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RE: The Black Death

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Oh no!! That is soo sad, I totally feel your grief! Not thieving it, just commiserating ;0)

And I just realized that isn't a cactus...holy rocky horror picture show, are those..really?? I want one!! XD


Hehe, commiseration is fine! :O)

Groovy little bugger isn't it! Venus fly trap, hopefully it can grow as big as the one in that movie. Was it the Rocky Horror? The singing one.. Oh wait, the Little Shop of horrors!

Oh yeah, little shop not rocky! It's been a long time since I saw either of them, but I remember as a kid being really intrigued by the idea that the Venus fly trap was a real thing. Albeit sadly much smaller...hmm, I just saw a TikTok that might help it grow..

The Good Lady has a fun task ahead of her🤣🤣 Maybe it would work to revive the bamboo too, you never know!

Hahaha! Oh man, no way. That's like the kind of shit I write about!!!! Oh wait till I tell the Good Lady!!! Awesome 😀🤣

Exactly, that's why I thought of it, totally a meboom thing to write about! 🤣

It really is. Can you imagine, stinking pots of death with wilty plants in them .. madness!!