Hive Minecraft is live!

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Hive Minecraft is live!

Modpack: All The Mods 6 = 1.8.17

You can join and claim your own piece of the world.

Please follow my previous post for instructions on how to prepare your Minecraft installation for Hive Minecraft.

It uses a very large Modpack, so it requires a decent machine, all details can be found in the preparation post.

Getting Started

You will spawn in Town Center, a safe common area where you can meet and chat with friends. From there you can wonder off in any direction and find a place to call home. You can also use the only teleport command /rtp to teleport to a random place in the world.

Once you find a place you like, go into your inventory and in the top left you will find a map with a tooltip FTB Chunks. This is where you can claim and protect land. Everyone starts off with a few available claims and you will gain more claims the longer you spend on the server.

The world is survival without cheats or teleports.

Every player starts with a free waystone for their first base. Placing this on your base will allow you to teleport back and forth from your base and Town Center. You do need some experience points to use waystones. Make sure you claim whatever land you use your waystone on so no one else can destroy it. You can craft or find additional waystones throughout the world.

I recommend joining Blockhead Games Discord Server to join other players and utilize world voice chat.

The server requires whitelisting, so you will need to submit your Minecraft username and Hive username in #whitelist channel to be invited. This will limit the server to Hive users only.

There are a lot of All the Mods 6 guides here to help you get started. You can also find many let's plays and tutorials on YouTube. I recommend trying to sort by age and try to limit yourself to the newest videos to be sure you are getting the most up to date information.

There server is capped at 20 players concurrently, but seeing as this is a massive mod pack, I do not know the actual player cap, I have a very large server running this world, but modded Minecraft is extremely demanding and unoptimized.


You are free to create teams and communities, you can use FTB Teams to allow shared access to claims so you can build as a team. You can use /ftbteams to create groups. If you need to learn how to use them, you can find guides on YouTube and the web. Generally though you will need to do /ftbteams create to create a team, then invite players to your team.


I plan to hold events like building contests and trials. These will be announced prior to start and available to all members of the Hive Minecraft community. If you have ideas, leave them in the #ideas channel on Discord.

Pack Exploration

The current modpack will change in the future. It is likely there will always be a persistent survival world that is always available but another server will be launched in the future if this becomes popular to explore new packs as a community. These packs will rotate on a regular basis to try new packs. Some of these packs may be simply a new set of mods and some may be adventure and story packs. I have quite a few packs in mind that I would like to try in the future.

Content Creation

You can use F2 to create screenshots that you can use in posts related to Hive Minecraft. Be sure to use the tags #hiveminecraft & #minecraft in any related posts.


  • Be respectful
  • No griefing
  • No exploitation
  • No cheats
  • Have fun

Be sure to join our Discord Server and follow @hiveminecraft for updates.

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min specs?

8GB ram and decent CPU/GPU, ideally 16G of ram. The preparation post covers it all.

This very nice and awesome from you boss, try the game. Thanks

And probably Minecraft don't have a mobile version?

This is really awesome

@shreyansh can you check this ?

This is interesting and I want one ✌️😋

Good platform for games lover as well as hive users. Thanks for sharing.

Not sure what this all is and how it ties into Hive but it is great to see projects that people are excited to get involved in. I am not a Minecraft person so it is beyond my limited gaming capabilities. However, I hope this is a raging success for all who are involved.

Am not a fans of game but I think this will b interesting, can't wait to try this out

I just check your previous post ,this mean this game can only be play on PC

Great idea, I'm happy that someone has really carried it out, I personally did not buy it in an "honest" way (AHAH) I could not create the server but now I have to go and try it as soon as I have 2 minutes


In case we want to do something with PGM let me know, I would be willing to do something!ù

!PIZZA !1UP 30

Sent 0.1 PGM tokens to @zottone444, @themarkymark

remaining commands 8

Buy and stake 10 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM per day,
100 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM three times per day
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Join us in Discord!

Another milestone for Marky

I tried to join and it told me I am not whitelisted any idea?

Got to put Minecraft & Hive username in the #whitelist channel. It should be covered in the post.

Thx! I must have missed that!

sorted thanks!!

Hivecraft ✅

PC Gamer ❌

That's awesome !! I'm clearly gonna test it !

Oh, that sweet. Can we make that lands NFT? 😅

Got Minecraft for my son recently and he is loving it. I must ask him (he's Six) to set it up for me.

Wow Marky, thanks for your work 😍

This looks pretty cool! Really nice game.
Keep up the good work!


wow, nice. so interesting. i enjoy minecraft so much. my MC account : akuwongbraling . and this is wait by me. last, i enjoy MC based crypto (WAX/upliftium) on uplift world. this info about MC in hive, just like hear go home to the birthland. How to own land in hive mc?

You get a certain amount of claims you can use to claim chunks, the longer you use the server the more claims you get.

nice, so curious to try as soon as possible. i mean now 😂

is it i can get whitelisted Bro? my hive account : @ wongbraling . and my minecraft acvount is : akuwongbraling

thank for your kindness and support ;)

okay, thanks 😁🙏

Shit just tried to connect with the Bedrock version.
That's not going to work... is it?

Guess I'll need to buy the Java version.

No, it is desktop only. It isn't vanilla either.

Yeah I'm on Windows I just wasn't thinking about the other version.

Very fun, unfortunately I play only from mobile. The server is great

Thanks for the discord server link. I've never played Minecraft, but your description in your last post regarding building nuclear reactors and that stuff got me interested.

I've requested access in Discord, the version is not actually the Microsoft Store Version yeah? The Mod Launcher is basically loading its own game?

Let's see how crazy this will become in the end.

It's the Java edition.

Wow, this is cool!

soooooo amazing😍

Never played minecraft. If I join now it's player friendly? I mean. It's hard to play :/ ?

It isn’t super hard but it does get overwhelming with so many mods. It’s best to take them one at a time and learn what you want to use.

PvP is off and it is in survival mode.

This is amazing

A pity that my pc can not run this version with its mods, I found out a little late, but if it is sure a very good project, the greatest success and a lot of fun for those who participate in it, greetings.

Is this for the Java version?

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