Leftover Millet Porridge & Blueberry Pancakes

Well...do you remember one of my latest post saying that Millet isn't just for birds and I actually made a lovely heart warming bowl of porridge using millet?

Here's another recipe for you, just in case you enjoyed that one! 😜

If you're having some leftover porridge or even oatmeal in your fridge, here's what you can do with it!

Some delicious fluffy (not too fluffy) pancakes! Yum!

You can enjoy them simple as they are or with your favorite topping. My kiddo loves honey on them (proud to say he got it from me) 😁😅 or maple syrup. But this option with maple syrup isn't something he used to have very often, only occasionally. Not to mention the CINAMMON!😱😵 He's the craziest kid about it (hmmm, this is even funnier because now I realize he got this one from me again) 😏😁.


Anyways, here's the recipe and I really hope your kids will love a good portion of blueberry pancakes, in case you want to try them. Or maybe for yourself! 🤗


  • 350 g porridge
  • 1 cup regular milk
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • one banana
  • one cup flour
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • blueberries (or strawberries, cranberries)

You can skip the berries and make the pancakes without if you want. But I add them because my kid asks me to. I guess it's a habit because I used to make blueberry pancakes since he was just a baby. Why? We still have here in Romania wild blueberries available and they're super nutritious. (they grows on high altittude rather than our gardens and they're smaller)

Also, you can skip that one tsp of brown sugar. I don't even know why I added it in the first place because I really don't add sugar to pancakes. Almost never. The banana is just enough to balance the taste and even if it's a fruit, (a very high fruit in glucose), it's just the right amount to have some delicious pancakes. And plus, if you're serving these with honey or a jam, wooohh! Definitely not adding sugar to your pancakes.

About this ⬆️ , I think I'm quite happy knowing that my kid eats my pancakes not too sweet. If I add berries in them, it's ok with us. Sometimes I don't even add bananas, apple puree or anything sweet. And my kid doesn't make faces. So, food education and taste preferances begin when they're little AND..... you can have a fresh healthy start with your kid's diet. Just pay attention and don't give him processed sweets.


This recipe isn't the healthiest one I ever shared but overall, it's a reasonable recipe to do at home from time to time.
I consider it not too healthy because it has white flour and baking powder. I didn't try to swap up the regular flour with almond flour, for example, so I dont know how it works but I might try it, especially now that I'm considering to do some changes into my kid's diet and try make for him better recipes using more proteins and good fats.

Talking about this, let me show you what I bought just last week in order to have all together the ingredients I might need for these healthier versions of food recipes I have in mind, low carb and protein packed.

I bought these:

  • 1kg blanched almond flour (it means the skin has been removed)
  • 1kg BIO coconut flour
  • 250ml cold pressed walnut oil
  • 250ml extravirgin BIO coconut oil
  • millet flakes 600g
  • tapioca flour 500g
  • coconut flakes 150g
  • inulin powder 300g (this is mostly for my homemade yoghurt, used as a prebiotic)

All these cost here in Romania 38$, 35euro or 58AUD.


Ok, let's get back to the recipe.

Here are the Instructions.

Easy to follow, don't worry too much. I'll include step-by-step photos too. Not because you need them, only because I use to take shots while cooking, when I know I'm going to share the recipe here with you. 😜

First, the leftover porridge. You can remove it from the fridge and let it reach on room temperature or use it cold, as it is.

You can do a millet porridge, here's the recipe I made two weeks ago.

I had in my fridge a porridge-oatmeal kind of thing that we served two days prior this day haha. It was 50-50% oats and millet. Caleb is a fan of oatmeal, but I want him to accept millet porridge as well. He eats it, but it's not his favorite. So, to make it a bit more comfort food for him, I added half and half millet and oats.


Mash the banana using a fork.

In one medium bowl add the leftover porridge, flour, baking powder, and brown sugar.


Beat the eggs a few times until they're runny.


Add cinnamon and the milk.


Now mix everything until you have a smooth composition, but take care not to over mix it. You want this to be airy and fluffy.

We're ready to go!


Adding Blueberries

You can opt to add the blueberries from the start, incorporating them in the whole mix. But it will get purple and somehow messy. I often do it like this when I don't have much time. Otherewise, I add them in the skillet, using a spoon.

See in the pictures down below. At first, add the pancake dough, then add berries and then add a little bit of the dough again so they dont get burned. The bluebberries I mean.
FLip on the other side when you consider they're done. You need to see these little bubbles here and then. That's the sign they're ready to be flipped on the other side.



I personally served these with honey and buckthorn jam. I wonder how I did regarding my glucoze spikes 😲, although I think it was not too good considering the flour, the honey, the jam. 😶
Anways, it was delicious! I bought the jam from a local manufacturer that makes all kind of healthy products out of buckthorn. The honey was a super special kind, clove honey. Yumm!
But my son had manuka honey this time, his choice.

See how they look inside! Crazy, isn't it?

.....ofc, if you like blueberries!😜







Do you have a favorite Pancake Recipe? Or a secret ingredient to add it in? Or maybe do you have a veggie super booster pancake recipe? This would be even better! 💓

Feel free to tag me if you decide sharing your pancake recipes on the chain, especially if it's a healthy recipe and kid-friendly!

Have a lovely day ❣️



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Looks so yummy 😋

They were! Thank you very much for commenting on my post, I'm glad you find them yummyyy! 😁😌

U r welcome 😁

Wow I love this 🥰

Glad you love it!

Kids should have Proteins and fats as a major component of their food.The protein will help in repairing worn-out tissues while the fat will serve as a secondary provider of heat and energy.


oh yeah, you've reminded me about this recipe!
I wanted to cook it too - pancakes of porridge but I forgot, now I see it in your post - and yeah, it looks so tasty!
In my recipe it was only millet porridge, I like it, and we ate it today for supper;))

These were my latest pancake recipe I did! Next time I will be making almond flour pancakes. Cant wait to experiment more on that!

Love this! I'm always in search of new food recipes for sweets which are a lot healthier than those we are used to. And this definitely goes on my to-try list in the kitchen!

Glad you like them! I sometimes "re-use" some foods we have and dont eat anymore and they turn out great. Most of them! 😆
Anyways, I dont know too many recipes to recycle but veggies and porridge/oatmeal is something that usually turn out just fine. For example, tofay I had a cauliflower and broccoli leftover oven baked casserole. And today I re used it to kake veggie fritters. Super yummy!


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