Photo log_15 Nov 2023 (ft. 신사임당)

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My kid got a new cute earflap hat to cope with the upcoming winter season. She felt good about it and showed various poses on my phone cam. lol

The rain is forecasted tomorrow in Seoul and afterwards, this will make the temperature go to minus degrees.


굳이 호랑이와 맞서려 하지마라.

내가 압도적으로 뛰어난 이해도를 갖고 있는 작은 시장을 먼저 찾고 거기서 독점적인 이득을 선점하라. 거기서 부터 시작하면 된다.

그후, 그렇게 하나씩 하나씩 나의 독점적인 영역을 넓혀 나가라.


looks adorable, with such cute faces....honestly life is different having a kid at home, especially when it is a girl...

lol so true. I hope I share the moment by sharing photo logs. ;) thx for your comment.

i can understand the feeling....i have one naughty too...keep chirping all day :)

The grid layout of photos is a good choice, it went well with the cute photos of her 🥰 I must say, she is a very jolly kid. Avatar The Last Airbender GIF by NETFLIX

Such sweet poses, man! I hope she'll be this happy for the rest of her life.

The kids are the hope of the future. Do you think she will grow up to be an artist?