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RE: How to Remain Effective as a Team Leader Without Getting Burned Out?

in #leadershiplast month

I remember your average post value like 6 month ago?😉
What happened?
Wishing well to everybody, but upvote circles are a bad look for a decentralized community...
Did the quality of your posts became 20-30 times the upvote value???


I honestly believe that my contents had improved and I really do my best to bring out the best in each content.

Upvote circles,I wish I can send all the bullet point here of the things that I have to do to make my own community members stay motivated but I maybe you're right about the upvotes coz I that's one way of me to motivate it but it doesn't mean it done show support to other Hivers outside my circle.

Am trying to balance my personal life with work but at manage to keep posted with the 27members I have who are new to the platform and I use my own money to host Hive seminar, meet ups, without asking penny from the community. And if others still don't see my value to the community, I don't know what else to say but I will continue what am doing in helping the platform in own little ways.

Though I do believe that some of my blog rewards are overvalued and that is not my fault, that's why downvote is designed if people think my post doesn't deserve the rewards.

But thank you for bringing this up, I may be agree to everyone but am always open for improvement. 😊

Thank you for your answer @purepinay .
I gotta say it's a charming & diplomatic one. My compliments.
I also hope i can trust the innocence in your words.
You really earned some respect, for admitting that some of my blog rewards are overvalued. I hope the whales will balance their upvotes better.
To start a downvote campaign is bad karma, i'm an upvoter or leave it alone type a guy...hardly ever used the downvote button.
I think the "Jump" in value of your posts started around July 2021, that's why it looks like you joined some circles...
I got a little emotional about it & even made a video , seeing a even more
exaggerated example than your over value, over 400 Hives for 4 sentences of a introduction. Like i say in the video, to show people "Amigo" business is the wrong way to lead as an example.Apropos Leadership 😉
Thanks again for your answer.

Who is writing or editing your posts?

As someone who has taught English for nearly two decades, the difference between the language of the post above and this, is very large.

" I use my own money to host Hive seminar " DID YOU READ THIS FUNNY MAN .... SO fuck off @tarazkp ... she needs to earn also to pay all this .

What has this got to do with the large difference in grammar between the post and the comment?

You are quite sweary. No one else seems to have been. Why have these questions triggered you so?

I have no idea :)) , man looks funny I try more text what him :)) @meesterboom

Fair enough :0D

And whats up what you ? :))

I hired him form upwork and he is from Khulna, Bangladesh