Hive-Engine upgrade successful! Witness system starts in ~12 hours!

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I'm soooo very stoked to inform everyone that our upgrade to Hive-Engine 2.0 has gone great! We have successfully updated our core node and now have 12 hours left before the witness contract kicks in!

If you'd like to run a witness for hive-engine please follow these instructions:

If you own WORKERBEE and have it staked you can vote for witnesses on the Witness Page on

If you're a fan of decentralization please give a shoutout and some love to @eonwarped who was able to modify code originally submitted by @harpagon and get all the bugs out so that this baby works great.

We mark today as the new start to Hive-Engine and we're excited for you to take part!

The following witnesses are provided and maintained by team members of the hive-engine development team.

@enginemaker, cryptomancer
@eonwarp, eonwarped
@hewitness, reazuliqbal
@tribaldexwitness, @he-witness; hive-engine
@comptroller, donchate

More awesome coming

We're working on more great features and build outs

bait002- mobile site
reazuliqbal - simplified NFT marketplace and creation
cryptomancer- ETH, wrapped HE tokens, SWAP.ERC20, SWAP.ERC721, on Hive-Engine
lion200- dswap production server and adding
donchate - uniswap style pools on hive-engine
dredshep - DAO options for hive-engine tokens

In the not too distant future Hive-Engine will be the best place on the internet to build and launch your blockchain business and community!


Really excited to be part of the witnesses… A very special thank you to Rishi For the Help getting it set up with me. This is a major step for me with no coding background and I'm excited to be part of the Network. I would be honored if you would vote for me. my account is apiculture As well as Witness h-e For helping me get started. I am dedicated to helping the network and appreciate everybody welcoming me with open arms.

3 cheers for decentralization! Hip, hip, hooray!
While we're on the topic of token engines.... what happened to the steem-engine? A while ago it stopped working because I didn't have Google Keychain. Now it's just gone. I had funds in there... :/

I Got your Back Brother........... @drutter

Thanks bud... would have been great if they announced that on their site, for people who aren't on Discord! It just suddenly went down one day and never came back up LOL
EDIT: I installed Keychain but it won't accept my key. The key is right so I don't know what the problem is. I'd like to move my tokens off that site!

Reach Out to @yabapmatt since he is the one that created Keychain. He will be able to help @drutter

Congratulations, this project is success and is getting better and better!

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Keep up the great work guys.

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"donchate - uniswap style pools on hive-engine"

I can't wait for this!!! We'd be able to inflict liquidity onto the mass markets without self-destructing our balances with transaction gas fees :D.

I am looking forward to it all!

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Great Work,
To how many witness a single account can vote?

I already have a witness spinning. ^^ !HYPNO !WINE

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WINE Current Market Price : 1.200 HIVE

Hey @aggroed, here is your HYPNO ;)

Congratulations! 1.jpg

Man... you all always was great... 💪🏼💪🏼
Now ... much better... 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

One of the big news indeed! I have delegated my workerbee for a miner. So I can't vote for witness isn't it?


Yep, you would need to undelegate it to be able to vote for witness.

There's been a request to change that - so just like delegated HP the witness voting power stays with the owner. Not sure if it'll get implemented.

Thanks for updates and team work!

How many top witnesses gets rewarded?

Currently 6/7. Quite likely will expand soon. I'd like to see a few more too. So, for each block, six top witnesses and one selected backup witness will decide the block and get rewarded.

Good news there. keep the innovations coming.

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How interesting these new functionalities that the platform brings and especially the new advantages to the web 3.0 platform and the intelligent network of the HIVE community.

Way over my pay grade but sounds like getting panties down the ankle exciting.

This should help a lot with the stability of the whole ecosystem!
I have used my server for starting up the node... It's maybe too strong, but the quality in the first place... ;)


Great to see HE decentralize! Awsome roadmap too.

What does this have to do with Aggroed's post?

It's part of the BIGGER PICTURE of Splinterlands.............

yep inc DEC liquidity pools

Thank You @michealb You get the BIGGER PICTURE. Have a Blessed Day..........

The post is about Hive-Engine, not splinterlands. You are drawing a long bow to a long bow. Don't spam.

wuhuuuuu :)

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Well done for this

I will waiting the mobile site and also try to add TRON is on most Exchange right now..

Congratulation for you. I am proud of your team's achievements. Hopefully that dream does not wait for more time


thanks for the work you do and for the continuous updates

Great job, it's been a long time coming and a logical turn of events.

when will the duration of the open market order be extended, the 30days window is killing the price of most hive engine token, it should be extended too at least a year, it will help drive in more developers and more community to hive