings you back from the nice ambience that is served at the office !!! We did not miss the opportunity to take some memories of the nice garden set out in the front.




And then chill out for some time on the Maharaja's seat while coming back...By the way, fyi, that car parked is not waiting for us 😀




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These pictures are of superb quality 👌. As a foodie, there is no way I would go through your post and not comment about that food. The look is so nice and for it to look that good, then I am sure it would taste really well.

Your surrounding has this unique touch of green (plants) and I love it.

Your new office looks great. It may take a little time to get settled in, but having so many of your friends around should make the transition much easier.
I didn't realize that your new office was so close to the old office. At least you are very familiar with the area and the commute is the same.

Ya, its like they sold the entire product, people working in it to a new company, so we all move in. And that is why it's a bit less painful.

Change is not easy, especially when it's a good situation.

It is always cool when a company makes advancements and achieves the goal of moving to a new office! Now it is time to work and make the business thrive!

It is really nice to experience first day at work with lots of fun which I can see the smiles and excitement in everyone's face and thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

Beautiful ❤️

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Your new workplace looks amazing. Very modern and with stunning views :) Is it closer or farther to your native place where your parents still live than from your previous workplace?

Its almost at similar distance.

Time spend with those wonderful people will serve as a wonderful memories also in the future

Exactly, these are memories that will cherish us for a very long time.

The view from the side of the office is priceless. Whoever had the seat with that view must be very lucky. 😊


friend let me congratulate you for the incredible place offices to work it looks very comfortable as well as spacious and the view is great. I feel that the aroma is familiar so harmony reigns in all the workers, I wish them the greatest possible success

This is awesome and very much exciting to have such lovely moment at work.

very beautiful those offices friend. Greetings and the move is to improve a lot

What a grand adventure!

I would be a part of it for the lunch alone!

Good fortunes to you and the rest of that sharp looking crew!

Thank you so much, its exciting.

Exciting to follow too! Thanks for sharing!

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Good fortune!

Your first day in office seems fun and looks like everyone is full of energy to give the best at work. Enjoy working in the new office.

Yes, people are excited to get back into work.

How did you manage to take that drone shot? Did you use an actual drone? That's a magnificent building. I think the the people who did the architecture are massively creative. It's amazing to feel that cordial relationship amongst you all. Plus, my favorite aspect of this is the food. Beautiful parking space as well.

The workplace is on the 13th floor, so I am the drone :)

Haha, well I didn't even imagine that. Still using the Samsung Galaxy M31s to shoot those videos?

I'm glad the job is coming fine.

Yes, its the M31S.

Good moments after a lot of busyness. Chilling like a king at the end. Got a friendly work life

Yes, most people are in the same work place for more than a decade.

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Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
I wish the whole team much success in this new workplace, it looks like a very good work environment
How beautiful the new workplace looks, beautiful views from the windows
the dishes look delicious. I hope you have enjoyed them a lot
have a great weekend

The first day of work and their images show a lot of joy, a lot of enthusiasm, they look like a great winning team, from Venezuela I continue to wish them much success and that they develop an excellent service.

such a cool biz name! 😎😉🤙 and that logo rocks!

Even the food looks good! 😋

That's quite a lovely space you have there and I'm sure you all are ready to rock it's benefits... Congratulations more achievements loading...