Haha, I think 9hours was enough rest for me 😁


This comment is 2 days old - same as the post. No comment was answered on this post at all.

Also, googling the title brings up hundreds of articles that are looking very similar in form and content, so perhaps adding something that is exclusive to Hive would be of more value, rather than this generic kind of fluff. That is my opinion on this though and perhaps other people find it highly valuable to have a thousand versions of the same thing found all over the internet that date back for years.

HEy .... I not ask someone must fast text back ... if you ask this I can very easy to say " Fuck Off for you" :)) She text when see have time ok :))) @tarazkp ... she is mom and she have home job also :))

it's okay @foxfoit, it's all my fault. I wasn't responsible enough and relied on one of my editors. I think I was obsessed in making some of my blogs looking so perfect and I thought hiring people to help me make my blogs look better and even maybe perfect would earn me some respect as bringing value to this community but this is the result. I apologies for all this.

You don't have to ask. I am using the example as I see fit, as per the rules of the blockchain :)

She isn't the only one who is busy in this world or has children to look after - but is one of the very few who is a "full-time blogger".

Are you try be funny or smart ... I see you get same big upvotes :)) So stop say here summe rules ok :)))
You make small post and you get 50 or 80 HBD upvote ... :))) Funny man .

So, now that this post is actually plagiarised and not written by her at all and she paid someone a couple dollars to write it, what do you think of it?

HEy ... you used my comment to say she must text fast back .... I have this problem ...ok ...funny man :))
Not use my comments like this, I not ask someone text fast back .

I also have two jobs, a child and answer nearly all of my comments for 5 years :) - still not a full-time blogger though.

Did you hear @purepinay .... forget your CHILD ... now you must all day text here what this type user who want get all total attention.

And I have been here also 5 years and more , But I not run some one pages and ask Upvotes or that you must text back to all your comments. I said ... Fuck off .

Ah, you have lovely mannerisms :)

The irony of this is the post is about being a team leader without burning out. another recent one about being a fulltime mother and blogger - yet the management of both seems to be a struggle.

oh my gosh you are right about the plagiarism! My apologies to everyone.

I take full responsibility for this and admit that I should have checked this before taking it from one of my editors.

My humble apology! I admit I am so bad at dealing with stress that I didn't even check everything. I will return all the rewards for this blog. I am truly sorry.

Who says there will be any rewards left on this post for you to give back?

You know what's the most important thing about being a team leader? Integrity. Which you don't have.

I have many team leaders working for me. If someone did what you did, they would lose their team leader job the next day.

Lifetime blogger? This is your outward facing self image. Once you destroy it there is no repairs. I recommend you watch the movie Social Network. There was a comment about this over there.

I am disgusted by this behavior.

Things like this is why this place makes me sad.

Yes. For sure

I don't know what is worse, you paying people to write your blogs, or you paying people to fill your blogs and not even taking the effort to check what you are paying for. I suspect that this wouldn't be the only post this has happened on.

It is disappointing to say the least.

Sorry if it made you think am taking it for granted. I cannot sacrifice my time for my family, they're my priority and taking breaks helps me to take time learn news things and right now I a goal to finish @ryzeonline, begginners guide for my upcoming seminar,

I don't know who can finish it one seating 🤣but it surely an informative article!

I'm honored you're reading my guide, and I'm glad you find it informative. Wishing you lots of joy and success with your upcoming seminar! 🙏

The path to mass genericization...