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RE: The Black Death

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"chewed another mouthful"


I didn't know they die like that. I had been told by several folks that had some that they were invasive and you nearly couldn't get rid of them once they started and began to spread out. At least you have the thousands of seeds you can let drop between the stems and regrow. They will... won't they??


When I have grown them from seed before I have had a 1 in 20 to 30 success rate. And at first I couldn't get any of the funkers too grow at all. So there might be millions of awards but o don't know if any will make it. Especially in Scotland, the land of the slugs!!

I thought the bastard thing would live forever!!

Do you see others growing any of it around there? Maybe a different strain?

I have never planted them, so I didn't know the slugs liked them. If it ain't one critter fightin ya it's a dozen ! So annoying !! 😄

I havent seen anyone else growing it in the area despite it apparently being very popular. I had to buy the funker from a specialist supplier!

I have a couple of my own which I have managed to grow from seed, they are tiny though.

And those damn slugs, they all deserve to die!